Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello, I’m Thom he/him from the UK. I used to read Austin’s clockwork worlds blog back in the day and too followed him from giant bomb. Followed Patrick for a while too now.
I’ve only ever dabbled in forums in the past, I was on the Double Fine Action Forums for a bit when broken age was being worked on and posted in some Halo theory pages back when I was in high school. Love waypoint so much though and hoping to join the discord as a lurker/occasional poster!

Hello! My name is Hannah. I’m a she/they, 30 years old, and I live in Sheffield UK. I’m an illustrator and ‘jack of all trades’ creative who recently started playing video games. I have been missing out for quite some time. The conversations on the waypoint podcast have helped fan the flames of this new interest! Looking forwards to talking about games and wrestling with like-minded folk. :blush:

Hi there! I’m James, he/him, 42. Been listening to Waypoint Radio for a few months, love forza, cooking, and weird indie tabletop roleplaying ames!

Hey I’m Kihp, real name James. I use He/Him pronouns. I got online with gaming through halo back in the day and that’s also how I found podcasts like Joystiq and Podtoid. That eventually turned into Giantbomb and in the past few years Waypoint!

I do a weekly podcast on Tokusatsu that is basically centered around breaking through gatekeeping and leftfisting that fandom. I’m a big fan of ttrpgs and gm for a group that does small games and one shots based and is always looking for more peeps and games. I am also always looking for groups where I can not be a gm but that’s not as successful.

Hello Everyone I am a newcomer to this group. I am Jamie Biswas 24-year-old native American from Texas. I basically played a game for quite along. Also, I am very much keen on game development. Along with I am a freelance developer. I love to play mostly Action and arcade games. Also, love in fantasy games. Recently I developed exactlly which helps many gaming development companies. Can anyone from here please suggest me more attractive fantasy games? Also wants to play with multiplayer. See yaa

Hi! I’m Sam. Been listening to waypoint since 2017 and am a plus member. My steam most played game is total war warhammer 2.

Hey! i’m Rusteen, writer in Hollywood and big fan of Waypoint, but just here to get access to that discord lol

Hi. I’m Michael! Is this the right place to put introductions? If so: Hi again! I’ve been a fan of Waypoint for the last three years and in that time it’s deepened my appreciation of art, media and critique and opened me up to a bunch of new experiences I never thought I could have!

P.S. If this is the wrong place to post this: Sup’ sorry for the confusion and bye!

Hi there! My name is Matt and I’m a he/him, 31 year old graphic and web designer from Washington, DC. My love of games has led me to extend my design practice to include more and more 3D work and even some small experiments with making games. I’ve been listening to Waypoint for a little over 3 years and the crew has made me better understand why I love gaming, exposed me to essential art and culture, and just generally made capitalism’s grind easier to bare. I recently joined Waypoint+ and am excited to see what’s going on here and on the Discord.

Gaming history: I played a bit with my older brother’s Sega Genesis as a kid, but had no other consoles or computer games in my life until after college. My real dive into games came when I started playing games like Braid, Fez, and Undertale on my Mac. These games broke the ice and then Kentucky Route Zero blew my mind wide open. That game has stuck with me for almost a decade. I think it’s one of the most incisive works of art of the century so far. From there, I’ve played indies of all stripes and a handful of AAAs (mostly Kojima stuff and Hitman).

Recent faves: Mutazone, Hades, Disco Elysium, Death Stranding

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Hello, SandStone here, been casually listening to the podcast then and there for a couple of years, started listening and reading more when the pandemic began, and have been looking forward to each episode/articles since!

I enjoy all types of game, but lately I’ve been trying to catch up with Final Fantasy XIV now that the new expansion is coming out pretty soon.

Hey I’m Nick or amp / Amp / Amphetama on the internet.

I’ve been an on and off again waypoint fan, over the years - but finally started listening to the podcast weekly just in time to see Austin off and hop on board the Waypoint Plus train.

I used to spend a lot of time on a certain Silent Hill fan community that still exists, old posts and all - but haven’t been active there for well over a decade.

Right now I spend a decent amount of time on a Twin Peaks discord community that I help keep together.

Would be nice to have another home - looking forward to meeting you all. :green_heart: :metal:

hi i’m rubi! i’m a 28 year old musician into RPGs and platformers! Yoko Shimomura is my favorite composer. I live in Oregon and use they/them pronouns.

Hello, Waypoint community! My name is Walker. I’m a tech and games industry worker and longtime WPR listener.

I like first person games, well-written RPGs, low-bloat open worlds, and any game with a satisfying inventory management system. I dislike late capitalism.

I have ADHD which sometimes sucks but sometimes feels like a superpower. I manage it pretty well and I’m always happy to chat with others who are struggling with ADHD!

Hey I’m Gabe,
Been listening to the pod for a couple years now and looking to participate in this cool community, particularly the FF XIV side of things. I don’t have much forum experience, but also that means no bad habits right?

Hello! I’m Xander, longtime follower of Waypoint and game industry misfit. I enjoy pre-rendered backgrounds, longswords, and cold brew.

Hi! I’m Aleks.

I’m 29 and started listening to waypoint roughly one (two?!) years ago.

I first read about waypoint on rockpapershotgun and couldn’t figure out why they were putting forward halo’s old community website as an example of modern games journalism. (I think the article is called ‘the secret history of rock paper shotgun part five’, if anyone’s interested). Eventually I worked out what waypoint actually was and got kind-of addicted to the podcast.

Anyways, I’d love to join the waypoint discord. Cheers!

(ps - I’m off-and-on looking for a software engineering role in the games industry, so if anybody happens to be trying to fill an opening, my portfolio site is in my profile)

Hi! I’m Ryan from IL. I’ve been listing to Waypoint since the beginning and Patrick when he was at Giant Bomb. I love to play simulator, racing, and action-adventure games.

Hello! I’m hamdoughnuts, or just ham on the internet. I’ve really gotten into Waypoint in the last couple of months. I’ve loved Stalktober, and the Inscryption streams.

Recent games I’ve liked have been Etrian Odyssey Nexus, God Eater 3, Dragon’s Dogma, Wildermyth and Inscryption. Lately I’ve been looking for more turn based games to play. Stuff that I can leave open when I’m supposed to be working.

Hello, I’m Gustaf, CakeMajors on the interwebz! 38 year old human from cold dark Sweden. Been following Patrick since his time at GiantBomb and found Waypoint about 50 episodes in and has listened, and read ever since.

Usually a sucker for singleplayer games. However, just rekindled my Destiny interest a few weeks ago by starting Destiny 2. So I’m mostly saying hi here so I can get in on the Waypoint Discord and pretend to my self that I will seek out someone to raid with ;D

Hiya I’m Cassie!

I’m a queer non-binary trans butch (she/they) who has been listening to waypoint & following all their stuff since the very beginning. I’m looking to finally start interacting with the community (like OMG that inscryption run). I mostly exist on discord.

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