Oy, introduce yourself!


I can at least pronounce Brian :joy:


Hello everyone! I’m 30 years old, been gaming since I was 4, I also enjoy watching wrestling (especially 80s and 90s), and metal music. I lurked at GAF Since 2013, and am very passionate about gaming.


Hello, another former GAF member here (though I haven’t actually posted there in years, largely just lurked). I am a 34 year old disabled woman who has been playing games on various consoles since I was about 5, but nowadays I game mostly on PC, and occasionally 3DS. I play way too much Dark Souls :upside_down_face:.

I can’t promise that I will ever be the most active member, but it is still lovely to have a place to be able to discuss games with people who aren’t competing to see who can be the biggest dumpster fire imaginable (looking at you most other game forums).


Howdy! So, I typically go by Nurru (games) and Nvll (developer/professional). I’m in my thirties, so I’ve been around various communities for some time. I helped run the Stronger Than All league back during the HL/Quake days, I was an active contributor to Elitist Jerks for a long time, and these days I tend to bum around among indie dev friends and FFXIV discords.

I ended up following Waypoint when I saw they managed to combine bot some of my favorite personalities from Giant Bomb and Idle Thumbs. i was never a gaf member, but I bet I know some folks here somehow.


Hi. I’m Derek. Finally getting around to signing up the forums after following Austin to Waypoint. 25, 26 in like two weeks. He/him. I’m on twitter @anarchistprince.


Hi there folks.

I’m phisheep everywhere online, so you’ll know who it is if you see me elsewhere. Just planting a few flags following the shenanigans at GAF, which has been my home for the last ten years or so - I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket again just in case.

I’m a 60-year-old shopkeeper, gaming and programming since approximately the year dot and with a stupidly huge number of interests including, in no particular order, philosophy, law, mediaeval history, banjo-playing and making jewellery.

Glad to be here, seems a nice place,


Welcome, phisheep! Always good to see you.


Hey now! My name is Micheal, an I’m from West Philadelphia. That same one from that Will Smith show! I spent the last few years on GAF, dipping my toes into some subjects, but after the recent events, don’t want to spend my time in that community. I have a very personal relationship with Earthbound (Mother 2), hence my handle. And my mistress, Monster Hunter :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Don’t tell Earthbound… So any topics that have discussions surrounding those games I will probably be a part of them. I also play a lot of fighting games, just none of them very well. Hope to talk to some of you soon!


Hey, my name is Mark. Since all the GAF drama happened I figured I’d head over to Waypoint and ResetEra. I was always a big fan of Patrick and Austin so it seemed like a no brainer to join a community with similar views. Kinda weird to move forums after 10 years on GAF, but so far so good.

I’m from Canada and a huge Nintendo fan. Trying to get into programming so it’s cool to see an a few indie developers here.

Hope to have some good conversations here! :slight_smile:


How do I join the waypoint discord?


Hey! I watch Waypoint on twitch when I have the time and figured I’d head over to the forums. As you can tell from my username I spent lots of time in arcades during the '90s.

Hoping to get some good conversation out of this place, as well as maybe finding non-trash people to play some online games with.


Hey everyone! ajman is just a combo of my name and part of my last name, so call my AJ! Been following Patrick Klepek (sorry if it’s misspelled Pat!) since he joined Giat Bomb and been following him since. So glad he and Austin are working together and wish I knew about Danielle’s great writing sooner.

I have been working in the games industry for a few years at a publisher and am looking for the next gig. I will gladly talk about my time at a game publisher, what it’s like to work on the Switch, and the joys of QA.

Have a great day!


Hi I’m Nikko, I’m @nikkoguy on twitter. I’m a 25 year old animator, ex newgrounds kid now working at titmouse. I’m trying to pick up game development as a hobby. Nice to meet you all!


I’m Timesplitter and know Austin en Patrick from Giant Bomb and like their stuff and what they do so finally signed up for waypoint. I’n not much of a big poster more a reader so that is primarily what i will do.

Ps. English is not my main language so forgive me for my grammar mistakes.

With regards


Helly my name is Squiddo (13rucie on some other platforms or Twitter) a former gaffer who got here due to some recommedationa i saw online.

This forum and it’s community looks quite nice and that’s what gor my interest. Anyway i am a super huge Nintendo fan and even got a few tattoo’s (Midna and Wolf Link currently got appointments for Squid Sisters Marina and Midna + Midna’s Humanois form together).

Games turned me in how i am today and made me cope with ADHD and tough periods in my life.

Also i am a freaking huge Splatoon fan it already surpassed Zelda for me lol. Anyway i love games even outside of nintendo. And am happy to be part of this community.



Hello all, I’m Christian. 30-something attorney from the DMV (DC\Maryland\Virginia).

I have not been a part of a community since my Socom clan days, but I like what Waypoint is doing so I figured I’d stop lurking.

I’ll play anything with a good story (Deadly Premonition - GOAT), but I am a little behind. Currently playing Bloodborne, AA: Dual Destinies, and Skyward Sword.

I look forward to discussing the latest and greatest with all of you.*

*In about 8 months when you’ve moved on



My name is Gavin. I hail from Scotland and have been playing games since the Philips G7000 was a thing. I am currently playing Hollow Knight and Stellaris and watching the new 'trek in between.



Hello everyone, I’m Murph. I’m 30 from rural CO, a dropout from a game design program in Denver and fell into working for an ISP and now I work as a Systems Specialist for a school district (which is mostly ignoring teacher requests for an iPad while I build and maintain the network, wireless, surveillance, etc).

I got here by way of following Austin and Patrick after being a Giant Bomb reader/listener/watcher since 2010. Since my name in the forums is Murph you might deduce that I sniped it day 1 of the forums and proceeded to never post anything… until now.


Hello all,

I’m Clovers, from the UK. I keep my name private because my job is a Secondary School Computer Science teacher. I love my work and I love games, especially when I can combine the two and use video games to help teach my students.

Favourite games are strong story based games and exploration based games. Bastion is my favourite game ever and one of the first to make me cry. Danganronpa is my favourite series of games.


Hey folks I’m Matt aka mattsmithmakes on twitter, IG, whatever. I’m a freelance illustrator and designer and I’ve never been on a forum before that often because they are pretty much all scary and mean. I’m hoping this is the exception!