Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi, I’m Alex. I submitted my email for GAF like three years ago and never checked if I actually got it. The Waypoint episode on AIM going away got me nostalgic for 90’s/early 2000’s websites, and I missed forum culture (I think the last forum I was active on was Newgrounds in 2003 or so).

Waypoint always seemed to take a more interesting look at gaming, and attracted folks who I’d rather talk with than other sites.


Hello everyone, I am a neogaf refugee. I am know at a point where I have no where to discuss video games. I was a member on Gaf for 4~5 years. I don’t know if I was a well known guy there but I showed up everyday to post. I love Nintendo as well as old school games. I also have a PS4. I really hope I find a good community to visit everyday and talk games.


Hey folks, another GAF’er here (same username and pic). I must admit I’d heard very little of Waypoint but taking a gander it seems great :):grinning:

Anywho, I’m an Aussie, married and have 4 kids and any spare time I have i.e after the kids are in bed and the wife is curled up with a book, I’m usually gaming. I only play multiplayer games and generally those are sports, FPS’ or racing games.


Hello. I’m 31 years old male, writing from Finland. I’ve been playing videogames since I was six, so gaming has always been a big part of my life. Waypoint seems like a good place for new beginnings so i’m happy to be here today.


Thanks Crayon :slight_smile:


Hello to everybody in the Waypoint gang,

My name is F23, I’m also from GAF. Just like Jonesy707, I too have heard little about Waypoint except from the mega-thread we had on GAF.

Anyways, I’m from Britain (I should be asleep right now) and currently trying to get back into work. I’m a huge fan of gaming and I hope that I can contribute to the conversations on Waypoint.

I’ll try my best to uphold the civil actions Waypoint expects from its users and try to spread the good word of Waypoint.


Hi, another GAF refugee here. Heard some GAFers were making their way over here, so thought I’d see what it was all about. Not what I expected, but I’ll stick around :slight_smile:

I’m in my late 30’s, kind of trying to figure things out. Live in Ohio, love martial arts. Really liked Partrick and Austin on Giant Bomb, and had completely forgotten that they’d landed here! Now just getting used to the format, what discussion goes where, what the focus is, etc. Looking forward to it!


Hello, my name is Pauly, another former Gaf’r, name was “EtherMagic”. I’m a white boy, 36 yrs old, wife with 4 kids, another on the way. Got myself a One X Scorpio Edition PreOrdered, VERY EXCITED! :slight_smile: First impressions of this site is staff is extremely friendly, moderators welcome you with open arms, just awesome!!! Only complaint i have so far is i have had a VERY difficult time figuring out how to post a new reply here. I am a member of many forums, this one has not been user friendly to me at all. Still have not figured out how to post a new reply without having to scroll down the page for 10min!!! lol I’m sure ill figure it out, but my lord, this forum is very different. With that said, very happy to be here and meet some cool people and hopefully (im sure) make some great friends! :slight_smile:


Hit the end button on the right side of your keyboard :slight_smile:


Trying it right now!!! Thanks! :slight_smile: Im on my phone tho! :frowning:


Hey guys! My name is John, though I generally go online as Mendinso for various forums (with a couple remnants of ChibiGoku name being used here or there from ages ago). I’ve been recently trying to find a forum I could call home and recently discovered this place thanks to NeoGAF. Although I never joined NeoGAF (despite lurking for about a decade) due to the admission process (I didn’t have a non-free email, although I totally understand why they had it like this), I’ve been a little bit displaced when it came to reading about Gaming and General news now since the recent incidents that have occurred.

So I’m hoping to find a place to call home here.

I’ve been playing games since I’ve been 2-3 years old (I’m now 28), but have ended up finding a fondness to Japanese RPGs, including some obscure games that have not received any localization. I also have a habit of picking up many games over the years that, sadly, remain unfinished. I hope I’m not alone on this at all!

I’ve also taken up interest in studying Japanese and Programming languages to pass the time.

Honestly, not sure what else to say about me, other than I am a tad socially awkward, but… Hopefully I enjoy my time here! Nice to meet you all!


Vinci from GAF.

Already introduced myself somewhat in the massive topic about the site’s demise, so I’d like to take the opportunity here to say thank you to the Waypoint folks for hosting our sorry asses in this rather dramatic, sad time.


Another option on mobile is to tap the post count in the lower right corner. That’ll bring up a scrollbar. :slight_smile:

Also hi! I made another account ages ago (siUrn444) but I decided to change names. So I made another account. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m another GAF refugee I guess. I was actually Shauni over there, but I had been wanting to change my name for awhile, but didn’t want to do the whole alt thing. I missed the whole thing apparently. Crazy stuff.

But anyway, I guess this is the place to be now. Thanks, I hope I can help to make this the people’s forum.


AlexBasch from good ol’ GAF.

I mainly posted about not liking to play online with other people and lurking most threads, so I think I’ll just be a ghost around here since I rarely got quoted.

But here I am, yay.


Hallo to all. Another Gamefaqs->NeoGAF member.
Though I am not going back to Gamefaqs for gaming discussion. Secretly hope for GAF resurrection under a different mod team this time. I was enlightened there when it came to gender issues, but discussions were far too heated, even among people with same opinions. Till then, I’ll try adjusting and participating in this forum.
Primarily play on PC, though I have also an affection for arcades and a retired Dreamcast. NES and GB were part of my childhood, till I discovered computer games with Amiga.

Hope here PC games will be covered a little more than on GAF.


Hello and good day to everyone. Another ex-gaf member here. Same username and avatar, mostly lurked.

Just another immigrant in London, soon to be moving back home because wifey and i are expecting our first born.

Cheers everyone


Another GAF refugee here. I’ll be happy if there are good indie and iOS gaming threads! I’m an almost 30 years old Mexican guy (from Mexico City) living in Japan (Tokyo). I love languages, games, dogs, and spicy food. I love fighting games and platformers. Nice to meet you guys!


Hello. I’m another NeoGAF refugee, just looking for a new place to talk about video games instead of play them.


Good to see your still around crayon