Oy, introduce yourself!

what’s the craic! my name’s semtex, i’m 18 years old, and am based in ireland. been listening to the pod on and off for a while and signed up here to try getting back into playing games more regularly

Hey, I’m Doc Hollandaise. I followed Austin from Giant Bomb and still listen to some of Austin and other Waypoint people’s stuff

Just logged back into my account here for the first time in a while and thought I’d reintroduce myself here. I’ve continued listening to waypoint even though I haven’t been active here, but now with the return of Waypoint streaming it got me wanting to return to the forums.

Howdy. I’ve been listening to Waypoint for years now and have really enjoyed it as a uh, waypoint, this past year as everything else was so terrible. Very excited for Waypoint Plus opening up avenues to more out there stuff again!

Hey everyone,

I’m kaj (he/him), from the bay area. I’ve been listening to waypoint for years and thought I’d join the community.

Right now I’m pretty much all about gundam after Hathaway’s flash released netflix, and am catching up on all the UC shows I missed. For games, I’m mostly into jrpgs, but will play pretty much anything if it gets enough hype. Currently dipping my toes into my first fighting game with Guilty Gear Strive.

Hi all! dataphract here, 25yo software engineer from Chicago. Followed Austin & Patrick to Waypoint from Giant Bomb a while back, but never got active on the forums.

Recently I’ve been playing Dusk, and Rob’s STALKER evangelism got me to give Shadow of Chernobyl a shot about a month ago & I really enjoyed it. Very excited to see more streams from the crew, and to get to know people in the community.

Hi! Call me Eclipse, on the internet. I have a few accounts, including my youtube, but enjoy talking on discord. pronous: he/him

Karlberg (youtuber) mentioned this place in one of his videos, so I wanted to look into it and maybe find a group of people that I can chat, play or create with.

Anyways, continuing with my introduction:
I am currently in summer break, getting into 6th grade after it.
Still single
Mental struggles (ehh, who wants that though)
Not many friends
Often online (not always, unless it´s weekend or any vacation, if that isnt the case, i´ll probably have at highest 6 hours of time to play / chat with you)

“P R O F E S S I O N A L” gamer, minecraft and tm2020, and a few steam games

Hi! I’m Ian from Oklahoma. Was a photo archivist for most of my work life. Currently getting my feet wet in the video games industry at a tiny startup. I love writing, games, and writing games!

Been a fan of Austin and Patrick since GB, followed them here to Waypoint where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the rest of the Waypoint family. I’ve been tuning in for the articles, podcasts, and streams (yay! They’re back!) ever since. I’m a big-time lurker: so much so that I’m only now getting around to posting in the introduction thread. (Though I’m pretty sure I posted randomly in a couple of threads awhile back.)

Sharing my love and support for Waypoint and all the good lessons and conversations they’ve brought me to. :heart:

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Hey, I just realised it’s been almost a year and I haven’t actually introduced myself. I’m Chaz, 23. I live in Sydney, Australia, work in hospitality, and I’m in the last year of a bachelor of arts focusing on philosophy and english. I’ve been kind of loosely floating around the edge of games criticism conversations for 10 years, but I discovered waypoint last year just after the pandemic started and it’s really changed the way I think about criticism in general.

heyhey! I’m Lynn, illustrator and TTRPG lover. Been following Waypoint since it began. Have started going through Tactical Tuesday to celebrate the campaign victory :slight_smile:


Hey all! I’m Alec (He/Him), typically go by DrKarate in some way/shape/form online. Been listening to Waypoint Radio since the beginning! Currently playing FFXIV and GG: Strive.

Hey y’all! I’m JennyNext and have been following Waypoint for a few years now, finally making time to get more involved! I’m most interested in horror games (I’m a phd student studying horror) and open world/sims for days when I’m a scaredy cat. I’m new to the whole forum thing so if I’m doing something wrong please let me know! Excited to meet folks!

Also! In case anyone sees this…how do I DM someone on here from my phone? Been trying all day when I take work breaks (I work on Sundays…don’t do it folks, it’s Bad) and can’t figure it out? Trying to get to the discord since that’s a platform I know but I’m sooo lost…

Hello there!
I’m Captain-Hellxyr, 21 years old, born in Cambridge UK, and live in France.
I’m an Art student and wish to end up working as a game artist at 343 industries, frontier developments, or Bungie.
I’m a big fan of sci-fi fantasy and mechs.

Hey all,

My name is Ryan, though I usually go by Stantium on the net. I’m a Media and Communications student with a love for all manner of nerdy things. Been playing games since I can remember and I don’t plan on stopping at least until Destiny 2 stops updating.

Heard about the podcast from a friend while I was working on my honours last year and haven’t missed an episode since. I’m ashamed to say I may not have always thought about games in the most critical or insightful way (not that there’s anything wrong with just enjoying games), but Waypoint has been a great help in expanding my analytical vocabulary - and the fact it’s just a funny, easy, listen doesn’t hurt either.

Hope to get to know everybody better soon.

Hi everyone! I’m Anthony and go by amlabella on most online platforms. I’ve been following Waypoint here and there as I’m a big Giant Bomb fan and wanted to keep following Austin and Patrick’s content. I just recently subscribed to Waypoint Plus and I’m watching their Resident Evil playthrough right now, it’s a lot of fun.

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