Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Chris (he/him), another longtime lurker finally introducing myself. I first followed Austin and Patrick from their work at GB. Always been a fan of the site, but I’ve really loved the return to more frequent streaming thanks to WP+ this past year.

Yooo! I’m Mikhail, a duderino in his early 30s and a new dad as of 6 months ago. Giant Bomb launched when I started going to college and that site helped keep me chill & sane. When Waypoint started I was like “oh hell yeah some of my favorite folks from GB and Idle Thumbs are uniting? WORD”

Ahoy! Not sure if anyone is reading this post but here we go. I’m Konnie_Lingus, he/him, which has been my gametag since I was a middle schooler (no self respecting adult would choose that name). Long time listener of GB since the basement days. I’m an old fart at 33 that loves getting lost on my motorcycles and currently working as a physician in downstate NY. If anyone knows a cool DnD spot in NYC let me know!

Howdy! I’m SongofAchilles (they/them) named for Madeline Miller’s novel. Honestly, I’ve been a shy lurker for a while. I’ve been looking for a games space online that isn’t so gamer-y.

Hey! I’m April (she/her), longtime listener/first time caller etc. I’ve been on the outskirts of the Waypoint community for a bit and I’m looking forward to chatting with y’all

Hullo, everyone.
I’m shadowmoss. Been a huge fan of the site since its inception and am also an avid listener of Three Moves Ahead and A More Civilized Age.

Hey y’all! I’m Riley (he/him), I think the last time I used a forum was to get help modding my Xbox 360 so I could get custom vehicles in Halo 3. I’ve been on and off watching/listening to some form of Waypoint since it began but ever since Waypoint plus I’ve just been all in. I’m struggling my way through my (hopefully) final year of college so I haven’t had time to engage too hard w/ games recently but I hope to still have fun here.

Hello all. My name is Cait; online I also go by Ace or Waitsy. Haven’t patronized any kind of forum for about 15 years, so… yeah, wow. Bit weird. I love Waypoint, but in chats and other communities I mostly lurk due to that anx. Looking forward to being a part of the discord nonetheless?!

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Hi Waypoint – I’m Jason (he/him) and like many am a habitual lurker. I’ve been following Patrick and Austin since 1UP and Giant Bomb. I’ll also be honest in that my ulterior motive for this intro post is to get into some of these juicy Destiny 2 clans. My space witch needs allies to put circles on.

Hi everyone, I’m another Giant Bomb to Waypoint listener, and this last week tried to get into DAS Budget and am extremely confused. Hoping the discord will have more info.

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Hi, I’m Brynne and usually don’t post on forums because they make me anxious. However, I’m learning how to use discord and am ready to join the waypoint community there!