Oy, introduce yourself!


It seems the British and French seem to have been a majority to make it to Waypoint ha ha. Welcome, I’m a British ex-GAF too. This forum seems pretty friendly and welcoming.


Hi everyone,

Happy to discovered this forum, always happy to talk and meet new gamers.
I have a little Xbox only site (Lifeisxbox.eu) for two years now and it is going pretty well. Never thought it would get so much visitors when I started two years ago. I have been active in writing and reviewing games for over 10 years now. That said, while I only play on Xbox you will never hear fanboy crap coming from me, I can’t stand gamers that don’t seem to talk about any sort of game in a constructive way.

Anyway, at first glance this forum looks pretty decent and I hope to have lots of great talks!

PS: I am Dutch by the way, from Belgium.


I searched this topic to see whether there are any other Bristolians on Waypoint and it looks like it’s just the two of us!


Hey everyone!

I’m Rui, just turned 21 today, studying Computer Engineering in Portugal. I already knew about Waypoint, I’ve read a few articles from them. Long-time GAF lurker as well, I’m a bit shy on online forums, but I’ll try to participate in here, the community seems kind :smiley:

I love playing JRPGs, big fan of Persona and Final Fantasy, as well as driving games.


Hey. I’m another 10+ year GAF refugee. I’ve been a fan of Patrick Klepek since 1up and Austin Walker since GB. I think the other Waypoint people are swell too.

It’s my style to lurk a lot and get a handle on the culture before I slowly start getting involved with a forum. This place seems like it’s got a good group going and I respect that.

PS: the web design / tech behind this forum is blowing my mind. I never knew how outdated GAF was…


Have you played the Legend of Heroes games? I highly recommend them as a JRPG fan :slight_smile: Either Trails in the Sky or Trails of Cold Steel.


Yo! I’m Isaac (findingsofisaac everywhere). I’m a 20 year old Australian (he/him) and I came here after my GAF friends bugged me to join them :stuck_out_tongue:.
I’m not super familiar with this particular sort of community but I currently help run a Jim Sterling fanpage on Facebook and several discord servers. I spend most of my time playing overwatch and Breath of the Wild, making videos for the interwebs as well as dicking about with my friends. I hope enough of you like me that I won’t be shunned from this community for my spicy opinions on blideo blames ^_^.


WHello. I recently joined due to being a frequent visitor of the NeoGAF forums but am sort of between communities at this time. I reside in N.J. but work in nyc. I look forward to reading and possibly participating in these threads as I have been an avid fan of the site and podcast since their inception.


Heya everyone!

This is weird! :blush: I’ve been out of the whole forum thing since the end of Jeff and Ryan’s days at Gamespot, but given how great the Waypoint podcast is and how highly they speak of this place I thought I’d give it a go :blush:

I’m from the UK and in my thirties. Video games have been a part of me since the Commodore 64 and Atari ST days. Most of my friends either don’t play video games at all, or only one or two AAA games a year. I think that’s my main reason for joining?

Anyway, much love from the UK!


I’m stupei. I’m a queer lady living in New York and playing too many JRPGs who chose a really bad few days to feel too sick to check the internet, I guess.

I still play my 3DS on the subway sometimes, but I like my Switch a lot too. Currently finishing off the DLC to The Evil Within from my backlog so that I can jump into the sequel.


I was ex-lurker of neogaf for a good 5 years. Never got an account in there but I did enjoy the read, at least here I can get an account with no issue. It’s really sad to see it good but it for the best.

I’m living in us, I like collecting Bionicle and trying to 100% game. Hopefully i can know more of you guys soon


Hey all. Been reading Waypoint and listening to the killer bi-weekly podcast since the beginning. Been following most of the Waypoint gang since their prior gigs (and, in some cases, their gigs prior to their prior gigs).

The GAF exodus gave me long-overdue motivation to switch forum homes after 10+ years over there. I’m in my 40s and have been gaming for most of those 40+ years. As a POC, Waypoint over the past year has proven to be the site and community I always hoped for but never had. So happy it exists.


Hey all!

I’m a software developer who once worked at one of those pesky facebook gaming companies but never really worked on actual games. I mostly just love to play them.

I spent a bunch of years away from games (huge mistake) but then when I worked for that company it kinda got me back into the whole thing, and more recently I got a bit back into online gaming (after like, 12 years or so lol) with Overwatch and PUBG and such, so I’m also trying to find online communities that are friendlier and nicer and don’t fit so much into the bad stereotypes associated with the gamer persona.

This seems like one of those communities, so I’m hoping for good stuff around here <3


Hello folks,

My name’s Jay. I’m a 27 year old guy living in Florida, originally from Jamaica. Been listening to the podcast since it came out thanks to following Austin & Patrick over from GB. Finally decided to sign up for the forums. See you all around :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone!

GAF’s meltdown definitely served as the impetus for finally signing up here, but I’ve been a fan of Waypoint Radio since its inception and following Austin and Patrick since Giant Bomb (and 1UP, in Patrick’s case). I love the candor of the d i s c o u r s e around here and hope to have fun talking about games, etc. with the social and media crit lens that Waypoint excels in.

My favorite game is Mother 3 except for when it’s Majora’s Mask.


hi everyone
i am old i am polish i live in netherlands
my english suck so most of the time i just lurk (yeah neogaff and shit)


Hi! Former Gaffer of ~15 years who became more and more disenchanted with the site over time. I’m super happy to have found this amazing community and look forward to the next 15 years of stimulating conversation!

I’m a current NYC resident, queer female, closing in on 40 years old (ugh). I’ve been gaming pretty much my whole life with a predilection for Nintendo. If there is a thread about food, hip hop, or fashion, I’ll be there.



Used to hang around the Gamespot forums in the noughties, was then a gaffer for around 8 years until this weekend. Don’t post much but I like to stay in the loop and read other people’s opinions about games. The focus on inclusivity and proper journalism in a gaming context is what drew me here. As a (very) longtime Halo fan “The Complete, Untold History of Halo” was one of the most interesting pieces of videogame journalism I’ve ever read.


Hey folks, I’m Jason. I’m from Memphis. I make money letting drunk people sing. It’s pretty fun.

Lurked around most of the usual places over the last 20 years of being in cyberspace. Been evolving a whole lot personally and in game habits as well. I’m somewhat productive on twitter and twitch, all that’s in my profile. Right now I’m slowly playing through/streaming a disgusting backlog of PC games and sometimes Magic the Gathering Online.

Hoping this is a better place than the ones I’ve already been, being attached to my favorite games writing site right now is a good start.


hi!! i’m :alien: and i’m 21. i found waypoint through listening to friends at the table!! i’m video games and i’ll die for anything