Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey all, I’m futurefowl! Excited to be here.

Hi, I’m Chronologist!
Been following Waypoint since the launch, and Giant Bomb before that. Super grateful to this site for being a cool, insightful, funny place to learn about games and their culture.
I’m i PhD student studying storytelling in games. I play (and do research on) Destiny, FFXIV (and I have been around the Grimoire Reasons spin-off discord for a bit), and many other games. Very happy to be here.

I may have introduced myself before, but I’m Brandon, former guide writer at GameFaqs and current stay at home dad who would like to hang and chat with awesome people!

Hey, I’m Comrade Fakename, been listening to the podcasts for many years now. When I’m occasionally feeling down, sometimes I’ll just think about the “Papa Bear” incident to cheer myself up.

Hi all, I just got waypoint+ after seeing the Sid Meiers videos and am looking forward to talking about games and other stuff.

@M_o Could I get a link to the discord?

Ahoy ahoy!

I’m Andy, been listening and reading since day one but I’ve started being active on Discord and I’d sure love to be active on Waypoint’s.

I mod Gameboys and if any of you frequent the Gameboy discord you’ve likely seen me. I was also a very active LA Tacos fan for the first year of Blaseball. But I mostly kind of keep to myself online.

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Hey, what’s up. No gunna lie, pretty much just here for the Discord invite. Also I looked up what an ancient mariner cocktail is and it’s got ingredients I’ve never heard of.

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Hi, Alex here!

Been following Waypoint/Giant Bomb and other podcasts for at least 10+ years. Hoping to be more active in discussing them rather than just listening.

Would love a discord invite please @M_o .

Hello all! I’m Sterling, been following Waypoint since the beginning, following Austin from Giant Bomb/Friends at the Table and Patrick since his days at 1UP/MTV/Giant Bomb/the Match 3 podcast, but never took the time to make an account until now.

I like most types of games in some capacity, though I’m mostly a console gamer that plays single player, non-online games so I’m not beholden to someone else’s schedule and can pause or stop without issue. Currently playing Horizon Forbidden West on PS5, Tunic on Xbox, and Dragon Quest XI on Switch.

Hi! I’ve also been following Waypoint since the start, finding my way here from Giant Bomb thanks to Austin. I like seeing plants grow, listening to podcasts that makes me go “so that’s how that works?”, and playing games where you build things.

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Heyo, I’m Scott. Games are pretty great and so is this crew!

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Heya I’m Toby he/him, long time lurker, very very occasional commenter. Early 30s audio engineer, trying to hype myself up to be a little more active because I like waypoint and the community’s extracurriculars a whole lot!

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Hi, I’m Joe I’ve been following the Waypoint crew on and off for the past couple of years, and have been following mainly Austin and Patrick from their time at Giantbomb. Been looking for more online communities to hang out and chat about games and other stuff I’m interested in. Also, I’ve heard rumors that this is the place to go for someone looking for a invite to the official Discord; and if they are true I would love an invite as well.

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Hey I’m noticedfoot (they/she). Started following waypoint at the beginning of the pandemic, decided to join the forums/discord.

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Hi i’m Gabnat_TM I’m 23 years old from Belgium and i really enjoy mapping on TM2020. I have about 200 h on mapping. For now I have a big project, it’s to developpe AI mapping in TM2020 and I think the waypoint discord server would be a nice place to explain this project and find peoples that would be interested, let me know if i can join. :slight_smile:

Hey there Waypoint forums! I’m Last Galaxian / Dan! I’m a thirty-something white dude from the same part of the US that Rob originally hails from. Though I actually found my way
here through Patrick and Gita way back when they were doing the Match 3 podcast.

I’m a VERY amateur writer/filmmaker who loves classic cinema and 80’s/90’s shlock. I’m a fan of a good videah game as well (mostly narrative focused games, RPGs, and souls-likes!)

I’ve been a level-9 lurker since day one but over the years the pod/community has become like a warm blanket that reminds me there are still good humans out there, even in these bleak times. So I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to be more involved with the community (aside from making jokes of the dumbest possible order on Twitch steams.)

Anyhoot, looking forward to chatting with ya’ll on Discord!

Helloooo im Bryan and I used to have access to the Waypoint discord a while ago but for some reason I left the server, just posting here so I can get access again LOL

Hi, I’m Joe (he/him)! Longtime listener and watcher, first-time poster. You can follow me on Twitter or add me on PSN (username: jkohlmann). Lately I’ve been playing lots of Returnal but need to get around to Norco and other 2022 games! Anyway, thanks and cheers :sparkles:

Hi! I’m Max–I’ve been listening to Waypoint since about 2017. I am a pretty casual gamer but seriously stoked to be here.

As an aside— I can’t figure out how to DM @M_o to get discord access…