Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello all! I’m Joe (@cupajoe24 on the tweets). I came to Waypoint via Patrick (and now Gita yay!) because I listened to Match 3 for the longest time and then followed Patrick to Waypoint when it was founded. I’ve been a voracious consumer of the podcast and various livestreams (and articles natch) but didn’t really participate in the forums until now.

As for games, I like a variety of things, namely RPGs, Action/Adventure, Soulslikes, strategy, puzzle… some shooters. Honestly I’ll give anything a try. I also love board games!

Hey everyone! Brandon here. Listener since Ep 1, back when it was “VICE Gaming’s New Podcast”, and frequent lurker of the boards. Mostly joining for Discord access, as I spend most of my time there

Hello, I’m Jason. Been listening to pod for a while, and really miss all of the Twitch Streams. Looking to join the Discord and get into a Destiny Clan because apparently that game became really fun while I was away.

Hi! I’m David. Been listening to the podcast for a while and would love to join the Discord to join the community. Thanks!

Hey there! My name is Tim, I’ve been following Waypoint and the crew since their inception, and before then as well. WPR is a highlight of my week and I’m extremely thankful for it. Peace!

Hi. I’m Geoff. I’m an aspiring game designer and a local to San Francisco. I see a few of my UCSC classmates here in the comments. :slight_smile: Following Patrick since G4 has brought me here, though I’m a fan of the many other voices featured.

Hi! I’m Martin from Sweden. I’m a former public service journalist, now pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Media & Society. Lately my studies have centered around postcolonialist themes in videogames, and my favourite games are SSX3, Animal Crossing and Rainbow Six Siege.

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Hello! I’m Jake from Seattle, or @jukebox108 on Twitter. Found Waypoint from Austin’s other podcast Friends at the Table and now those take up most of my podcast listening (5-star runtimes are real). Figured that i’d finally join the discord channel with all the isolation that’s happening, so hopefully i talk to y’all soon!

hey, i’m amelia! from the uk, they/them, long time listener using this self isolation time to try and engage with more online communities!

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I’m a long-time listener to the Podcast…but I’m finally joining the community because Mr. Nook has me on a remote island as an indentured servant and I’ve heard you guys are sharing islands for the best turnip prices on Discord. :rofl:

Oh, I’ll probably stick around to be a part of the community too. :grin:


Hi all, I’m a 31 y/o currently living in Denver. Very interested in joining the discord. Gotta get Rob’s chocolate chip bread recipe for these trying times…

My name is Evan, 33 year old from north of Boston. Waypoint Radio is my favorite podcast, and I love the idea of a community based on their work.

Hey there folks!

I’m Rhys, @rhysbrian on twitterdotcom. Live in Australia, I’m 29, a Trotskyist, and a long time listener of the podcast/reader of the site and this is the first forum I’ve ever posted on.

I play mostly on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I’m currently replaying The Witcher 3 and religiously playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hope everyone is keeping safe!


I’m Barbora, @baratauerova on twitter, Prague, Czech Republic. I enjoy listening to the waypoints and in this trying time I would like to find some community and solace in the discord. I also have a czech podcast about videogames with my friend “Zkratkou na houby” where we talk abou niche, indie games :blush:


Hello!! I’m Paige, in Kansas City, I’m 25, she/her, @paige_exe on twitter. longtime Waypoint fan finally getting on the forums and hopefully Discord, pushed by being home alone quite a bit lately. I love all kinds of games, Animal Crossing mostly lately (predictably).



I’m Otis, @brickdustotis on twitter. I’m very excited to be here! I’m an Australian, and fan of the show, and have meant to swing over and register for a long, long time. Now that everyone is always at home, there’s never been a better time to post!

I’m currently very deep into Elite: Dangerous, and am a big fan of Simulations of all types. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


My name is Rohit, @mr_rohitnambiar on twitter. Trying to find the Waypoint Discord and I heard I need to introduce myself. Grew up all over the place (Australia, Los Angeles) but now I live in the Bay Area as an engineer. Been a fan of Waypoint cause I followed Austin from Giant bomb here and have loved the community and people here since.

I’m a huge board game nerd, i have an IG account @roboardgames where I talk about board games i’ve played. Also play a ton of games. Right now i’m trying go through my switch backlog, so been playing Ni No Kuni and Cuphead and willing to try any game Austin, Patrick and Rob recommend (they all have a similar taste in gaming to me)

Hi I’m Matt, @leggomyezzo on twitter. Trying to find another discord so wanted to join the waypoint one. Don’t have a ton of time for podcasts but try to get at least one waypoint a week in. I’m currrently on 300 and think I’m convinced to get back into stellaris after Austin and Gita’s discussion.

Hey! I’m @corgiburrito on Twitter. Been a fan of waypoint, three moves ahead and Giant Bomb for a long time. Currently switching between being my partner’s sidekick in animal crossing and hobbyist game development in unreal. Looking forward to enjoying this community!