Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello all, long time Waypoint fan, finally looking to get more involved in the community!

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Hello, I go by Techno or Technoelf on discord and other platforms. I’m not as active gaming as I used to be but, I like keeping up with the discourse. Also, when I do find time to play something it’s either Forza Horizon or FFXIV.

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Hey I’m Bakes, AMCA has me down the AWalk rabbit hole, and now I’m about 100 past and current episodes into listening to waypoint radio.

Hi, I am Corey / muttonhead (he/him). Long time listener and reader, first time poster and big Waypoint fan since the start.


My name is Amelia (she/her). I’m originally from California, now in Seattle. I did work at a major tech company, now focused on my kids and doing a few classes which will hopefully lead to a career change.

Hi all! :wave:

My name is Alex, im a someone from New Zealand.

Been listening to the pod since day one and it’s one of my faves.

I really like space so a lot of the tv / film/ games media I consume is space themed.

Big destiny2 fan which doesn’t leave much time for a lot of other games. So i play a lot of indies.

Im a bit of a jack of all trades. Work in IT during the day and then spend my free time writing / drawing/ coding. Currently write video game articles for SuperJump, I do digital art and 3d modelling and have been dabbling in some game dev when i can.

Any questions let me know. Happy to be here :smiley:

Hi, I just want to join the discord.

Hello, Waypointers. I am a construction worker, who likes video games.

As much as I enjoy the video game content on Waypoint, I am distressed at the lack of construction topics.

On a serious note, I started my plumbing journey in 1999, and I will answer all plumbing questions put to me to the best of my ability. I have not done much in the way of repair work, since most of my work is in new construction, but I will help in any way I can.

My name is Kevin, but feel free to refer to me in any way that you feel most comfortable. Turd herder, for example.


Hey all, tonehack here. Been listening to Waypoint Radio and following the journalism on the site for a few years now. I’m really deeply into roguelike games, and more broadly anything strategy or indie. I have a long NetHack playthrough on yt that is fairly well known. If anyone ever wants to chat roguelikes or game design, I’m always interested :grinning:

Hi, I’m quixoticfool.
I’ve been playing games casually since the Gameboy and Playstation. Started following gaming news when Giant Bomb started and came along when Waypoint started up with Austin and Patrick. I’ve never been active in forums or discord before but I’m curious to find out.

Hey y’all! My names deepfriedgundam but most folks call me gundam. I’m a 27 year old library assistant from NJ. Been a longtime listener of the podcast and have been a fan of waypoint for a while now. Some of my hobbies include mostly videogames but also gunpla model building. Also my pronouns are they/them!

Hello! Long time, long time. Been following content from folks since before Austin was with Giant Bomb, and it was Patrick with Giant Bomb. Still waiting on the Persona 5 Endurance Run (Patrick should inherit the curse, that Coward).

I’m still here now with Queen of the Night Freaks Ren on the council. I love it.

Trying to get in on the Discord for chatting in the late hours.

Hey, medium time listener here (about 2.5 years) but only now got around to the forums. I play games since i was a kid, although these days having two kids myself its a little bit of a challenge to make the time. Besides i work in tech, so basically working on a computer the whole day too.

Howdy, I’m @iomegadrive and I’ve been following the original Gamespot crew back in the mid to late 00s and then continued following everyone at Giantbomb and now through Nextlander, Waypoint, etc.


I’m Jason - a frontend engineer living in Seattle. Outside of work I enjoy aerial circus arts where straps are my favorite appartus and I recently started playing beer league hockey. I followed Austin & Patrick from over on GiantBomb and have been listening to Waypoint intermittently since the beginning.

Hello :wave: I’m Juliana, I’m an Etsy store owner I hope you guys could get your Christmas and new year.

My name is Ethan (he/him) and I am a medical student in Michigan. I have been listening to Waypoint since 2016 (Also followed Austin from GiantBomb) when I was back in university and decided that now is the time to join the community! I am on a few discord servers mainly with friends with our weekly Anime Wednesdays and gaming sessions. I was hoping to get involved in a community that has all the values I have come to love through listening to Waypoint all these years : ) !
When I am not playing games (or studying/working) you can find me meandering through the woods and staying away from twitter.

Hi, I’m Luin! I use they/he pronouns, im an art student in uni!
i found waypoint back a few years ago via Friends at the Table and wanting to see what other things austin was doing, and it took me like 2 months to go through 80% of waypoints backlog.

i love A Lot of media, ranging from Blaseball (not baseball) to zoomer minecraft youtubers to the manga Kingdom, but most of it can be traced back to me enjoying webcomics in the early 2010s.

including homestuck. notably, homestuck.

Hi! I would like to join the Waypoint discord, but the step after posting in this thread is to message @M_o, but I don’t seem to be able to do that? Is there something I’m missing?

How’s it going everyone, I’m a physician from Texas. Been following some of the Waypoint personalities since Giant Bomb and recently became a Waypoint Plus member! Looking forward to participating!