Oy, introduce yourself!

Sup all! Been listening to the podcast since the beginning, loving waypoint plus and where things have been headed (Super excited at Rob suggesting System shock might be on the cards for next year). From the UK. Hoping to get a bit more involved in the community.

Hello everyone, I’m Christian. I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio since 2019, when I needed something to fill the time and ameliorate the pain of the long cold walks between school and my apartment. Ended up loving the insightful analysis and falling in with a lot of the Waypoint adjacent podcasts as well (3MA, AMCA, etc). My favorite movies/games are Chimes at Midnight, The Witcher 3, Catch Me If You Can, Supermarket Woman, Life is Strange, Where the Wild Thing Are, and Scourgebringer. Hoping to add a few more books to that list in the coming year, because I feel like my vocabulary, syntax, and ability to structure coherent thoughts are deteriorating the further I get from college, lol. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday!

Hi I’m B-Nix. Been listening to Waypoint for a couple years now. I play on PC, PS5, and Switch. I’m a new dad, so gaming time is few and far between right now. Between work, parenting, and Covid socializing has been really limited, so I thought I’d see if I could meet some likeminded people here. Really enjoyed the Inscryption streams by the way, I had no idea what I was in for when I started watching the VODs.

I am Jesse and I have followed waypoint from the beginning. Basically followed Austin since I first heard him on the beastcast. I mostly play games with my family (8 year old and wife) or single player games. Always looking for more couch coop experiences.

Hi everyone. I’m Tim. Been following the Waypoint crew since the Giant Bomb days and was a regular viewer of Patrick’s Mario Maker Mornings. Some might remember me as the person who made the It Follows Mario Maker 2 level that Patrick shouted out on the podcast once. Decided to finally join the forum since I’d love to get more involved with the Waypoint community in 2022.

Hi I’m Ryan! I’m 26 and easily my favorite game franchise right now is Yakuza, along with it’s spin offs. I followed Austin over to waypoint when he left Giant Bomb, then kinda fell off waypoint for a while until I picked it back up maybe a year and a half ago.

Hey folks, been following Waypoint for some years now (remember having a blast watching Austin and Danielle stream Hitman back in the day). Really happy with how Waypoint+ is going and I’d love to be more involved with the community!

Hello Waypoint Community!

My online handle is NinjaChops, real name Wilson (he/him). I’m a Boston-native who recently moved to Vermont in the past year.

I’ve been a Waypoint listener since the start and before that, followed the industry though spaces like 1UP, Kotaku, and Giant Bomb. This is my first time reaching out to join a forum community. Looking forward to possibly play some Destiny 2 with some of y’all!

Hey folks!

I’m a regular lurker over at the Waypoint Subreddit and recently became a mod there as well. I’m a heavy Reddit/Twitter use mostly. I won’t defend either, but it is what it is.

I got into Waypoint a couple of years ago via Giant Bomb like a lot of people and have really come to appreciate Rob, Patrick, Cado, and now Natalie (also the Motherboard team like Gita and Matthew).

Waypoint Plus is well worth it if you’re reading this and somehow haven’t made the plunge, by the way. Really enjoy giving Rob an excuse to explore his extremely niche bullshit and dragging his coworkers along :joy:.


Hi everyone! I’m a long-time Waypoint fan who has only used this forum once. That was to track down some music from the Savepoint streams for my personal listening pleasure, and the community delivered, of course! Shout out Raithe Laurence - Sold Out!

Anyway, I’m here for the Discord access. Hope you all are well! :slight_smile:

Hello all! Been hooked on the pods for a time and have recently been branching out… Those Resident Evil streams were a blessing for me let me tell you.
I just finished the Echoes of the Eye DLC after months of being too afraid to find out what the scares that need reducing were lol. And now onto Psychonauts 2!

Hi y’all!

I’m Apelsin (Swedish for ‘Orange’). I’ve listened since the start, coming over from the Beastcast/Idle Weekend podcasts, and Waypoint Radio has been my podcast/stream highlight of the week ever since.

It’s been great to see Waypoint+ seem so successful, I’ve been loving the return of the streams! It’s also made me want to engage a bit more in the community, maybe join in some Destiny 2?

Introducing myself - kwun, waypoint plus subscriber that came over following GB Austin, but loving the place that has grown out of it.


Been a pod listener for the past few years. Listening to Waypoint was a major reason I joined the games industry myself a couple years ago.

I’ll play almost anything that’s recommended to me, but mostly seek out RPGs, other story heavy games, and deck builders. I also like fashion, chess, & tennis.

I’m not active in any online communities really, but since I like waypoint I figured it would be fun to check out what the forum + discord are like. Looking forward to meeting some new people!

Hi! I’m Ailbhe, tho I go by WeywardWitch at most places, and I use they/them and it/its pronouns.

I’m into tabletop game design, and I found this place through a recommendation on discord.

Hope you all had a good start into the new year!
I’ve been following Waypoint for a while now and appreciate the diverse set of topics and point of views WP is bringing into the domain of games journalism.
Other things interesting me are computers, space, and computers in space. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

See you all around!

Hey all, I’m Chris AKA Knightstick, and I stumbled across Waypoint Radio around the time of the last IRL E3, which is now A LONG TIME AGO, and was extremely happy to find conversations about video games that matched my world view.

I live in Melbourne Australia, have two kids and like to play games, especially fighting games, when everyone else is in bed…!

Hi, I am Carlos from Costa Rica and I’ve been a fan of Austin and Patrick ever since their GB days. Because of that I’ve been loosely following Waypoint since it was created but in the past year I really got into it and have been really enjoying what they bring to the table. I love games and really try to play every genre on every platform I can even when games in Costa Rica are ridiculously expensive.

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Hey everyone! I’ve been around the Waypoint community since the beginning (I absolutely loved the Dungeon World campaign during the launch stream), but I didn’t fully engage until last year with the launch of Waypoint+. Now, Waypoint Radio episodes are one of the highlights of my week.

Looking forward to hanging out!

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hi there! my name is cass (he/they) and i’ve loved being along the waypoint journey over the years - cheering at crowbar and sickle’s first chicken dinner, #hirenatlie, literally everything i know about destiny coming from cado. thought i would delurk to say hi, and maybe find ppl to play switch games with on the discord!?

my favorite games: into the breach, katamari damacy, shenmue, life is strange, slay the spire
other than games, into: competitive pinball, bouldering, being a queerdo.