Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi I’m Sam (they/them). I’m into books, games, art, etc. I have a cool senior dog and a cool big orange cat. I live in Oakland, Ca and got into waypoint and podcasts in general because of my best friend Claire. Anyways happy to post here for the first time and looking forward to joining the discord!

Howdy y’all.

I’m Hawk, 31 y/o Nonbinary USAmerican, live in DC. Fan of Waypoint since its inception, thanks to FatT. Scattered around all sorts of internet communities, first forum experience on rpg dot net.

Hope you are doing well!

Hi! I go by Classic Rando. I’ve been listening to Waypoint for years, but haven’t really engaged beyond that. I watched Savepoint 2022 and saw the Guilty Gear Strive exhibition and learned that Waypoint has a fighting game community going on through its discord. Would love to get in on that!

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hey y’all, my name is stephen or stezza, he/him, from chicago. first got into waypoint from their evangelion pods a few years back, watching savepoint at the moment and decided to hop into the community!

Hi there! My name’s Daniel or Dan, he/ or they/them username drmatador most places. I think I got started on Waypoint after getting into FatT and then AMCA? So now I’m here! Been loving it all (especially movie/tv stuff), but classically, I think the first episode I heard was Rob talking about appliances and from then on I was hooked.

Hi! I’m sucramnella or Marcus. Been a Waypoint listener for quite a while now. My other fav podcasts are Dear Hank and John, MBMBaM, Beautiful Anonymous, Laker Film Room, Thinking Basketball, and Jordan Jesse Go!. I’m a big concert go-er and my favorite bands are mewithoutYou, WHY?, and The Chariot.

Hey @M_o! I’m new and can’t figure out how to DM for the Discord… I’m sure I’m missing something super obvious, lol. I finished the discobot tutorial. Can you help me out? :grimacing:

Hey folks, I’m Mike. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but currently live in the burbs of Chicago with my partner, dog, and two calico cats. I originally started listening to the Waypoint crew sometime during the middle months of the pandemic and it’s become one of the rare few podcasts I stay up-to-date with. I mainly play strategy games, RPGs, and generally anything with crunchy tactics or a great story. Nice to meet everyone!

Hello :wave: I’m maximillianfish from Seattle. Huge Waypoint fan after listening to the entire back catalog during the pandemic. Got here through the circuitous route of Idle Thumbs → Idle Weekend → Waypoint.

Hoping to start lurking here and in the discord as a way to help get off of twitter lol.

Forgot to tag @M_o hoping to get the discord invite. Thanks for your help!

Hi there! I have been a waypoint fan since Day 1, I followed Austin over from GiantBomb! I have been a waypoint plus subscriber since day 1, I will support the gang for as long as they are out here doing it. Having the Waypoint crew (and extended friends) in my life has been an important part of life for the last 6 years, and hopefully for many years to come!

I used to lurk these forums when they were more active, I didn’t realize a lot of that action had moved to discord. I would love to get into the discord @M_o if you are still responsible for invites!

Hello there! Been a fan of Waypoint for the past 6 years. Followed Patrick (and Gita) from Match3 way back then.
This podcast and content has played a pivotal role in my enjoyment with so many different mediums. Ziggy’s post above resonates with my feelings and thus doesn’t need to be repeated. I too look forward to existing on the Discord and never post!

Hi! I’m Eric from California. Like virtually everybody else, I came to Waypoint from Giant Bomb, after being a big fan of the work done by Patrick and Austin.

I’ve been a lurker and listener for a couple years now, and am hoping to try my hand at getting a little more active in this awesome community. Cheers!

Hello! New to the Waypoint forums, but long time listener of the podcast. Like many, I followed Austin and Patrick from Giant Bomb, and have enjoyed watching Waypoint evolve over the years. He/his pronouns, mid 30s, living on the east coast, USA.

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Hi. I’m from the Bay Area and followed Austin and Patrick from GB. I signed up for this forum immediately but never got a handle on the UI, and now it seems everyone’s moved on to Discord. I’d like to give that a shot if it’s still open.

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Hi, I’m Em, she/they, I’m working in the non-profit space and I sometimes make little videos for fun. I’m also @/electricgaunt and @/em_gaunt on Twitter. I live in California and I’ve been listening to Waypoint stuff and watching their streams since around 2018(?). Happy to be here!

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Hello, I’m Stevie! I’m a software engineer at a game studio living in Brooklyn. I’ve been a long time fan of the show and I’m looking to join the community now that twitter is sinking, lol.

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Hey Y’all, I’m Roel (he/him) . I’ve been following waypoint from the start but never really posted here.

That changes today!

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Hi all! My name’s Nick, and like so many others I came here following Austin and Patrick from Giant Bomb. I’ve occationally read trough the discussion here, but want to try jumping in!

hey folks! I’m Flo, I followed Danielle from Idle Thumbs to Idle Weekend, after which I followed Danielle & Rob from Idle Weekend to here :smiley: My biggest forum experience is hanging out on the Sigur Ros forums as a teen, after which I found a sense of community through the twitter game development world. I’m joining this place to hopefully do the same here!

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