Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi! I am meatdraw!
Cis-dude working with people with intellectual disabilities on Vancouver Island. I love tabletops games, CRPGs and …Destiny.When not doing that stuff I bang on vintage synthesizers, build guitar amps, and make music to keep the voices at bay! :grinning: Been enjoying the Waypoint podcast. Other fave game-podcasts are “Fave this” “The Polygon Show” and “Split Screen”


Hey everyone! ILoveCake here.
I am one of the many who have abandoned the ship that is NeoGAF. Have always enjoyed Waypoint from afar, its always seemed to be a bastion of good stuff and good people. I love my PS4, love my Switch and just love games in general.
Cheers Waypoint for staying cool amidst the madness of 2017!


How’s it going everyone, I’m Chzcake_assasin, 30 yr old Brown guy in Florida. Finally gave in and trying a forum community again.


Hi! The name is Mika, 36 yo French but I’ve spent the past 11 years living and working in England where I’ve settled, married the woman of my life and had a beautiful baby boy (lil’sister on the way, due date estimated for the 1st January).
As a very busy dad with a 50+ hours/week job I am struggling to find the time and energy to enjoy gaming as much as I used to but I really like reading about the media and the industry as a whole.
I have been lurking on Neogaf since the WUST days. The whole situation over there last weekend made me realise how much time I was spending just reading OP’s and Threads and the fact that I was always participating to these only in my imagination. Hopefully I will be able to start contributing to the discussion here instead of reading from the sidelines.

I mostly enjoy playing retro games these days and love to tinker with emulators and front ends. My main platform for the past 25 years has always been a Nintendo system and I love the simplicity of their games.

Anyway, here I am. I have looked around the forum before signing up and I really feel that this is a really special place where I will be able to share, learn and discover.


Hola folks, I am Hilbert.

I love Horror novels, quilting, cooking, mathematics among other things. I also came from GAF, I always tried to be positive over there, and hope I continue that here.

Father of 2, come from a family of 7, live outside Seattle and love the pacific northwest!



My name is Will and I am a New Zealander living in Australia. I like fencing, and hanging out with my one-eyed cat. I have been a long-time fan of Waypoint but it has taken me this long to decide to finally join the forum :grimacing:


Heyo friendos,

My name is Sam and it’s nice to meetcha!

I’m a 21 year old Oregonian brown and (pre-everything/figuring everything out still) trans college student kinda floating right now cause I’m trying to figure out my life in many different ways. Though if anything I have a major interest in film/editing so we’ll see where that goes.

I’ve known about Vice since high school but had no clue that Waypoint was even a thing until the GAF situation and have always wanted to get more into some kind of forum and try to get better at the whole talking with people about hobbies thing. This place seems pretty friendly so why not haha.

I’ve loved games all my life and am very fond of JRPG’s, interesting indies, japanese games in general, crazy character action games, and horror games.

Some of my favorite games include Devil May Cry 3, Silent Hill 3, Bayonetta, Nier, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Max Payne 2, and Fatal Frame 2.

I also have major interests in anime even if my backlog will never end (Perfect Blue and Kino No Tabi are perfect imo), film (tend to love all kinds), and music (mostly shoegaze, old j-pop, and game OST’s).

I do my best to be friendly and though I’m shy I’m gonna try this out and I’m looking forward to discussing things with you all! :slight_smile:


I’m Aysir - a lifelong gamer (at least 3 decades worth) and writer. I’m mostly PC these days and FFXIV is my current timesink. (Just started Destiny 2 as well though :stuck_out_tongue: )


Whats up!

I go by FudgeDragon in most places. I’m 23 and currently studying journalism and non-fiction writing. I’m from Australia and I’m currently unsure whether to feel good about that fact or not. I’m a big Sci-Fi nerd and love good books amd films as well as… you guessed it. The videogames.

Right now I’m on the come down after a fast and furious stint with Destiny 2. Enjoying The Evil Within 2 and dabbling in FFXIV. I have also (shamefully) become very addicted to one of those darn mobile games the kids love… Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Its actually a suprisingly good RPG with the requisite shitty buisness model.

So yeah that’s me I guess. Hopefully I’ll see you all around!


My name is Guillaume, another GAF stray. I’m from France, have been working in the animation industry for the past 12+ years and have been a gamer for twice as long. I’m currently playing Hollow Knight and enjoying it a LOT. Probably my goty.




My name is Mika, here from Gaf but have listened to the podcast since the start as well as following Patrick and Austin from GB

I am a trans female (but just refer to me as female) and I loooove what I see of this forum so far, how I didn’t already join it I have no idea.

I also makes games, test games, and DM d&d. Oh and make music, I’m very creative !


Hello all,

I’m morpen but you can call me Nathan if you want. I don’t really try to be anonymous, so it won’t bother me if you call me by my real name. I got here after hearing Austin mention the forums on the most recent waypoint radio, and the huge influx of GAF users, so I thought I’d check it out. I’m a huge fan of friends at the table, which led me to Austin’s twitter, which led me down the Waypoint rabbit hole.

I’m 21, live in rural Georgia (USA, not the country), and am a software developer. If you want a fun fact about me, I currently have 9 siblings. 5 are biological, 1 (soon to be 2) are adopted, and 2 are foster children. My family has been fostering for around 10 years now, and we’ve seen about 200ish kids go through our home.

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Heroes of the Storm, but I’m a huge sucker for open-world AAA RPGs (I 100%ed Far Cry 3 and 4, Shadow of Mordor, and Just Cause 3 in the past year or so)

That’s about it I think. If anyone wants to chat, or just have someone to talk to, feel free to DM me or seek me out on whatever platform you use; I’m not hard to find.


Hello, I’m a proud gay man living with a husband and a cat in Sao Paulo Brazil, age 45, been gaming since the old days of pong, owned an Atari2600, Sega’s Mega Drive and Dreamcast, PS2/3/4 my interest for films and gaming led me to work with computer animation. Peace and Love! :slight_smile:


Hi all! I’m 19 years old and (very) soon to be 20, I live in Belgium (The Dutch part), I like watching anime and I’m a pretty big weeb, also pretty try-hard edgy. Currently learning French, trying to get back into Japanese (I kinda lost motivation for it, since I realized actually living there would be terrible, but planning to get back into it). I really like playing strategy games like EU4, Sins of a Solar Empire, Civilization, but also JRPGs and normal RPGs. I kinda like games of all genres and I’m pretty open-minded. I don’t really have a favourite game but I have some games I love, like: Ratchet & Clank (This pretty much got me started with gaming when I was a kid), Persona 4: The Golden (This game got me through a part of life where I was just bored with life, I’d always look forward to get to bed and just play an hour or more before sleeping. I’ve never felt more attached to characters than the ones in this game), and Dark Souls (I bought this at €59,99 not really knowing anything except that people praised the game, I just liked the box the game came in and it had an artbook so I made an impulse purchase. It’s the game that got me to appreciate more difficult games). Yeah this is getting pretty long so I’ll just end it here, also if anyone wants to play games on Steam with me, like the ones I mentioned above or Don’t Starve Together, Rocket League or Overwatch, please send me a pm! I need people to play games with. Do mind I am pretty bad at all of those games.


Hello, My name is Brian, but thats a really plain common name so you can call me rahxegelion. Its a combonation of my two of my favorite anime rahxephon and Neo Genesis Evangelion. I listen to the podcast and really like the personalities. I feel like I would like being apart of this community. I live in the US. I’m in my 30s. See you around :wave: :smiley:


I’m DustMonkey (Dylan in real life)!

I’m a huge fan of Waypoint and inclusive spaces centered around games :slight_smile:

I’m a highschool teacher, a writer and a human being – trying to learn to be more joyful.

Thanks for having me!


Hey there! I’m Aleks, goggilation for short! I’m a UX designer from Sweden.

Came to waypoint since I always loved how both Austin and Patrick had a very distinct way of discussing games.

I am, of course, a big fan of games and the subjects surrounding them. A fan of sprawling open worlds as much as tight narrative experiences. Right now I’m mostly sitting around waiting for Odyssey to show up at my door.

Haven’t been a part of a forum since I was a teenager discussing materia combos on the Swedish Final Fantasy forum. But I’m super pumped to see what I’ve been missing out on!

See you out there in the threads!


Hello, in Darth Pinche (Ed in real life) and was on GAF for close to 10 years, sorry to see it go the way it has. But community is where you find and create it right? I’ve been playing games since Pong, my first console was a Magnavox Odyssey 2, first pc a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, and many computers and systems since… Currently making my way through Mass Effect Andromeda as a test of my endurance. When I am not working or playing video games, I tend to be out mountain biking. Thanks for having me here!


Howdy! Ahh…yet another former gaffer here. I listen to Waypoint regularly and listen to Idle Weekend as well.

I’m a 34 year old married queer lady living in the great state of Texas for the next 22 days then Oakland for…maybe…ever. I have been gaming a little less these days as I was funneling money into paying off my student loans. With that behind me and a move to a city with no friends or family, the gaming will probably uptick quite a bit! I listen to loads of music and frequent as many shows as I can although I am now the old person wearing earplugs for safety. I look forward to making this place my new forum home. :slight_smile:


Hi!! I’m Max (or Bliss, blisszwizard on Twitter) and I’m a 20 year old male/nb/idk person from Germany! I have been following Austin’s stuff for at least 2 years now and I’ve read Waypoint since day 1. I’m only now signing up here because I’ve started looking for LGBT+ communities (especially in video games) which gets kinda hard sometimes if you’re not American (at least I feel like that). :cherry_blossom: