Oy, introduce yourself!


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Hi all, another UK based ex GAF user here. Looks like a great forum, and I’m impressed with the tutorial and overall feel of the forum. Looking forward to getting stuck in!


Hello, everyone. Another person migrating from NeoGAF. Mostly used it to keep up on gaming news. Didn’t post much, but I like to read other people’s opinions about things.

My real life name is Donald, and I am a 25 year old from northeast Ohio. Nice to meet all of you.


Hi, some of you may remember me from a place called Neogaf (doubt anyone’s heard of it though). Just popping over to see what this place is like. I’m from the UK and it’s nice to see I’m in good company.


Hello! My name’s Joseph, 30 years old in Washington state. Former NeoGAF member/lurker. Never really posted there much. I’ve heard about Waypoint here and there, and also am a huge fan of the content Vice puts out in general. Hoping to be more active here than I have previously. Nice to meet you all!


Hey there. Yet another refugee from NeoGAF searching for a new home. Think I’ll check this place out, see what’s what. Between NeoGAF imploding and the slow, painful demise of Rotten Tomatoes, I’ve been in need of a new community.


Hey yall!

I’m another former NeoGAF member, and looking for a new place that I could discuss about video games and other topics. I’m celljean89 btw, I enjoy Waypoint and Vice content, so I believe this place could be a new home for me.


Hey all, I am also a recent NeoGaf refugee. I was formerly MilkBeard on those forums. Just checking this place out because I heard it mentioned recently. Seems like a nice place.


I also wanted to add – besides welcoming more fellow gaffers up here – that I am looking forward to checking out the other categories in the community and contributing to those as well as to the Gaming one. I’m hoping for civilized, adult conversation, which seems in such short supply on some of the other places I’ve visited in the hopes of finding a new place to hang out.


Hey everybody. It’s rather disappointing that there are so few places on the net in relation to gaming where you can have a civil discussion on various topics, including entertainment and politics from a more left-leaning perspective. NeoGAF - to a degree obviously haha - felt like such a place. I hope Waypoint may be another. Will definitely check out the forums more often in the coming days, and maybe even the content itself on the main page.


agreed, but I’d like to add that I personally welcome political arguments and points from right leaning folks, so long as they are respectful, well-reasoned, and most importantly: TRUE. If there’s one thing I hate from either side, it’s talking point discussion.


Hellou Waypoint forums.

Another ex-NeoGAF lurker here. Been listening Vice Gaming’s New Podcast since the start but newer bothered to make account here until now. Some Nordic people represent here as I’m currently living in Espoo, Finland. Mid 20’s human male.

Mostly liking strategy (fan of Paradox Devs games) and indie games.



Another former member of GAF. Nice to see so many familiar faces migrate across.

Looking forward to discussing Yakuza 6 (Yakuza GAF where you at?), Suda51’s two upcoming games (25th Ward: The Silver Case & No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again), horror games (waiting on that Fatal Frame VI announcement! And gonna get The Evil Within 2 soon), immersive sims (Prey is next on the list) and everything Atlus related (Shin Megami Tensei V baby!) with you fine folks.

And of course Shenmue 3! And Berserk if anybody here enjoys a good manga?

Pleasure to be here.


Howdy folks, yet another in the ever increasing flow of NeoGAF refugees (GAFugees maybe? Has someone coined a term yet? Dibs if not!). Had an account for 7+ years, but never came close to posting enough to graduate from junior member. I mostly just lurked and read it for the news aggregator it was. I knew it was flawed, but there were some great discussions on occasion, and some of the community were amazingly dedicated to games as a hobby. Plus, it was one of the only game sites that didn’t get filtered out at work :grimacing:, so I pretty much had a tab open all day long.

This forum came up in a few articles about the site-owner’s scandal, and I thought hey, why not. I like VICE videos on YouTube now and again, but didn’t know there was a video game arm to the company.

Anyway, I’m an American who lived for many years in Japan and is now living in Europe. Family man now too, so less time for gaming overall, though I still follow the industry way more than I should have time to. Mostly game on the Switch and PS4 these days, so that’s where most of my focus is. Pleased to meet you, and hope to be a bit more active to help this community fill the void NeoGAF is leaving.


Fellow lurker at Neogaf here, i never posted though due to the (somewhat?) arbitrary rule of not being able to sign up for an account without access to a non free email address, which always did strike me as a bit elitist. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Vice content in the past so if this is a new place for non toxic gaming enthusiasts to congregate then that sounds good to me!


Hey, I coined that yesterday! (Though it might predate my post actually, I’m not sure)

E: actually, just ran a search on this very topic and the term predates my post by about 10 hours. Seems we have @CrankyKong to thank for coining it :slight_smile:


Hello all,

Seem to have found a nice warm place with fellow NeoGAFs. Greetings all, lets talk about some games :slight_smile:



Hi, I’m theJwac. Also a previous NeoGAF member and I hope to contribute to any gaming discussions that interest me in a constructive way.


GAFugees… Yes, that will do nicely. :upside_down_face:


Hi folks. I am yet another GAFugee. Been posting there since it was Gaming-Age forums since forever. I think since the good old 32 bit era. I’ve been looking for a additional forum to hang my hat for sometime now. You guys seem to be a good bunch! I game on all platforms with the exception of Nintendo. My current gaming fix is Elite Dangerous and I am currently going through an anime “renaissance”? Just finished binge watching HunterxHunter and My Hero Academia. Current shows I like to watch is Walking Dead and Dragon Ball Super.