Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello, I’m Sonnets. He/Him, early 40s.

Waypoint Radio and lurking threads about Waypoint at other forums brought me here. I’m always looking for non-horrible places to discuss games, etc. Unfortunately, places like that are becoming scarce so I’m trying to be more active in the good spaces that are left while they’re still around.

I’m fuzzyset/Andrew (he/him, 32). I’ve been listening to the podcast and reading the site since day 1, but finally looking to get into the community.

I’m gooey/Joey (he/him, 25)! I’ve been slowly radicalized by Waypoint over the last few years and I’m looking to get more into this cool community!

My name is Owen, @TheBlackOwen on twitter. I’m been a lurker on twitter and many a forum for at least a decade now and I’m finally looking to actually form new connections with folks online since our world is falling apart and I can no longer go outside.
Nice to meet you!

I’m Soph, she/her. I’ve enjoyed Patrick & Austin’s work since their giant bomb days and I’m thankful for waypoint introducing me to all sorts of new voices between here and motherboard. I never really checked out the forums until now so, hi :wave:

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Hello! My name is Alec (he/him), currently living in Boston. I’ve been listening to the podcast for about a year now, and it has become an enjoyable part of my daily life. It’s so refreshing to hear people talk about video games with a level of critical analysis generally reserved for literature and film!

When I’m not working my day job, I write literary fiction, watch movies, and play games. Right now I’m finishing up Death Stranding, just started the FFXII remaster on Switch and am excited to return to Disco Elysium when I have the time.

Looking forward to getting more involved with the Waypoint community!

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Hey all, I’m Keegan! I’m a visual artist and game developer and longtime listener of Austin, and of course Waypoint. I love games that let me explore interesting spaces, as well as the ones that do so while challenging me (you know which one I’m talking about). I also love hiking, backpacking, geology, architecture, and aesthetic philosophy.

Hi! I’m @stevethomp everywhere, real name Steven, he/him. I’m Canadian, 29, and so excited to be here. I’m a longtime lurker, and have been following waypoint since it began. So grateful to have a welcoming and inclusive community, and for waypoint for not ignoring the social, political and ethical aspects of gaming <3

Hello everyone! I’m redlandcannibal or Ren. I’ve been living in Japan since 2008. I’m originally from Hawai’i. I don’t really know many other English speakers so it’s cool to meet other people I can talk to about video games. I love Waypoint, possibly more than actually playing games these days, haha. It’s nice to meet you all! :smiley:


Hello! My name is Stephan, I’m a 22 year old game designer from Canada. I discovered the Waypoint radio through Twitter and I’ve been listening for a few months now, heard them plug the Discord and wanted to see what everything was all about!


Heyo everybody, I’m Faldbloo most places or just Bloo. Lived most of my life in spitting distance of a mountain and boi do I love them. Long time listener long time lurker of Waypoint so I’m finally taking the dive into the community. Even if talking to people online makes me anxiety :chart_with_upwards_trend: because I don’t know what code of conduct or best practices there are. But I don’t know anywhere else I can talk about the ethics and politics of the media I love (or hate) openly. Thank you all for being such a broad and welcoming community.

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Hello everyone! I’m Serafoy/Lance (he/his, mid-30s), and have been recently introduced to this community by Erdrick and Aerothopter. I’m a bioscience software engineer living in NorCal, and am looking forward to spending some time amongst all you lovely and interesting folk!

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Hello! I’ve been around this forum for a while but I can’t remember if I ever posted here. I’m Gazoinks in most (though not all) places online. I like video games and books and language and social justice and other things. What’s good?

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Hiya, folks! I’m Jon (they/she), 29 y/o weirdo from England, and I was put on to Waypoint a few months back by a good pal after moaning about the lack of inclusive communities in gaming. Turns out I just hadn’t done the research!

I’m a freelance copywriter for third sector / NGO type ppl, I’m on twitter and I write about dreams & psychology sometimes; the intersection of games & depth psychology is a big private interest of mine that I hope to be able to write about someday.

I’ve missed having a community to talk about games with so much! Last time I was on a forum was the Mountain Goats forums back in the day, and a uhhh… Naruto fan forum in my teens that’s best left buried lmao. Looking forward to getting to know y’all! Peace!


My name is Justin. I’m from the Midwest, USA. I’m 31, he/him. I have always loved Waypoint (mainly a podcast listener) and decided to try and get more involved with the community around here.

I’m in a grad program for mental health counseling. I like doing all kinds of creative stuff: drawing, photography, video, making music, animation, etc.

I love pretty much every genre of video games at this point, and love to talk about them so much!


Hi there,

I’m Andy. Not really sure what to share here. I’ve been living in Oregon for a couple years and a variety of places before that. I definitely haven’t played as many games in recent years as I used to, though I do try to keep up with the conversations through podcasts, twitter, and what not.

I have followed a lot of the current Waypoint crew from even before the existence of the site. I used to read and watch Patrick’s work on 1Up back in high school/college and have read his work all through to Kotaku, discovered Gita’s work through the Match3 podcast, etc. I’ve been reading the site since the beginning, though I admit that my podcast listening lapsed for some time in the earliest years.

I decided to join this forum because I am getting sort of tired of the less focused drive-by conversations that things like twitter and reddit seem to encourage. I hope to sort of recapture some of the enjoyment of a forum culture like I remember from the past (I was active on 1Up and the 2003-2010(?) iteration of the Game Informer forums) but maybe without the enormity and craziness of GAF/Resetera.

Looking forward to discussions to come.



I’m Tom, over the last couple years I’ve found my way back to video games after burning out on playing the latest fifa and CoD every year in my late teens and early twenties. Waypoint has been a huge part or me finding my way back to video games and curating the sorts of games I actually want to and enjoy playing. Bonus points their attitudes, politics and the topics they are both willing not only to discuss but to put front and center is really nice to see in a fandom/culture I’d previously written off as a bit toxic and very white dude centered.

F Capitalism and Go home!

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Hi everyone,

I’m bladelores (he/him, 26) and been looking to engage with the Waypoint community more, since I realize it’s one of the only outlets in the medium that aligns with my own interests and views. Been a fan of Patrick and Austin since the Giant Bomb days, but the site has also introduced me to a lot of other people, whose work I’ve been following ever since. Like many others in the thread, it’s easy for me to get disillusioned by the state of things in video games, which makes me more grateful for something like Waypoint existing in the first place.

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Hi, i’m Mike, 25 he/him, and this is probably my first time participating in a forum. tbh my big goal with this post is to get access to the discord server, i use it much more than an internet browser these days :sweat_smile:

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Hi all,

My name is Jamie (she/her). You can find me on Twitter @IrreverendJamie. I was a fan of Friends at the Table and then started listening to Waypoint because I also love video games.

I feel really weird about using a forum again. Who still uses forums? I remember when everybody and their mom had a PHPBBC forum. I still remember the sound of modems dialing up and ain’t nobody missing that. /Millennialrambling

Favorite games have to be the Mass Effect trilogy (kinda salty about Andromeda but not for the reasons everyone on the bird app were salty about it when it came out), Tacoma, and maybe… I don’t know, KOTOR? All I know is that I have the Mass Effect trilogy installed on my pc and those are the only games that never get uninstalled after I finish playing them.