Oy, introduce yourself!


Podcasts were a joke. I stumbled upon one in 2006 called Computer Gaming World Podcast or CGW Radio, owned/hosted by 1UP; a now defunct publication company. The editor-in-chief of CGW Magazine, Jeff Green opened the podcast with this quote: “Hello and welcome to the first and probably last ever CGW podcast”, the first episode was hosted by Garnett Lee, Darren Gladstone, Shawn Elliott and the aforementioned Jeff Green. Garnett Lee now works at Amazon, Darren Gladstone now works at 2K, Shawn Elliott now works for Arkane Austin and Jeff, well he’s on Twitter writing dad jokes and just generally being awesome. This was the beginning of gaming podcasts, and a pointed shift in video game culture.

This was the time people would argue the nuance of video games or computer games, since I was a CGW reader it’s not hard to know where I fell in that argument, messageboards were chaotic and honestly childish things but as these writers of video games grew so did the community, the birth of Kotaku, the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, the tragic passing of Ryan Davis, the shutting down of 1UP, Gamespy, Joystiq are all marks in the timeline of gaming culture and critical points in people’s lives that were now in our ears every week with podcasts.

For me, CGW Radio Podcast introduced me to critical thinking of games, talking for no less than 40 minutes about review scores when Shawn Elliott gave Crysis an 8 out of 10 and was criticised for it at length across dozens of message boards. Games were no longer a way to waste time for me, it was apart of my commute to work, something I listened to on Saturday mornings when I made breakfast, we grew up with these people.

I legitimately cried when Ziff Davis, parent company of 1UP, closed its doors because suddenly all the people I grew up with lost their jobs, several went to IGN/Gamespy, others found jobs in game development, everything worked out but I had lost my community, like many others I had a NeoGAF account and I started to post on there, mostly in the OffTopic because I was getting all my gaming information and conversation from podcasts started/taken over by former Ziff Davis employees (Geekbox, Gamespy Debriefings, IGN’s slew of podcasts, Comedy Button, Rebel.FM).

Now, NeoGAF is gone, the community has completely fragmented, allegations of sexual misconduct towards the owner, the moderators left due to yet another scandal on the website and did not want to wait around for an owner that they felt would take too long to respond to such things, the community itself which knew nothing of this was simply gone.

After listening to my first ever Waypoint podcast little more than an hour ago I decided to write this, initially I was writing this as a way to get some feelings out but as I was writing and thinking I decided to change this into an introduction, a hello, to this messageboard and community. So, hello!

I know that there’s an introduce yourself thread, and I did read all the rules before even making my account, so maybe if this thread should have any intention let’s talk about podcasts, when we first started listening to podcasts, what we listen to now and such. Thank you so much


Hi, I am HeadClot,
I like Game development, VR, AR, CGI, 3D printing, and talking to people.


Yo Waypoint!!

My real name is Joe, I’m a 30 year old biracial (white/Korean) cismale that resides in Colorado. When it comes to videogames, I’m really only an enthusiast, not a professional – I don’t work in the industry.

I, like many others, am a NeoGAF transplant, but I am also a running fan of Giant Bomb, Easy Allies, SuperBunnyHop, noclip, Cloth Map, Digital Foundry, GameSpot, Eurogamer, and of course, Waypoint around the web when it comes to games coverage! I love to try and expand my way of thinking when it comes to games, and I feel a lot of the aforementioned outlets promote that endeavor in a constructive and civil way.

I like to fancy the notion that games are a medium that is capable of communicating and embodying a wide range of human experiences, even though I began my appreciation for games in awe of the escapist spectacle that the majority of them seem to pursue, but I also feel like it’s a medium that seems to be stuck in an ongoing identity crisis. I like being a participant in that ongoing conversation, trying to figure out the limits of videogames – technically, artistically, socially, politically, etc… It all matters to me, but it’s in large part because I’m so invested in the incredible emotional experience I’ve personally taken away from my time playing games for the majority of my lifetime, and I’m always eager to see people be able to express their own experiences along those lines as well. I really hope that I can better learn to celebrate and converse about games in a way that shares that appreciation in a positive light with as many people as possible, but I know for a fact that I can’t learn how to do that without first learning about and from others. I come to Waypoint forums hoping to find a base to do that. It’s a pleasure to be aboard!


I also am a sucker for other types of so-called “nerdy” media, probably most notably, but not limited to, film – I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049 three times in three weeks! I can’t get it out of my head! It might be my new favorite film of all time! I’m immediately going to go see what people around here think about it!

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I don’t have much to add, but just thought I’d drop in and say hi. I go by this username on a few forums. I’m a game programmer. I’m a big fan of Austin, Danielle and Patrick’s work over the years from other websites. I’ve been following this site via podcasts and youtube for a while, but I’d like to spend more time reading in general.

Also an ex-GAF person here. I appreciate the rules write up and am glad to see a forum with this ethos doing well.

Hi hi.


Hi, everyone!

I’m Topographic. I’m 27, I live in South Florida, He/Him/His. I’ve been following Waypoint for quite a while, and a friend said I should try out the forums, so here I am. This place seems pretty neat so far!


hiya! im rhea! im usually pretty quiet and shy but im trying to branch out a lil bit…

i like to draw and write and someday i hope i can make games!


Hey everyone!
I’m Swhalen. Love playing on all platforms.
I’ve been registered pretty much since the forum was created but I am hoping to make more of an effort to be a part of the community.


So many French peeps on here, it’s amazing! Bonjour compatriotes :smiley:


Hey folks! Newbie here going by the name of ninjabot. Been a long time gaf lurker (like, literally years) but could never actually get into the forum cause I didn’t feel like jumping through the hoops necessary to get a profile there.

Huge anime/comics/movie/video game fan here. Basically everything nerdy, I’m in to. Hope to chat with some like-minded folks as well as have a new place to get immediate info concerning all of the above, like I used to do at gaf.


Hey there, all!

I go by raye (fun fact: will sometimes autocorrect as “rate”-- the more you know). Much like a lot of people recently, long-time lurker from GAF. I always felt way too intimidated to ever post anything over there, despite enjoying the threads. Hoping to change that here with the friendlier vibe.

Obviously very big into games, but I also like writing and languages. Looking forward to engaging with the community! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m an artist who was originally inspired by video games. Hoping to work as a concept artist in the games industry before long.

Favorite games include Metroid Prime, Mega Man X, Journey, Demons Souls, SotC, Metal Gear Solid and many others. :slight_smile:


Hello, Mael here.
Yet Another One Of These ExGaffer.
French guy lost in Phoenix for work.
I’m a software guy with a specialization in models and metamodels so this is basically the hammer I use on every nail I can find.
I mostly play on Nintendo platforms, from 3DS, WiiU and Switch of course.
That doesn’t mean our Lord and Savior is not Bloodborne.
Also I’m not the type that likes to pay after the initial purchase so don’t expect me to be online much on ps4 or Switch when it becomes gated.
Most of my time is really on Mario Maker these days.
I don’t think there is a topic I haven’t found interesting so far (from sewing to racing, although I don’t care that much about anything on live tv).
I knew about Vice for a while but more recently about waypoint, I saw the light and recognized some faces so I felt like letting myself in.
Hopefully I’m here for a while.


Technically ex-GAF in that the implosion brought these forums to my attention, but I wasn’t a particularly active member over there and I’d been a reader of Waypoint since it was started.
I don’t think I actually knew that forums existed, as I do most of my blog reading either from twitter or through an RSS reader, rather than clicking around websites. Seems like a great setup though, and probably more my speed.

I’m an English teacher and translator living in Japan (been here for a bit over three years now). I’m married, and my wife and I are both American – we married back in the states before coming here.
I’ve just started getting freelance translation projects. Haven’t done any game localization (aside from taking an honorable mention in LocJam Japan at the turn of the year), but I’m hoping that I’ll have the chance to do so in the future.

I do most of my gaming in Japanese these days. Switch, 3DS, and PS4 are my main platforms. I play some games on my Macbook Pro as well, but it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card so mostly indies and stuff.
Lately I’ve been working my way through 大逆転裁判2 (The Great Ace Attorney 2), and playing a fair bit of Splatoon 2.

よろしく! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yo, I’m Spinda. While I only ever read gaf occasionally, I’ve been following waypoint for a while and the latest happenings brought these forums to my attention.

I’m a 17 year old German who’s just starting going to university for IT Systems Engineering and gaming’s been something that I greatly enjoyed for probably the majority of my life now.

Mostly a Nintendo or PC gamer, although most of my Steam Library consists of indie games (which I’ve never actually noticed until someone pointes it out to me). Recently I’ve been getting into Rivals of Aether and greatly enjoyed A Hat in Time, but I’m also getting back into The Binding of Isaac. Since I feel I never really appreciated it enough I’ve also been replaying Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which is so very good and am super looking forward to Odyssey (of which I’ve got some stuff spoiled because I am weak).


Hi, JayPi here. I’m Italian, 28 years old, he/him, never engaged directly in a community in a decade. I am a web developer, and my area of expertise is backend code. Forgive me for the bad english, but as mentioned before it is not my first language.


Are you also going by this name on the demoscene? Just asking.


Bonjour mon frère. :fr:


Hello, I’m milk. I live in Sydney, I’m 19, & my pronouns are they/them.
My last forum stint was on a… music forum. I’m very glad those days are over!
A friend of mine said to join these forums so I did!! Thank that person.


Hi folks! Former Gaffer here. I was there for a few years, although I never posted much. I’ve been lurking around here for a few days and it seems like a very nice community. I love gaming and different gaming genres. Hopefully we can have a nice exchange of ideas here!


Hi all,

I’m one of many GAF users who have left the site due to recent happenings. After listening to the most recent podcast, where the gang pretty much echoed my own feelings 100% I figured I’d swing by as I really want to be in an inclusive and progressive place to discuss games and life in general.

I’m 44 years old, am British, but live in Cambodia and work as a grade one teacher in an international school.
I’ve been gaming since pong, and love it as much today as I did as a kid all those moons ago.

Looking forward to taking part in this community in the future, thanks for having me!