Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello everyone, I’m one of the many neogaf nomads who have decided to exodus to your fine site. Names branden, I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. Have been lurking the old neogaf fourms for a good four years now and have decided to actually start to contribute with real words to one instead.

I’m into video games, ranging from your usual first person action heavy titles to visual novels and light books, trying to make and write comics and oddly enough reading about cold cases and murder mysteries, since even at a young age I was interested in the field of detective work.
With the usual added slow dancing and long walks on beaches.

I hope to adapt into the waypoint community and somehow contribute something meaningful.:kissing_heart:XOXO


Hey all, surprise surprise, another ex Gaffer here! I mostly lurked, occasional posting here and there since about…2007 I’d say? Mostly remember waiting around for Japantime before Smash Bros Brawl was released. I was known as TerminalDogma on GAF. Posted sometimes (and lurked more often) in the Comic and Board Game community there. Also enjoyed the music threads, and of course heavily lurked gaming side. Lately I’ve been on a MAJOR board game kick, so much so that even my hype for Mario Odyssey has died down due to just wanting to play some freaking board games all the time. It’s a problem. I’ve known about Waypoint and have listened to the podcast since Austin left the Beastcast, but never checked out the forums. Certainly seems like a chill place! 29 years old, central NJ here (central NJ is real and I won’t hear anything saying otherwise.)


Hello, been a member since May but I noticed with the influx of new people that I passed over this thread.
Introduced to this forum through the podcast and looking for a place to talk about my interests (games, movies, comics, books).
Long time lurker in Gaf as well, right now feeling weird because checking it has been a fixture in my day for so long and now it’s gone.
A few months ago I realized I missed interacting in a forum kind of context as opposed to just lurking so I’ve started posting here.


Avoid using the term refugee like that.

It’s an Internet forum. It’s not comparable to real life refugees.


Hey ya’ll, just a 20-something who mainly likes video games and anime/cartoons. Been reading the articles here from the start, and looking forward to joining the community :slight_smile:.


Hi everyone! Another UK based former GAFer here. While I go by another name in most forums, I figured I’d keep my GAF one here seeing as so many people seem to be coming from there. Fan of games, movies, anime, and music (making and listening)!


Hello there. Former gaf user snaku. Decided to change my username for a fresh start. Glad to see a lot of familiar faces around here.


Howdy everyone. Another former GAFfer here as well. I contributed to that forum for about 10 years before it fell apart, but I’m excited to be here.


Hey everyone, another former gaffer here from Ireland. This seems like a progressive place interested in good discussion so I’m looking forward to getting involved. Thanks to the moderation team for being so welcoming.


Whoops! Apologies all. Great start to my life on the forum :flushed:. I had a bit of a brain fart. No offence intended. I’ll get my coat.


Hello all, former Gaffer as well (from New Jersey). Generally I miss off-topic more than the gaming side, but seeing as I’ve followed GB for a long time and have watched a bunch of Waypoint streams, I think I’ll fit in here.


Hi. Like most today I’m a Gaf refugee. Gutted as loved the gaming news. Hope to love here just as much and to make this my go to site for gaming news. Greetings to all.


Former GAF member here. I see a few recognizable faces, and I’m glad some members of the community found their way here. I’m big into horror, football, some anime, fitness, movies, etc. As far as games go, I’m a big fan of Persona, Silent Hill (RIP), Saints Row, GTA, Infamous, Splatoon, MGS, some sports titles, and old-school titles from previous generations. My current favorites are Nier Automata, Infamous: Second Son, Saints Row 4, Axiom Verge, Splatoon 2, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Deadly Premonition, and Alien Isolation. Glad to meet you new folks as well.


Yes another former GAF user here - Didn’t post too often but really appreciated the small but dedicated horror gaming enthusiasts that were there. Currently in the middle of The Evil Within 2!


I too am a former GAFer. Think I’m going through the stages of grief right now. But I’m gonna give this place a shot and see how it works out.


I am another former GAF user that didn’t post all that often. Excited to give Waypoint a shot


Hello everyone, my name is supermarioworldE. I am a former member of NeoGAF under the same username, and was looking for a site to stay with after the recent events involving the former site. Seeing some of the users from there on here led me to sign up, and this forum already looks like a great place for civilized discussion with effective moderation. Thank you for allowing me to join, and I hope to have good, new experiences while respecting the rules and guidelines in place.


I’m here because I was a NeoGAF lurker (by choice since none of the accounts I tried to make over the years were approved) and now I have no where to lurk! Probably for the best since I made this account a while ago, so now I have a reason to put it to good use.

Big Giant Bomb fan for years now and have followed Austin over to Waypoint. Now my weeks are dominated by two Waypoint podcasts and two Bombcasts, which is a dream. I love the whole Waypoint crew and the various off shoot shows each of them have.

I love gaming, comics and making new friends! And I’m here to discuss all of that and participate in the Waypoint community.

I enjoy all types of games and love dabbling in all genres. Lately I’m on a big turn based tactics kick replaying Advance Wars and eye balling the GBA era Fire Emblems after finishing that up. I also can’t put down Fire Emblem Hereos ($0’s spent so far on it! I’m proud of my will power!)

I look forward to traversing this big, loud, dumb, beautiful hobby with the other Waypoint forum posters and participating and enjoying the many different and diverse discussions that lie in wait.

Plus I just found out my boy @2Mello is a moderator here as of yesterday! Congrats, Mello!

I’ll be seeing y’all around. :slight_smile:


Former gaffer here from UK, not much to say, it’s nice to see so many known “faces” (avatars) here, don’t think I’m going to post too much, I’m more of a lurker type.


27 year old from Germany. nice to meet you all.
Quick question regarding the UI, can you change the loading scroll to a more traditional forum page?