Oy, introduce yourself!

Hiiii! I’ve been a fan of Waypoint since the beginning - have followed Austin and Patrick since the GB days. Waypoint has helped me really think about the games I play in new ways, I really love it!

I play keyboard in a band and do software stuff for work. Right now my main games are Total Warhammer 2 and a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m gonna smooch the egg!

Howdy all!

I discovered the podcast a couple of months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying since then. Info about me: I’m 30, a teacher, and enjoy RPGs, Star Wars, and the NBA. While I have a distaste for most social media experiences, I have been a long time message board guy, dating back to the days of GameFAQs yore, and good discord communities have that same feel to them. I love how inclusive and thoughtful the pod is, so I assume good things about the community here!


My name is Ray. I go by @RayJDSawyer on twitter (which I avoid as much as possible so its mostly a conduit for Switch screenshots). I chose my handle because Pokemon Silver was my first video game and I thought it was neat seeing a character with my name. I discovered Waypoint Radio by way of FatT and its become my favorite games-and-sports-and-food-and-politics podcast!

I’m a chronic forum lurker but I’m interested in making some new friends to play games with (esp Destiny and Pokemon TCG) so here I am!! Nice to meet yall!

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Caught Waypoint right at the start and have just loved this community since then. I’m a big fan of RPG’s, tabletop, Gundam, and Star Wars.

Just got my first true gaming PC in 15 years, so I’m just plowing through Destiny 2 and Metro right now.

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Hey! I’m also Canadian! 42 yrs old. Self employed. Found a old friend (investing in the market) last year and having a blast! Excited to going this community.

Hello! I’m Tommy and I’m new to the forum! My friend is a big fan of Waypoint and the friends he’s found in its Discord community. I’m looking for some fellow PC players to game with and would like to join the Discord server.