Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello :slight_smile: My name is GillianSeed79 (I’m a huge Snatcher, Kojima, and Blade Runner fan if you can’t tell by my handle). I’m a 38-year-old dude who is temporarily living in Amish country in Pennsylvania (like horse and buggies are still a mode of transport where I live) with my fiancé, who is a bi-woman. Right now we are renovating a modest home we inherited near Frostburg State University, which is where I graduated from college with a major in Mass Communications. I was a crime journalist for nearly 12 years (I’ve seen some stuff), and I now work as a dispatcher. Did I mention I love video games and have been playing them since the 2600 days? I also love punk music. I listened to Patrick and Austin during their Giant Bomb days and followed them here. Waypoint Radio is currently my favorite podcast, and Danika and Rob are great too. I’m actually a former GAF member where I was a member for about 7 years. I like Waypoint a lot because the staff shares my taste in games, and I like their progressive viewpoints. It’s a great safe haven for me to escape to. Anyway, cheers and sorry I posted a wall of text :smile:


Dude, I’m in the ‘Burg. Freakin’ crazy!


Awesome! Crazy how small the world is.


Hello waypoint, I too am a fellow gaffer, and heard of you guys from Giant Bomb. All I’m looking to know is If their is a way to get too the Neogaf discord. I have the same username as I did on gaf.


No doubt. Spot on analysis of the God & guns culture in the area, as well. People around the country were surprised by Trump’s win. I wasn’t at all. Not after taking a ride and realizing that I didn’t see a single Clinton sign between here and Westernport. It’s a different world, and one that I hope the Democratic Party remembers exists next time around.


Hey there! My name is Abby, and I came from the NeoGAF exodus like a lot of others did. I enjoy film, television, books, video games, music, and things.


Hello everyone! I like games and reading about them. I’ve been listening to the podcast from the beginning and reading the forums for a while now and even if I usually don’t have much to say, I decided to create an account anyway. A little rhyme there for y’all :sunglasses:


I don’t even know where to start.

My name is She Hate Me (long story that actually doesn’t involve a woman or anyone hating me, in fact, it was a chance meeting with Spike Lee) and I have been adrift at sea since Saturday. I was at that place for over 11 years; 6 of those were spent lurking.

I’m the guy who got his video game start when I was 3 years old playing the arcade Pac Man. I LOVE Mega Man, Tetris, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy. I’ve been on my first play through of Bloodborne since the release date and has yet to finish it. Not because I’m scared, mind you. Just taking my time, that’s all. I’m a father of two, I have a beautiful wife, I live in National Harbor in Maryland, and I love music, all types.

I may not post much here (I think my total post count was somewhere near 800 over there) but I will be reading and enjoying my time here. I appreciate everyone here opening their arms to us refugees.

I hope we don’t disappoint you.

I hope I don’t disappoint you.


Awww yeah. Diggin that Hellboy avatar.


I’m a bit of a prat and didn’t consider the implications of the word. Thank you pointing it out. I’ve amended my introduction and my thinking. Thank you.


Hey all! I’m NumberThree, one of those GAF people. I’m mostly a lurker type, but I figured I should at least post here first in case I end up wanting to post somewhere else - I’ve been reading the forum for the past day or so and really like what I’m seeing!

As for how I ended up here; I’ve known Austin and Patrick since their respective stints at Giant Bomb, Danielle since she joined Idle Thumbs and there was even a period when I listened to Rob’s 3MA. With Waypoint itself I’ve mostly stuck to reading articles, but I’ll try to make room in my podcast schedule for Waypoint Radio - I’ve definitely enjoyed the few episodes I’ve listened to!

(Add Crate & Crowbar on top of the ones I’ve mentioned and you’ve pretty much got my gaming “follows” covered)

I like immersive sims, Nintendo, narrative experiences and cool indie games.

Outside of games I’m into synthesizers (and music made with them), goth music (and people who are into goth music) and cats.


The name’s DudleyBoi,

I chose that name because I’m a huge fan of Dudley from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. SF3 is also my favorite Fighter of all time. I also own way too many arcade sticks (Sanwa all the way).

Anyway, I love videogame and general technology news and discussion. I love PC gaming in particular and am a huge PC hardware nerd.

As many have come to state, I came to these forums due to the NeoGaf controversy and Exodus. I’ve been enjoying my time here so far and hope to be a regular. As a side note, before NeoGaf was my mainstay, I frequented the PS3Insider forums (my forum name was originally Gaming Guru, then changed to Newboi), which then became PSINext, and later merged with E-mpire forums.


Hello all.

Yet another UK based ex-Gaffer here. I like VR, RPGs, Sci-Fi, Music, and Horror, among many other things!

I also like the vibe here; think I’ll stay awhile and listen.


Thanks! Big Hellboy and BPRD fan. I dig your Daredevil one.


Thanks man! It didn’t center like I’d have liked, but I dig it.


Hello, Waypoint.

I’m yet another displaced NeoGAFfer. I struggle at thinking up user names, and then instantly regret them.
I also like to sit around all day, reading a book, and acting as if I don’t care.


this is seb from GAF (and France but that’s irrelevant). I would call me a lurker but I eventually got a couple hundred posts over the past 10 years. I can’t believe I’ve been on GAF for so long. I have no idea what Vice or Waypoint is, but I’m willing to find out.
Also, this forum software is phenomal. I wonder if it would scale to tens of thousand of people but right now it’s pretty good.

ps: Neogaf interface is back on at the moment… just seeing the logo… the feels ;_;


Hi, another former NeoGAF member here,

I was out this Saturday and returned right as the whole mess was ramping up. I’m sad NeoGAF is gone now, as it was the only gaming forum I felt safe at. I had Waypoint recommended to me a few times, so decided to check it out - at the very least for a temporary refuge. It’ll take some getting used to, but the people seem nice enough here. ^w^

Love the pronouns in profile and enforcement of them btw! <3


Hello, fellow GAFfer here, although I didn’t post a whole ton while I was a member, here at these shiny new forums for a good time, City Pop, and hoping someone alerts Kurita here so he can start a new Japanese Music Thread, lol.


Hellow everyone, I"m hoprealm and i’m from france, 23 years old and love video game since I was 5
I also love anime, manga and movie.

I love rpg, hack n’slash and fighting game.