Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey, I’m Kel! They/them (the pronouns feature on the profile is super rad btw). Let’s see, I work in geospatial/environmental science, and I love games that have good stories and characters.

I’ve been listening for a few years and kept meaning to join the forums/discord but just finally got around to pushing past my anxiety and actually doing it aha. ^^

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Hi everyone,

I’m Lumie, my twitter handle is @lumie48. I’ve been a longtime lurker, and longtime giantbomb fan who also loves listening to the waypoint podcast. Nice to meet you!

i’m patrick, a high school special ed/math teacher in massachusetts. I have been listening and reading to waypoint since the beginning, and finally thought to look up the forms and discord. I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly doughboys though. my twitter is https://twitter.com/patrickneville and i love mltshp, a very small but awesome image sharing community - this is my shake because i keep my twitter private being a teacher

hey my name is justin,

i’ve never been a big poster but i love waypoint radio.

@ ____Justin on twitter

I hope this can be a welcome place.


Hi, I’m Bradley, I go by @jumpingforcoins on twitter. I’m a UK artist and charity admin and have been listening to the pod for a few years, heard the discord mentioned a few times and thought it might be nice to get involved in the community

My name is Anna. I like video games and want to meet some new people.
I’m just on Waypoint because I like the general vibe and respectful/progressive nature of the community.


Hey! I’m Roan/Lyra (mostly interchangeable). I’m a 25 year old trans woman, an autism and disability advocate in my free time, writer, and documentarian (well out of practice at this point). I tweet @ roan_horse. You can find images of my fursona there but few of them are done by me because I have Dysgraphia.
I love game/systems design and speculative fiction.

Hey I’m Shepard! I’m 23, I love video games and anime. You can find me at Instagram and Twitter and hopefully eventually Twitch at Commnder_Shep. I pretty much only play video games and work my life away!!

Hey there, i’m Robyn, I’m a video game producer. I’m Canadian, but I’m living in London, England. I have two black kittens (siblings) named Morty and Gogo (Morticia and Gomez). I’m on twitter as Twyst and twitch as scarlettwyst.

Hey everyone! I’m Brandon (He/Him) but honestly just call me by my username. I’m a Bisexual 25 y/o graduate from the UK who studied Multimedia Journalism. I follow a lot of fighting games—Smash and anime fighters being my favourite—but I’m mostly here from my interest in the LGBT+ and political side of the podcasts. I started from following Patrick’s content from Giant Bomb and then Kotaku, and once I saw Austin leave GB too one thing led to another… Or more like, some circumstances left me without much freedom and with an interest to finally look this place up, then follow a link from an old Reddit thread that led here.

You can find me on Auxiliary_Bro on Twitter. I don’t tweet on that account as much anymore, but I still use it to reach out. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted frequently on forums and I’m mostly hoping to get the link to the Discord, but this is a nice enough looking place that I’d be happy to pick up a few things from and happier to pick up a few friends.

Hey all,

I’m Finbar, I go by Finbards in most places these days (indeed @finbards on twitter) from London, the UK one. I’m 26, he/him and when I declare loudly fuck capitalism and go home, the games I tend to play are FF14, roleplaying games (currently starting up a game of Godbound with some work colleagues as well as MASKS with some other friends) and then the occasional day long booked out section to play Twilight Imperium 4

Can’t say I have much experience in the world of forums, but it seems like… nice to meet new people?

Also I am getting deep into FF14 and I want to chat to people there, but I want to have more in common with them than just “hey… I see you too are a person who enjoys this game” so that my brain doesnt explode

All right, made this account months ago and now have overcome the anxiety to post here.

Hi there, I’m Patrick (He/Him), from Philadelphia in the USA. I’m a software developer who usually plays RPGs and action games while occasionally poking at MMOs. Kind of between games right now, mostly waiting on FF7 and DOOM later this month but have also started eyeing Granblue.

Been following Austin and Patrick since their Giant Bomb days and I’ve been a mostly consistent listener of Waypoint Radio since it started, and figured why not try and join the larger community they and the rest of the Waypoint crew have built. You can find me on twitter at @RegiSparrowhawk.

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Hi everyone, avid podcast listener just now dipping my toes into the waypoint internet community. Like a lot of people here became big fans of Austin and Patrick during their GiantBomb days. Also shoutout to Rob on the Shift F1 podcast!

I am a 28M that grew up in Atlanta, GA now based in the Bay Area. Been an avid gamer since Mario Kart 64 and never looked back. I love all games big and small and am drawn to great storytelling and strategy. I also recently have been pursuing game development and am having a great time with it.

I also love hanging out with friends, hiking, non-fiction books, and NBA twitter. I am passionate about urban planning, social justice, and oatmeal.

Cheers! Ben
Twitter: @freebrunch

Hello! I’m Wyatt, I’m Canadian and am 23. I write stuff, hopefully decently. I’m fairly new to this whole community, I got into Friends at the Table last summer, and recently I decided to quit a lot of my youtube watching, but still wanted some video game content to listen to, so I started listening to Waypoint Radio! I’ve been enjoying it a lot, and I bet this community is pretty cool.

Hi everyone!!! I’m Max. I live in Washington, USA, but not the cool part near the ocean, the shitty part next to Idaho. I love talking about games and their themes and the ideas we wrestle with when we examine them so I’m really psyched to be here with you all :blush:

Hey folks

Name’s Peter, I’m a trainee counselling psychologist in Scotland in the last year of my degree. I enjoyed both Patrick and Austin’s work at Giantbomb and so hearing they were here together made me want to see what this place was like. Really I like the, sincerity(?) that Waypoint podcasts seem to hold and feel like I’d like that kind of gaming community. Not afraid to look away from some sincere matters where other spaces I feel are just “eh games are just games.”

So I’ve joined here to make friends and meet people really. I’m a big fan of roleplaying (lot of D&D 5e experience), board games, video games, baking and general other things.

Looking forward to it!

Hey everyone,
I decided it’s time for me to make an account and start being actually active in Waypoint’s community instead of allowing Twitter to slowly erode my brain.
I’m a 34 year old engineer who helps make a lot of little boring stuff that you see on store shelves in the United States. If you are in the US there are pretty good odds that I helped design or manufacture some small piece of hardware somewhere in your house or apartment.
After having a kid and finding myself firmly in “dad mode” I’ve been missing more and more the smaller internet communities that I used to be part of, but which mostly don’t exist any more. Waypoint has always been one of my favorite communities to watch from afar but now I think is the time to try and actively engage instead of just lurking.

Hi peeps.
Time for me to fill a forum-shaped hole in my life from a small one getting closed down to turning up to a huge one that will intimidate me by its sheer size into just perpetually lurking I guess? I may have not thought this through very well.
Otherwise I’m just a deliberately faceless person who spouts nonsense opinions and will talk way too much about lower-key games and stuff I love too much.
And listening to game soundtracks a lot, preferably ones which break out weird instrumental choices like pan pipe techno?

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Hey, I’m trty0, or Liam. I’ve been on here for about two years, but never took the opportunity to formally introduce myself. I like games, movies, animes, having a great mustache and arguing that New Vegas is better than 3.

You can find me here, on twitter: https://twitter.com/Liamtrty0, where I am at least the 500th most underrated poster

Heya lo/ I’m Theo (They/Them) , queer french artist, 28. I do freelance and commissions, i love ttrpg, scifi and mechas ! I’m particularly into Lancer RPG and i’m doing #MarchOfRobots this month on twitter @theotimeGM .
I’ve been following, reading and listening to Waypoint for a year or 2 now and i learned a lot from it. I’m not used to forums which is why it took me so long to get here.
Looking forward to be a part of this community ^^