Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi there, I’m Andrew! :wave: Been a listener for a long time.
he/him, @thatcotter on twitter
I make art with code and teach grad students how to do the same.

What’s good Waypoint! :grinning:

I’m Ian, he/him, from Cambridge UK. Took the 3MA, Idle Weekend route through the Zacnyverse to this wonderful place.

I play mostly PC and desperately miss Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes.
Perhaps someone will persuade my to try contemporary co-op/mmo games?

Hoping to hear new perspectives and find my voice.


Hello Waypoint!

This is Jamie - 33, London-based, I’m here at the recommendation of a friend who says you’re the nicest folks evs.

Right now I mostly play Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves socially, although that’s definitely a statement likely to age out in short order. Outside of gaming I enjoy lifting, writing and meditating.

Hope to be chatting with you fine folks soon.

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Welcome to the community and feel free to add me on XBL! - far different time zones (I’m US-based), but I also enjoy playing Sea of Thieves quite a bit, and I might be getting back into Destiny with the new season - GT: GjallarSean.

Hi! I’m Maggie (@meochaidha on twitter), or andpersand, or waywardwyrd. I’m an artist/musician/technologist.

Right now I’m playing a lot of strategy games, doing aim drills to get better at Apex & Valorant, and raising some baby turkeys. I’ve been following the Waypoint podcast for a while now, and just started digging into the Three Moves Ahead backlogs. I’m excited to get more involved here on the forums! Hope to be playing Destiny 2 with some of you soon :slight_smile:


Hi, y’all!

My name is Dev (he / him), from the northeast corner of the United States, and I’m working on 25 years of living. I’m a longtime reader and supporter of this community and the Waypoint team.

When I’m not begrudgingly fulfilling my role in the capitalist machine, I spend my time researching and replicating beautiful plant-based dishes with my partner, hiking the endlessly beautiful land preserves and forests of New England, and exploring my interests. I am rly passionate about art film, dogs, digital / analog photography, hip-hop, playing music (percussion is my niche), sci-fi, short-form literature, specialty coffee, visual design, and obviously video games.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, I’ve gotten sucked back into Overwatch competitive. I’m pleasantly working my way through Hollow Knight, sporadically chipping away at Death Stranding, and I just picked up Persona 5 Royal on sale. During the last few weeks, I have been demonstrating alongside my community and those I love, feeling the pressure, and the reprieve of some lighthearted discourse has never seemed so appealing. I’ll hopefully be popping in the Discord chat soon, but you can find me on Playstation Network or Twitter.

PSN: pitytheanimal
Twitter: @nonaturalorder

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My name is Casey, 24, they/them. I just joined the Waypoint community but am pretty well-acquainted with it, since my partner has been a member for years.

As you might be able to guess, Firewatch is one of my favorite games. I’m currently playing Dragon Age 2 for the first time; I started with Inquisition a couple years back and just finished Origins the other week. :sweat_smile:


Hello! I might have been living under a rock or something because I only just discovered Waypoint. I’m from Australia and my hobbies are gaming and art. Currently I play Classic WoW and a bit if Valorant with my friends. I am always on the lookout for a new MMORPG that I can really dig into - I’ve really missed that the past few years - but I will play almost anything from puzzle games to RPGs to shooters. Mostly a PC gamer but own a Switch too.


Hello everyone. I’ve been searching for a cool games forum for a while. Looking forward to speaking to you all!


Hello! My name is SirEtchwarts, and I’ve been listening to Waypoint from the start, though I only just now am deciding to join the forums. My Twitter is @SirEtchwarts, I’m 28, he/him, and I live in Iowa.

I’m currently playing a ton of Destiny 2, and would love to be able to join one of the Waypoint clans if at all possible!

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Hi there! I’m Zappa, he/him, longtime reader and listener to Waypoint and I’m hoping to find a destiny 2 clan for me and my good friend to join since the new season just launched. We also play a lot of Monster Hunter World so the more hunters, the merrier.

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Hello! I’m Wade and I’m a long time Waypoint listener and was looking for an inclusive discord server full of like minded people like myself! I’m 28 and currently reside in Missouri. Currently playing Destiny 2. My Twitter handle is @edwards1379.

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Hello everyone, I’m Ewan, 26, I live in Edinburgh. Getting back into Waypoint Radio after a long absence and looking to join the Discord.

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My name is Robert. I’ve come to this site at the recommendation of a few Twitter mutuals.

I work in games marketing. In my free time I play a lot of JRPGs, gacha games, and TCGs, as well as assorted multiplayer games. I’ve been independently studying Japanese for a few years and, in the last couple of months, have gotten into drawing.

Excited to learn more about the community!

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Hi, I’m Diego

I’ve listened to waypoint for a while. I follow Austin and Danika on twitter. I mostly keep to myself.

I’ve tried to pare down my social media presence to just discord and twitter, and I want to keep in touch with the waypoint community.

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My name is Vivek from India

Howdy - my name is Rob, I’m 30 and live in Portland, OR! I’ve been listening to Waypoint for a while, but am looking to get more involved with the community and discord to find cool, like-minded people to play games with! I mostly play Destiny 2, but enjoy messing around in Animal Crossing and working through RPGs!

Twitter is @robalvey
PSN is robalvey

Hello all, I’m Micah and have been a waypoint fan since 2017 but never made an account. I haven’t had time to listen to the podcast as much as I’d like but would like to try my hand at a discord and the forums. Just a 30 year old video game junky who likes all the nerdy shit.

Hey everyone. I’m Jonathan, he/him.

I’ve been listening and following waypoint since the launch. I’m from the UK and currently studying in the US. I mostly stick to myself and a couple of people I play board games with.

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Hiya, I’m Hana. I use she/her pronouns.

I’ve been a big fan of waypoint for years. Danielle Riendeau is how I found waypoint, back when she first moved here.

I’ve been meaning to join this community for years, but my disabilities make it really hard for me to go to new spaces, so here I finally am.

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