Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello I’m mafro. Been reading/watching/listening to Waypoint since day 1. Been a fan of Patrick since back in the 1UP days, and was introduced to Rob (and Danielle) through Idle Thumbs a long time ago.

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Hi everyone! I’m rindu and just got into mapping after spending countless hours of trackmania tech maps. I’m American and absolutely loving (i don’t) the sub-zero degree weather where I live!

Hope you all have a great rest of your day/night, cheers!

Hi hi! My name is Emily, and I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will soon be exiting the 18-24yo age bracket. I call myself a gamer but that really just means I’ve been playing Dragon Age Inquisition and the Mass Effect trilogy on repeat for the last 8 years (interspersed with some farming sims). Love this community and can’t wait to see more.

Hi everyone! My name is Juli, I’m 24, and I’m from the SF Bay Area. I’m a big fan of Dragon Age, Fallout, and Hades. I recently got back into Destiny 2 which has been a lot of fun. I’ve also been checking out Pathfinder 2e and I’m a big fan of the mechanics. Anyway, I love waypoint and I’m very happy to be here :slight_smile:

Hey all! I’m Tommie, They/she. I’ve been listening to Waypoint for years at this point, since about 2017. I buy lots of games and play few of them, and I like talking to other like-minded folks!

Hello all! I’ve been a Waypoint+ subscriber for 2 years (gettin’ the 3rd this year) and I’m looking to join the Waypoint community more directly.

Woo hoo! I go by James, American, he/him. Looking forward to all of this!

Sup, y’all I’m Ed (he/him/they/them/y’all) and I’m from Alabama (please don’t hold it against me) and yes I do usually have a banjo on my knee. Finally got onboard Waypoint+ last year after finding the pod thru the Evangelion discussions. Big fan of game design and love listening to people talk passionately about it.

Hi all!

My handle on here is lunarscope - I go by lunar_scope on Twitter.

In my youth I spent a lot of time on nerdy forums about scifi and fantasy and then many years on tumblr doing similar! I mostly hang about on Twitter these days. I love the pod and hope to join in on enthusiastic discussion about the multimedia that joins us together! Been following the pod for a long time but made the plunge to waypoint+ late last year and it’s lovely to be part of an inclusive community like this.

Hope to speak to you all soon!

Hey everyone! I’m Will. I’ve been around Waypoint since the very beginning, but am trying to be more social in Discord groups these days.

hey I’m mostly just star, followed Austin here from giant bomb and now waypoint is my favorite podcast on the citadel. proud day 1 waypoint+ subscriber and have been wanting to join the discord for ages.

I’m currently dealing with a lot as my almost 16 yrs old dog has begun to have health issues and I’m kind of a complete wreck. would love to join a welcoming community similar to nextlanders

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Hi, I’m Rai. 33, non-binary, came to the pod following Danielle from Idle Thumbs/Weekend.

I work in vfx in videogames (you can see my work in MK11, Psychonauts2, et al), but I’m presently taking a break from that (and from living in America) to study Japanese in Tokyo. I like making art and dislike capitalism & gender :smiley:

Hey, I’m Christine.

I feel like every year when Cado talks about destiny for a new expansion, I get very into it for a month. That’s what I’m doing right now. Installed yesterday, and just finishing up the campaign today.

Outside of games I spend a lot of time with my wife and son, and probably spend too much time working.

Hey, I’m Tibby. I got introduced to Waypoint by getting really into signalis and searching for reviews and finding the episode where it’s mentioned. Then I really got into Renata’s specific brand of nerdery and humor and esoteric knowledge (SHE REFERENCED DELEUZE AND GUATTARI!!!) and then Rob’s great adventures in home renovation. And then I just really wanted to hear more from all four tbh. Been listening a lot over the past few weeks!

Also I’m trans and I gotta say Renata is totally voice goals and whenever she talks about her gender experience i just uaaaaa! It’s just great.

Also love that the podcast talks about unionizing and labor issues.


hey folks! I’ve been following Waypoint since the beginning and remembered that I used to enjoy reading the Discord, though I stopped using the service and left the server a few years ago. looking for a smaller community to (thoughtfully) bullshit about games in. cheers

Greetings. I usually go by Berbils, account’s older. heh. I miss having a spot to chat about games and tv and all with people.

Hello! My name is Ash (he/they) and I got into Waypoint so many years ago after window shopping for a good video game podcast. I absolutely love Waypoint and the Waypoint family of pods!


This is Patrick. I was a mathematician, then a computer scientist, and now a software dev. I’ve been listening to the podcast since lockdown, and a buddy of mine has been hanging out in the Discord to try to put together Destiny raids. I am attempting to follow suit.

Hey Everyone, I’m David Suhass and I’m excited to be a part of the WayPoint Community! As a Blogger and Content Developer, I’m always on the lookout for new and Interesting forums to join, and waypoint caught my attention as a hub for passionate discussions about games and gaming culture.

In addition to my work as a content creator, I’m also the founder of apklub, a platform that helps people discover and download the latest apps and games for Android devices. I’m a huge fan of mobile gaming and love exploring new titles and sharing my experiences with others.

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in the community and engaging in some great conversations about all things gaming. Whether it’s discussing the latest industry news, sharing gameplay tips, or just geeking out over our favorite titles, I’m excited to be a part of the Waypoint community and see where our discussions take us!

Joe, here for the discord