Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey Everyone!

I’m most people call me Dark or Jammer. I’ve been of and on again playing destiny since it came out and have been looking for a good community to play with. Other than Destiny I’m really into Star Wars, Zelda, and the ElderScrolls Series. I’m 33 year old from Canada. I’ve been listening to Waypoint stuff for a few years now and would love to get into the discord to connect with this community!

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Hello all, long time Waypoint fan, finally looking to get more involved in the community!

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Hello, I go by Techno or Technoelf on discord and other platforms. I’m not as active gaming as I used to be but, I like keeping up with the discourse. Also, when I do find time to play something it’s either Forza Horizon or FFXIV.

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Hey I’m Bakes, AMCA has me down the AWalk rabbit hole, and now I’m about 100 past and current episodes into listening to waypoint radio.

Hi, I am Corey / muttonhead (he/him). Long time listener and reader, first time poster and big Waypoint fan since the start.


My name is Amelia (she/her). I’m originally from California, now in Seattle. I did work at a major tech company, now focused on my kids and doing a few classes which will hopefully lead to a career change.

Hi all! :wave:

My name is Alex, im a someone from New Zealand.

Been listening to the pod since day one and it’s one of my faves.

I really like space so a lot of the tv / film/ games media I consume is space themed.

Big destiny2 fan which doesn’t leave much time for a lot of other games. So i play a lot of indies.

Im a bit of a jack of all trades. Work in IT during the day and then spend my free time writing / drawing/ coding. Currently write video game articles for SuperJump, I do digital art and 3d modelling and have been dabbling in some game dev when i can.

Any questions let me know. Happy to be here :smiley: