Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi, BMO Philips is a really good name. :wave:

Hi, I’m looking for a group to game with. I’m 41yo and have a short gaming history with Civ 5, Fortnite, Valheim and Fallout games. It’s been difficult to find chill people to play with, most people take themselves too seriously and that is a damper or they’re mean and vocal about it. So, I’m looking for a community of players that enjoy games and people. Cheers!


Hi everyone! My name is Mike (he/him) and I got into Waypoint just a couple of months ago thanks to a friend’s recommendation.

Over the course of the pandemic I finally started getting into actively playing games after spending my life being someone who mostly just watched (and enjoyed watching!) friends play games. Now I finally have a couple of consoles and just last week started playing games on PC!

Glad to be hear and to have found a podcast (and community) that’s interested in talking about games, culture, and society in a way that I identify with and that centers voices and perspectives that haven’t always been prioritized the way that they should have been.


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Howdy Ya’ll!

I’m back in the mental place where I want to engage in an online community again.
I live in Japan and I just started a musou game??? It’s bad, I don’t know why I did that.


Hello humans, I’m Gluuten.

I’m an avid player/criticizer of the Call of Duty and Tom Clancy franchises. I also enjoy playing other games in the FPS genre.

@gluuten69 on the bird app.

Hello, I’m potatonaught.

Longtime Waypoint listener, first-time Waypoint forums joiner. Did not realize the Discourse in “discourse dot zone” referred to an actual platform/company name. I’m in another forum that uses Discourse so I appreciate this familar interface.

I’m here to peep everyone’s food reactions to the podcast’s question bucket segment.

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