Oy, introduce yourself!


I think we all felt that way, don’t worry. A lot of us have been a bit gutted, shaken even.


Same here. In the time I was on gaf I got a bsc, msc and phd. 10 years of my life. Gonna miss it.


Hello all, another Gaf stray here! I joined Gaf in 2014, but barely posted. I am an indie game dev (or at least trying to be one) and was always a fan of Vice and Waypoint, so I am looking to make this my new home.


Hey everyone, here from GAF. Didn’t really post a ton but I had over 1000 posts in two years, so I was decently active, I’d say. Wasn’t much one for starting threads, so hopefully moving over here won’t require me to really “adapt” a whole lot.

Anyways, I really like this forum layout and just wanted to say hey!


Hello everyone!
I’m an rather old guy from Germany that lost his hub to gaming and politics when the disgusting events killed NeoGaf where I lurked since 2006.
I don’t have too much time for gaming anymore so my interests shifted to entertainment, sports and photography.
I’m really impressed by the nice welcome over here and the modern technical UI of the forum software. Very neat indeed.
Hoping for interesting discussions and a general good climate here.


Yo whaddup people I thought about this and I came to the conclusion that although I’m from GAF the fact that I signed up on this forum earlier this year makes me way more unjuniorish than the rest of y’all so there.

Jokes aside I came here because Patrick and Austin are doing a great job ever since the GiantBomb days and I really appreciate what they’re bringing to this industry.

Keep it up guys!


Hi, I’m Thom Ashworth. You can find me pretty much everywhere I exist on the internet as @thomashworth.

I’m a folk musician from England - 30-something white cis/het dude doing my best not to be as much of a dick as a lot of my demographic.


Hi, also came over from GAF. Just looking for a place to talk about games! I’m really into JRPG’s and Hatsune Miku stuff :slight_smile:


Hi! Yet another GAF user seeking a new home. I’ve only recently had my account approved on there, but I’ve been a lurker for a few years. Nice to meet you all.


Hi, another ex-GAFfer there, didn’t post a lot but spent quite a few hours reading through threads on a daily basis.
This place seems nice so I decided to give it a fair try.
I’m a 40 years-old dad from France.
I love fighting games, JRPGs and platformers and I have absolutely no time to play them.
I also like to collect Lego sets and figures, which I also have no time to play with.
Nice to meet you !


Hey, yet another French GAFer! And a LEGO fan too to boot! Awesome :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, my real name is Steve and I’m from Luxembourg (EU). 32 years old, married and father of 2 boys (4 & 1 years old).
I found this forum suggested on Twitter and after reading a few topics here I thought it’s a nice place.

I’m a big fan of the band “The Dillinger Escape Plan” so that’s where my username comes from.

I play mostly on my PS4 but also own a 3DS, Vita and a WiiU and plan on buying a Switch next month. Currently I concentrate on Horizon: Zero Dawn, 8 hours in so far.

Game of the year so far is Yakuza 0, big fan of the Yakuza series in general.

I dedicate most of my time to my kids so other hobbies fall pretty short these days but I still collect Vinyls and go to the movies by myself once in a while for some “Alone time”.

So yeah, looking forward to be part of this community.


Hello, guys!

Another displaced NeoGAFer looking for a new place to call home. Not a whole lot to say about myself other than I’m from the USA (Cleveland, Ohio, specifically), love video games (RPGs mainly, be it SRPG, JRPG, WRPG – you name it I’ll play it) and have a passion for film and media.

I wish I had more time to type out a better introduction, but it’s 5am here in Cleveland and I gotta take the GF to work in a few hours.

Pleasure to meet you guys!


Hi everyone. My real name is Luka and I’m from Slovenia, Europe. 35 years old, married, and a father of a 5 year old boy. I’m also an aspiring indie game dev, working on my first commercial release.

I’ve been thinking about making an account on here for years, and as many others on here, the apperent closure of NeoGAF is what made me finally register. And now I’m really glad that I did. This community seems to be awesome, and you people have been incredibly welcoming to so many of us former gaffers.

I didn’t post much on gaf, but I hope to be a bit more active on here.


Hi everyone,

Another new member from the ashes of NeoGAF.

I’m a married 37 year old father of 2 from the north east of England. I was a GAF member for 3 years or so and loved being part of a massive community of like minded folks. I for one will miss the commendatory offered on the forum but hey ho we move on.

A big thanks to the Waypoint posters, staff and mods for being so welcoming to the 1000s of GAF refugees that have washed up on your shores.

Now time to talk games…


Hello there, I’m yet another french GAFfer from Paris (I used to have the same username over there). I’m 28 years old and I like all things Nintendo, including (but not limited to) their retro systems.

I’m also a huge pop culture nerd and like a lot of people I spend way too much time on the internet. Also interested in LGBT issues since I’m gay. As for my hobbies, I like writing which is what I’m doing for a living but also drawing and painting.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone. Like many since yesterday I’m a former Gaf member from the UK (same username, different avatar) who found it after Gamespot shut the unions down, now Gaf is gone someone directed me here and it looks like exactly my kind of welcoming place, I especially approve of the tutorial and emphasise on respect.

I’m 33, huge into gaming especially RPGs, but I also enjoy strategy, shooters, horror, and action games, anything that isn’t sports, racing or fighters really ha ha. Also a huge reader, mostly fantasy and science fiction, gotten into some of the classic sci-fi gateway books recently, (a lot of Harry Harrison and Edmund Cooper). Also love board games in which I already see a thread for.

Hope to be a pretty active member, and while I don’t expect Waypoint to be Gaf, I don’t think I want it to be either :slight_smile:


I’m James, born in England and currently living in Wales in the UK. Been a member of various different forums over the years, some were toxic and others have been decent enough and i’ve hung around (sometimes right to the end of their time online).

What else to say. Keen and avid gamer for over 25 years.


Hey I’m Jake, from Newcastle UK. I love Nintendo, Giant Bomb, Laser Time, wrestling, death metal and anime. Not gonna lie I’m here now because of the NeoGAF thing but I’ve been reading Waypoint and listening to the podcast from the start. Really excited to get more involved in this community that everyone speaks very highly of.


Is this how you post? Sorry still learning. Just now found out what Waypoint is but I’m enjoying your videos on YouTube and will listen to the podcast tomorrow. I am another Gaffer wasn’t very big but I posted every now and then. Mostly lurked. Just trying to find a place to talk about video games and the craziness of the world.