Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello, Herb Alpert here, 38 years and counting, 3 kids, I live in France near paris and work as a stage lighting technician for TV or concerts. I love gaming but don’t have a lot of time to. I mainly play on Nintendo platforms (and have been for the last 25 years). I am one of those stranded NeoGAF users who discovered the mess yesterday morning and is just searching for a new “home”!


Hey all! Name’s EchoSmoker. I’ve been following the game industry for years through Reddit, NeoGAF, YouTube, Polygon, Giant Bomb, and now Waypoint. I’ve always been a lurker on those sites but I’m going to try and participate more in this forum. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of thoughts but never enough motivation to share them. I’m trying to change that.


Hiya. I actually never did get that Neogaf account (no valid mail), but I still lurked there for the last 3 years or so. To the point where i don´t really know where to go on the internet now :confused:

Anyway, í´ve been visiting Waypoint anyway for the articles and I like it a lot so might as well try this forum thing and see how it goes. Cheers


Hi everyone! I am one of those former NeoGAF users (who has spent longer on that forum than I’d care to admit). I like the look of Waypoint and its community and I’m excited to jump in! I love retro games, animation and I enjoy listening to both rap & country. Nice to meet y’all!


People have been asked to stop calling themselves refugees its super not cool.


I apologize @Frostily, I didn’t see that but I have changed my post accordingly.

EDIT: Here’s the notice


Hi, all, I’m Bronxsta. 25, from New York. One of the ex-GAFfers who found his way to Waypoint. I was very active over there, in regards to discussion on indie games and podcasts, and looking forward to sharing such discussions (and on game design and movies and such) on Waypoint. The community and level of discussion is very much up my alley, since I always enjoy thinking about the how and why of game design and mechanics


Hello, I’m Devin. I’m a programmer living in Portland. I was a NeoGAF poster, but not a frequent one. This seems like a great community, and I think I’ll enjoy it here.


Hey all. My name is ken. I’m 26 and from Florida. I was a member on gaf since before the PS4 came out. Admittedly I lurked more often than i posted and i hope to change that here. I’m a fan of Vice content and since I looked into who runs the site and contributes content , i’m excited to be here. The Waypoint Radio podcast seems dope and this website’s aesthetic is dope. Props all around :trophy:


hi, the name’s jamal. i’m a writer living in bushwick. as i’ve grown older, i found myself enjoying indies more and more. they’ve got the biggest risks, the most inventive narratives, and the most stunning artwork.

i still really want a switch tho.

edit: add me (newgamewhodis) on steam if you want to help me with my ongoing rocket league addiction.


Hey! I used to be a heavy NeoGAF user, and was on there for good five years. Loved the community out there, and hope to find more awesome people on here. I am currently an engineering student in Oregon, and will probably graduate in a couple of years. Will be probably stick around, and maybe even join the new forums being built by former mods of NeoGAF and use both forums. Enjoying the lovely modern interface so far.


Well hello then. NeoGAF lurker (ex user, got banned), Italian, barman, 25 years old, I sometimes make videoclips or short movies with my girlfriend.
Big Nintendo fanboy, but I play on almost everything. I love both geeking and partying.


Hi I am Ben. I think my question was one of the first ever to be pulled from the question bucket.
I live in Japan. My Japanese wife hates gaming and I only get to play games from 5 am to 6am in the morning.
Regardless, I try to play as much as I can on PC and Nintendo Switch.


Hi, I’m andymcc. My name here is/was also my GAF name.

I love retro games. Esp. Japanese ones. You’ll see me aggressively defending SEGA in 16-bit topics. :smiley: I’m currently working on a retro-influenced game with some close-knit friends.

I also like dogs (I have three!). They’re a hobby and a lifestyle I guess.


Heyo! I’m 28 y.o living both in Indonesia and Singapore because of work. Long time Vice reader and a gamer. So I think Waypoint and its forum fit perfectly. I love JRPGs and silly kart games. Hoping to join some great discussions here :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m another Gaffer looking for a life-raft in the sea that is the internet.

I’ve followed both Patrick and Austin for a good while and so I guess its surprise it took this to get me to join the forum, especially given i was here for the podcast and the website articles (via feedly) from day one.

This whole thing has reminded me again of the fragility of internet communities. I mean a major part of my neogaf usage was in terms of the AnimeGAF anime community and how with neogaf gone so suddenly theres no real way from us to all just move somewhere else when there’s little connections beyond forum handles.

Coming from a tabletop RPG background its probably unsurprising that I’m mostly into western rpgs, adventure games and some strategy for good measure. All niches that are I guess underserved or are lost under the hype of all the AAA games as a service multiplayer shooters and the like.

Oh yeah…I’m from Australia.


Hi, hello, I’m another Australian joining this community just wanted to make an introduction before contributing to others conversations. Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Howdy folks! 28 year old higher education worker here, based out of good ol’ NYC. Been following Danielle, Patrick, and Austin for a long while now and didn’t even realize Waypoint had forums! Good going, self. I play a lot of online games–particularly MMOs–and have a lot of feelings about communities and how they form in various MMOs. Hoping to get some stuff goin’ shortly. Nice to be here!


Hi everyone! My name is Hussain Almahr, I’ve written for waypoint as freelance writer. I’ve signed up when this first came up, but never really posted. I love what waypoint is all about and excited to be apart of the forum community more!


Hi! You can call me Rini, I’m a 26 mtf trans individual from Mexico. I like different kinds of games with an inclination for RPGs and weird stuff like LSD Dream Emulator and Garage Bad Dream Adventure. Let’s be friends. :slight_smile: