Oy, introduce yourself!

My name is Ash, or SLAMZONE, whichever you prefer! I have no idea why I never made an account on the forums and joined the discord, I’ve been consuming Waypoint since day one and I never wish this tasty meal to end.
Hope to commune with and post pictures of my cats, and my various artisan breads with you all soon!

Kind regards, Ash [SLAMZONE]

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Ayo! I’m Arturo from Chicago, been following on and off since Giantbomb but came back in a big way a little before Waypoint+ and I’m hyped to join the Discord and then never post from shyness

Hi, I’m HTF, been listening to Waypoint radio for a few years and just became a plus subscriber, looking forward to checking out some discord/forum chat.

Hey there, Duncan from North Carolina here. Long long time Giantbomb fan that got into Waypoint a couple of years ago. Semi-regular on the Resetera thread, but new to Discord in general.

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hewwo I’m cate! trans girl from Long Island initially, now living in Washington doing game QA work. big fan of rhythm games and arcade-style stuff mostly, plus basically anything FromSoft makes at this point! I started listening to Waypoint Radio a couple years ago, and it’s been a godsend throughout the era of working from home. i’m mostly making this post to request a discord invite, but also the allure of getting back into a forum in 2021 is undeniable, so who knows what may happen

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Hello! My name is Hayley, long time listener looking to be more active in the community! Also looking for access to the discord server. Can’t wait to meet you all!

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My name is Garabagemole. A username which, for some reason, is almost never taken anywhere. Long time listener/reader but thought I would try to get into the community a bit more.

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Hello everyone!
My name is (unsurprisingly) Dustin, and I’ve been listening to various folks from the Waypoint crew for years. I’ve been really bad at putting myself out there online in the past, but I’m finally going to try to be more active in thoughtful online communities like this one.

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I’ve been posting for a little while but just realized I never introduced myself (oh, rude!), so let’s correct that.

Hi everyone, my name is Ariston, i’m 21, and have been listening waypoint radio since 2018, which was coincidentially the same time I started going to uni. My marjor is in philosophy studies, so over the years I always enjoyed the philosophical drigessions, specially that one time in Lore Reasons when Natalie was sold on panpsychism lol. I like JRPGs, immersive sims and indie games. I came to know about the forum through waypoint+ :carrot: , so I decided to try and participate more actively in the community, and it has been a great time so far!

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Hey folks,

My name is Dustin. I’ve been a Waypoint listener for a long time, but never been on the forums. I’m trying to be more active on some of the community things I’m a part of and getting into Discord, so here I am :sweat_smile:

Should also add that I’m hoping to get in on the Discord, but I don’t seem to have messaging privileges yet?

Hi everyone,

This is Ruben (or Ruubarbcrumble), 28, from The Netherlands. Got lured into the forums after subscribing to Waypoint+, but have been catching up on episodes and streams for quite a while now.

My name is Jose and I’ve been listening to the podcast for years. Always excited to see new episodes pop up in the feed. Been playing games since forever…Mega Drive/Genesis, PlayStation and then PC.
Watching the aniversary stream on Twitch and decided to finally join the forum and subscribe to Waypoint+. Hoping to join you all on Discord as well.

Hi everyone!

I’m EvAzn (pronounced Evasion, a throw back to DOTA), my pronouns are he/him. I’ve been a long time listener of Waypoint having followed Austin over when he left Giant Bomb. I mostly play rogue-likes, deck builders, and turn based tactics games but I’ve also been playing Valorant recently which is why I finally decided to make an account on the forums. Hoping to connect with people in the community who want to play together.

hello everybody,

I’m Kyle, going by tar_xf. My pronouns are he/him. Found the waypoint podcast shortly before the pandemic when I was desperate to find any commentary about Outer Wilds. Thought I might give this whole forum thing a try, maybe get into the discord. I’m looking for ways to connect with folks to play video games with as friends get busy and another winter of maybe social distancing starts up.

You’ll need to spend some time reading posts and interacting with the forum to be able to send messages. Google ‘understanding discourse trust levels’ for the discourse the blog post (sorry I can’t post links yet)

Hey, this is tadcalabash (he/him). Been a listener since the beginning, and very excited that Waypoint^+ is allowing for more streams and video content. Looking to communicate more and I hear the Discord is the new hotness.

Hey, my name is Alcaria, I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve been following Waypoint for about… two, three years now? Very glad to be a part of Waypoint Plus

Hello, I’m Ted. I’m a 35-year-old half-Filipino fellow. I came to the forums here by way of the podcast, which in turn has gotten me into a number of games (most recently, Destiny 2!). I’ve been mostly lurking on the Penny Arcade forums since college. Internet forums have helped me find books and games that I’ve loved, and expanded my political awareness, so hooray for that!

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Gods, truly a lurker/social anxiety thing to have utterly thought you’d posted in the intro thread, but didnt for literal year[s]?

Panopoly Imperfectum, queer near thirty (oh gods why does time work), whose forum existence was formulated through Gaia Online back in teen tender years, and then the pseudo-blog lifestyle that was being semi-addicted to Tumblr.
Hoping to connect with the cool people that seem to circulate around Waypoint, and survive the mortifying ordeal of being known so i can finally play 4 person squad games (and maybe eventually get back into FF14 because it is a cursed tendril that has latched itself to my brain)~