Oy, introduce yourself!

I’m dadradish and I’ve been a listener since the very first episode. I’ve always appreciated how the Waypoint team places gaming in the context of caring about people and society.

My personal Top 5 Games Played in 2021 (considering both tabletop games and video games) were:

  1. art of rally (video game)
  2. Age of Empires IV (video game)
  3. Inscryption (video game)
  4. Android: Netrunner (tabletop game)
  5. Earthborne Rangers demo (tabletop game)

Hello all, I’m John. I publish weird fiction and listen to too many podcasts. Turns out WPR is a great one!


Hi there, I’m an all purpose Australian geek that got here on a round-about route from Friends at the Table-A More Civilised Age-Waypoint Radio.

Mostly looking for some good people to play pick-up Destiny 2 with!

Hi! I’m Miles, 26 y/o from Texas, longtime fan of Waypoint, FATT, etc. Realized I was no longer on the WP discord, wanted to rejoin because I love this community, has meant a TON to me the last several years.

Hi All, I’m Caleb/Leaf, I’m a longtime FaTT and WPR fan who’s starting to actually have time for video games after finishing up grad school this summer. Particularly looking for teammates for Destiny 2 and potentially tabletop connections as the sunlight hours shrink. You can find my twitter @Spadeandspear and some game design work under the same name on itch. Pleased to meet y’all!

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Hey, I’m Trevor, a mid 30s from Portland, Oregon. Started putting on Waypoint streams and listening to the podcasts working from home during the pandemic. Finally decided to check out the community.

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Hi I’m Tyler, mid 30s in SATX. just found out about the waypoint forums and discord from listening to the show, excited to dive into the community!

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Hey Waypointers! I’m Brett, mid 20s from New York, super excited to be here! Been listening to the podcast for about 6 months now in a pandemic-induced personal rediscovery of video games. I’ve already found countless awesome game recs from Waypoint (just got credits on Immortality tonight — that game sticks a fucking landing) but I’m excited to join the Discord and be a part of the online community you all have built here!

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Hi Waypoint!
I live in the UK and I like Star Wars and cycling. Been watching/listening to Waypoint for ages, so happy W+ has brought back the streams - they are extremely good.

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Hello all!

I’m John. I live in KY. I like fighting games, games generally, and sports! I’ve decided I wanted to be a little more active in the community after listening to the newer Sportscasts and not having as many likeminded sport enjoyers around!

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Hello everyone, I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for a long time now and wanted to actually join the community! Most of my gaming time is spent on Destiny these days. I hear a decent number of people here play so I’m hoping to join in on that.


Hey everyone! It’s me, pickles - longtime waypoint listener (and fairly shy lurker :sweat_smile: ) who continued following Patrick and Austin’s work after their Giant Bomb days.

But, I really only joined the forums in an attempt to inform Patrick and Cado that, despite the Wii Sports Golf update being delayed, a ‘new’ golf game is available on the Switch!

Clap Hanz Golf (iOS/Apple Arcade) was rebranded to Easy Come Easy Golf (Anytime Golf in Japan) and released on Switch the same day as the latest Nintendo Direct - it was in the Japanese Direct, but seems to have just stealth dropped over here.

So fellow digital golfers out there, shout it from the rooftops! Everybody’s Golf / Hotshots Golf style golfing has finally arrived on the Swich! It is ‘just a mobile port’ and the load times are a little long (longer than the smart phone version apparently), but it’s still nice to have :smiley: :golf:

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Hoya. Never used any forums running on this software before. Hope I learn soon!

hey everyone, i’m ian (he/him), i’m a long-time/first-time. really enjoying the new sports pod, love motorsport mondays, and will be adding waypoint+ to my budget soon!

Hi, I’m chanman, late 30’s he/him out from the west coast of Canada. I’ve been listening to Rob from the Three Moves Ahead podcast for over a decade now