Oy, introduce yourself!

Yo, Tony reporting live from Stolen Land AZ, a Phoenix born Apache & Yaqui
I make music as Tony, The Swordsman both Rhymes and Beats
(check me out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube)

Been a fan since Launch as well as a GB fan <>, Happy to see them back for plus so finally decided to get on here.

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Hi everyone! My name’s Ida, or Molly (I go by both!). I’m a semi-long-time Friends at the Table fan (I got into it sometime in 2017), and the Austin connection is what eventually brought me here—although I only became a listener in late summer last year. But it’s quickly become one of my favourite podcasts, and now that WP+ is a thing, and the E3 coverage has been really making me feel that sense of community, I thought it might be fun to involve myself a little!

I’m not super chatty but I hope to be around a little. Other things: I’m from Norway, living in the UK right now, I do illustration and such as a job.

I’m Kyle and I had a friend introduce me to waypoint about 4 years ago, have been listening since, and was a waypoint plus day 1 subscriber. I mostly focus on various types of narrative games and have a particular interest in games not focused on combat. I also build plastic robot models.

Hey all, I’m hemogoblin! been a fan of waypoint since the beginning having followed Austin from gb and Patrick from kotaku/ his match 3 podcast.

Been trying to get more engaged with things since waypoint plus got announced! Subbed immediately and am excited for the future.

I’m from the Midwest and am in my 20’s. Some of my favorite games are the outerwilds, Mario galaxy 2, Celeste, breath of the wild, and the world ends with you.

bumping my intro post for a link to the discord i think. anyway updates im lvl 40 in pogo not as active
one piece continues to rule

Hello, I’m peregrine. 39 year-old boring white guy. Lefty, pacifist, followed Danielle and Rob over from Idle Weekend. Love the sight and the community, and very excited for all of what’s coming with Waypoint+!

Hi! 40 yo, NES was first console. Playing Mechwarrior5 on Xbone.

Whatsup everyone! I’m croybean, been following Waypoint since launch after learning about it through Friends at the Table, which inspired my love of tabletop games. I’m not active on other forums but I’m excited to connect more with this great community. Looking forward to future Waypoint+ content!

Hello everyone! My name is Stuart, though I often go by Terra or Terrae online. Any of those names are fine with me. Discovered Waypoint after first listening to FatT way back in 2018, but have only now joined this forum (subscribing to Waypoint+ finally encouraged me to try it out, I guess). My interests are in film, anime, classic lit, and (obviously) video games. I mostly play a lot of JRPGs.

Hello, everyone! Longtime fan, looking to be more engaged now that Waypoint+ is around.

Happy to be back.

Hi I’m SaltPrincess, you can call me Christine, I use she/her.
I’m a French enjoyer of videogames and an avid ffxiv and diablo/path of exile player.

I found out about Waypoint through the Waypoint UK podcast back in early 2017 when they invited Laura Kate Dale.
What really made me fall in love, however, was the very chill stream/podcast content. Hot mics morning and lore reasons were the peaks of this team to my mind and I’m hoping to see them reach new heights now that Waypoint plus is out.
I’m signing up now because I keep posting comments about the site/shows on social media to followers who do not care so I thought I should take it somewhere more appropriate.

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Giant bomb guy that followed Austin and Patrick. Loving the community ya’ll are putting together here. IT guy out of iowa that enjoys arcades, rpgs, tabletop, and the old retro game stuff.

Hey everyone, I’m BusyBusinessman (he/him). The name is an old joke - I’m the furthest thing from a businessman, I’m a grad student haha. I’ve been following Austin from Friends at the Table stuff and got pulled into the Waypoint vortex about a year ago. Waypoint+ and the E3 streams have gotten me really excited to be more engaged in this community! :carrot:

Hello! My name is Jack - I’m 28 and live in a rust belt berg outside of Toronto.

I started listening to Waypoint on a dreary autumn day in 2018. I was doing the rather miserable task of raking wet, cold leaves that had piled up over Canadian thanksgiving. I spent the entire holiday Monday toiling over those sodden, discarded fronds. I have nothing but fond memories from that day, because I listened to the gang’s entire months-old coverage of E3. I’ve been a weekly listener ever since.

All-time favourites: Majora’s Mask, San Andreas, Oblivion, and Pokemon Red.

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Hey guys, I’m kefkaisbad. In case you couldn’t tell, I am an old school final fantasy fan. Been playing video games since I got my first NES at 2 years old; my grandmother taught me everything I know! Real name is Brian, and I work as an IT Engineer.

I have recently started following Austin and the waypoint team, and I arrived here as a fan of GB as well. I used to be pretty involved on various forums back in my WoW days, but not so much recently.


I’m SuperGromph. I’ve listened to the podcast for a while, coming over from Giantbomb.

I started gaming on the PSone. I mostly play single-player games. I love to sink into a story or a game world that I can explore. Although I sometimes get stuck into multiplayer games, like the original Guild Wars or CS:S.

Hi, Luis here, originally from Spain but living in Okinawa (Japan) now. Started listening to the podcast since last year or so, coming over from Giantbomb. I started playing video games back with the MSX personal computer and then to the NES and Nintendo consoles have been a staple on my home since them, I also play on Playstation and some PC.

I like platforms, action-adventure and RPGs and lately I have been quite into Destiny.

Nice to meet you

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Hey hi hello. Jon here, a video editor in Pennsylvania. Similar story as has been told a bunch, I followed Austin/Patrick over from GB, and since then the Waypoint crew has become an equally important source of #content.

I’m much better at lurking in communities than actually engaging, but I’d like to move a bit toward changing that.

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Hi folks!

My name is Nia, pronouns are she/her. I’ve been following Austin and Patrick since Giantbomb and just recently learned about these forums and the discord.

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Hi! I usually go by Talia online, she/her. I’m from Norway and am 25 y/o. #gamer