Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! I’m q’wæmor, (or @qwaemor on socials). I’m a 32 year old software engineer living in Los Angeles but from Connecticut originally. My pronouns are he/him.

I was living in Japan teaching English when a friend sent me the Lore Reasons of Kingdom Hearts episodes of Waypoint Radio, and I got hooked ever since. Simultaneously listening to new episodes, getting through the old ones chronologically (currently in November 2017), and now subscribed to. Waypoint+! I’m really into action/adventure, RPGs and platformers :grin:

Hello! Handle is reckoner, real name is Nate, and I’m @nateweather on Twitter. I live in Portland, OR in the US, I’m 38, he/him, with a wife and five year old kiddo who I play lots of video games and metal music for. I discovered Waypoint during 2020 quarantine and am so happy I did!

I’ve never used Discourse before and don’t appear to have the ability to DM @M_o - can I request access to the Discord via this route with the intro above? Thanks for any help! I just subscribed to Waypoint+ this morning.

Hi all!

I’m Gina. I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for a little over a year now, which I discovered when Rob Zacny guested on the Triple Click podcast to discuss TLOU Part II.

Recent games I’ve played include Ori and the Blind Forest and Hades.

Hello everyone! I’ve been listening to WPR for about a year and am now slowly working through the backlog.

Hello, I’m Sam. I was introduced to Austin and Patrick through GiantBomb and followed them to Waypoint. Now I spend way too much time listening to all the different podcasts the Waypoint crew are on. I’ve wanted to get more involved in the community for a while now and am finally getting around to doing it!

Hi all! I’m Hana, my pronouns are she/her and I’m from Slovakia. I’ve been a Waypoint Radio listener since 2017. I’ve always been a lurker on internet forums but I’m hoping to change that with Waypoint and actually contribute to the community.

I’m currently playing through Bloodborne (my first fromsoft game) and surprising myself at every turn by actually beating bosses and stuff.


Hey y’all! My name’s Elliot. I don’t think I ever actually introduced myself here. I started working from home recently. Used to work at a grocery store and boy do I miss some of the social aspects of that job. So I figure what better time to become more active with the community of my favorite podcast!

I play a pretty wide variety of games with Destiny 2 being the constant that I can never seem to shake. I also got into the plastic nightmare that is Warhammer 40K and unfortunately I am loving it. Always enjoy all things film/tv/music/books as well! Looking forward to chatting with all of you more! :slight_smile:

Hey all!

My name’s Safi, a student/programmer from the west coast. I’ve been a listener to the pod for almost two years now, which is wild to think about. I’m on medical leave from school so I’m hoping to put some energy into hanging out with other listeners and readers.

I’ve been playing a little bit of everything recently; I just started my 8th New Vegas playthrough in between some of the new Halo, and I’m getting ready to dig into some Solar Ash tonight. Hoping to speak to more of you all in the community!

I’m Kemayo most places, and have been since I picked syllables out of a hat for an IRC nickname when I was 14. But David’s fine, too. 37, he/him, in the USA but from the UK originally.

These days I accumulate unplayed games on Steam and Switch, while spending too much time keeping up in GW2.

Hey everyone! I’m Eddy (he/him). I worked in educational non-profits in Philly for years before moving to NYC to do an MFA in Fiction. I started following Waypoint regularly summer of 2020, probably after Austin’s excellent review of Outer Wilds. I’m eternally looking for people to play all of the tabletop RPGs accumulating on my shelves.

Hi, I’m Grant, a dude that’s been following the Waypoint crew from the beginning. I go by Tommythegoat on discord. I enjoy critique of most media forms.

Gameswise, I’m into big single player rpgs, but currently engrossed by Halo infinite multiplayer.


Hi, sorry to @ you but I don’t seem to be able to DM about discord access.

Hi all! I’m Johnny Bearclaw, a.k.a. JB, a.k.a. David (he/him).

I’ve been listening to WPR since episode 127, subscribe to WP+, and very rarely interact in any online community. I figure if I am going to join any of them, this would be near the top of the list!

Hello! I’m Shitty Wizard. I’ve been listening to waypoint for quite a while, I followed Austin and Kleptok here from GB.

At this point waypoint is pretty much the only video game podcast I regularly listen to. I’m always down to listen to Cado talk Destiny, Rob to talk insane tech purchases, & back in the day my absolute favourite was hearing Austin lecture everyone about FFXIV.

Nice to meet you all!

Hello! I’m mikachops from Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile: Been following the Waypoint crew since the start (+ before that during the GB years of some of these fine folk).

Outside of Tim Rogers and the occasional Dan Ryckert and GB stream, Waypoint+ is the main internet entertainment thing I follow with any sort of regularity. Love the current crew and direction it’s heading in.

Hi. I like politics. I like video games. Very few places do a deep an interesting intersection of the two.

Old school GB subscriber, current WP+ subscriber,
Occasional A More Civilized age subscriber.

It’s blackpyr. I miss Austin but the rest of the gang still puts in work.

Discord invite me if y’all got the chance.

Hey all. Caustic here. (No relation to the Apex character - I’ve been using some version of this name online for nearly 20 years now.)

Big Waypoint fan, having followed Patrick and Austin here from GB, but definitely loved the group feel with Cado, Rob, Gita, and all the others who’ve come and gone.

Grew up in the US, but have called Japan home for over 17 years now. Into many geeky things, no matter what flavor of media they appear in.

Dreamcast fan for life!

Hi im BagOSoup,

I’m an economist according to my degree but I haven’t found a job in my field since graduating in December 2019, and honestly Waypoint is helping me keep my sanity while working retail. Waypoint is probably my current favorite podcast and I’ve really been enjoying the content on the WP+ feed.

Hey, I’m flyingandroids.

I’ve been listening to the podcast forever but never managed to make it over to the forums. But I’m hoping I can make some online friends as my life is currently on fire (incoming divorce), and I don’t really have many irl friends anymore (the joys of aging).

Looking forward to talking to all you cool people!

hi folks! I’m norivia.

I’ve been following along with waypoint since it started. I’ve been in a bit of a rut on listening to and watching things, so i’ve been falling away from the podcasts a bit… so, excited to hang out with people in the community! I’m a programmer by trade, I occasionally draw things … my last major forum activity was in the MS Paint Adventures forums like uhhh a decade ago.

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