Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi! My name is Matt. I’m 34 years old, bi, from NJ, and a cis male. I’m also a college student, because I royally fucked up my 20s. I’m hoping to rebuild my life into something less awful.

I’m a former Destructoid user and current Giant Bomb user, with a little Polygon thrown in. I followed Patrick and Austin here, and I love the inclusive atmosphere, so I’m giving Waypoint a shot.

I’ve been gaming since the late '80s, and my favorite game is either Red Dead Redemption or Earthworm Jim 2. (Yes, I said 2.) I’m currently playing a lot of Destiny 2 and Overwatch on PS4.

That’s-a me! Let’s be pals. :pizza:


Hi everyone, I’m num, short from numfanklewhat since it’s apparently too long and hard to pronounce. I’m a hobbyist game developer (although i secretly wishes and working hard for it to be my fulltime job) from Indonesia. I love video games. Looking forward to meet awesome people here, and to lurk =D


Hey all, I’m Jordan, a Scottish twenty five year old guy trying to work out what he wants to do with his life after dropping out from a games development course several years ago because it turns out that programming is very, very difficult and frustrating if you have zero experience, especially if you’re also one of those people who was always better at creative subjects like art and design and English rather than straight mathematics or computing. It was at least worthwhile to learn what goes into making a game and appreciate them more, to realise how much better I am at design than anythign else, to make new friends during a bad period of my life and for the hilarious memories, like that time I spent weeks making a game for an assignment only to scrap it entirely the day before it was due to be handed in, start over from scratch and make another one overnight like a mad man.

Anyway, been meaning to make an account here for a while now as I prefer smaller, quieter communities where I feel like conversation is more focused, which is why my only other account for a forum is on Reddit where I spend pretty much all my time exclusively on the Metal Gear Solid sub-reddit still talking about MGSV, which is probably my favourite game ever. (It must be after the obscene amount of time I’ve spent playing and the hours of my life I’ve spent talking about it!)

This year has been so overwhelming for amazing games that it’s impossible to keep up with them all, even as someone who only plays games on his PC, DS and Switch, but it’s amazing to think that, between the three platforms, many of those I’ve played have been straight up masterpieces that I’ve either kept playing or still think about and will continue to do so when 2017 is over. Nier: Automata, Resident Evil 7, Night in the Woods, Metroid: Samus Returns, TLOZ: Breath of the Wild, ARMS, etc. and right now I’m playing Super Mario Odyssey. Madness!

That’s me, see you all around!



I wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

My waypoint hobbies are:

Building PCs
Playing games (mostly strategy)
Miss having the time to devote 100+ hours to a game
Started paying attention to Waypoint when Rob and Austin were on.

My none-game life is:
Two kids (under 3)
white collar job but didn’t finish school until I was 30

I generally like the “waypoint” mindset but, from time to time, would like a little bit of focus on game development as opposed to the “gamer” culture. I liked the podcast where Manveer was on as opposed to an whole episode about some message board. I’ve always enjoyed Austin’s thoughts on games and think that three moves ahead is the best gaming podcast I listen to.

Keep up the good work.


Hi everyone,

I’m Jacob. Looking for good spaces on the internet to talk with good people. Love the Waypoint podcast and decided to see what the forums are all about. My user name comes from my good dog, who is also the best dog.


Hey everybody!

My name is Kenny, I’m a 29 year old who spends too much time playing Overwatch despite having a massive backlog and I just learned how to quickly scroll to the bottom of really long threads.

When Austin got hired at Giant Bomb my response was “wait - the guy that wrote that Animal Crossing thing?” It’s been really cool to follow his career since then and that’s part of why I like Waypoint so much. I ended up finally signing up for an account here after Neogaf died (RIP Neogaf) even though I never actually had a Neogaf account, I was just a permanent lurker. I decided I was done lurking and wanted to put myself out there more and I hope the Waypoint forums will be a fun place for that.


Hi Everyone!!

I guess I go by vehemently on here! I’ve been an avid listener of Waypoint Radio since I was introduced to it, and figured I should start engaging more with both the community and the written work on Waypoint more! I am slowly being more conscious in dealing with some of the awful injustices all across society. I am… a trans girl, I think. (You know how this goes.) I’m white, half-Jewish :star_of_david:. I’m pretty young (college student as of writing) and grew up in a middle class.

I like video games and hate myself! I’m really tall! I’m really pretentious! I use exclamation points to hide the crippling depression inside! I have a lot of anxiety. I use emoticons because I think it imbues a level of softness to conversation. :blush: I like old arthouse movies, hummus, and when people try their best. I try to enjoy all kinds of music and literature and film and games and so on and so on because this enriches my life! I try to enjoy everything :slight_smile: :sunflower:

In video games, I like: emergent systems, player agency, cyberpunk, non-violent play, mechs, pretty girls, creative storytelling, and jazzy soundtracks! :smiley:

pls b nice 2 me i luv u all goodbye


Hi I’m Leeps. I found waypoint very early through their podcast, as I was looking for a “Deep look” style podcast that dug into games. Really enjoyed it and ended up here after they mentioned it on the pod. Love the work and makes me think. Keep doing that.


Hello! I’m Michael, mid-20/s fellow. Been listening since episode 1 after I heard that Match 3 was ending, and I decided to finally join after the idea of being in a Wapoint Destiny 2 PC clan was more tempting than social anxiety lol.


lol, lovely:grin:


Hi! I’m a 19 year old computer engineering student from Romania, and I’ve been playing and (mostly) loving video games since, well, as far as I can remember. I also read and watch stuff sometimes.

Story-focused games some of my favourites (the Ace Attorney series is my favourite games series, period), and this year has had a bunch of amazing games in that regard: Divinity:Original Sin 2, Danganronpa V3 and Night in the Woods are probably my top 3 games this year, and there’s still a lot of games i haven’t played/finished, like TNC and NieR.

I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for a few months now, and I love it! Keep up the good work!


Hi, I’m Marcelo, 36yo, currently teaching game art/design at UC Santa Cruz and working on 3D character art otherwise. A good friend recommended I join the forums/Discord/Destiny clan for some good people to talk and play games with, so here I am!


Hello everyone! Been hovering around the site ever since following Austin and Patrick over from Giant Bomb but haven’t posted before really. It seems like it’s become more active lately so I’ll try and stick around more!

On the internet I’m staff at fansite Zelda Universe, actually I just wrote a Mario Odyssey review this week. Probably I will hang around the Nintendo and anime discussions here the most.


Normally I don’t do these introductory type posts, but, I really want to try and put my best foot forward in this forum, so let’s give it a shot.

I’ve been gaming for somewhere in the range of 28-30 years. I cannot remember exactly when it started but I got my first console, the NES, the day after I got out of the hospital following a major trauma. My first game was the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt combo cartridge. That began an obsession that has more or less ruled my life since.

My proudest gaming moment was winning the Super Starfox Weekend Competition at my local Walmart. Nintendo sent the winners of the various contests nationwide really cool flight jackets. I’ve never worn mine but somehow managed to damage the inside lining during one of my various moves, but still, it’s something that I’m probably overly proud of and I cherish the memory.

Beside videogames I have a variety of other interests such as NHL hockey, running, pets, professional wrestling, anime, (mainly older shonen series), manga, murder mystery novels targeted towards middle aged women, fantasy novels, and science fiction novels.

My favorite game genres are WRPG, 2D fighters, and platformers, but I’ll play just about anything.

Looking forward to being here more often!


Been on here for about a week and just noticed this. I don’t retain forum navigation easily, but I’m learning!

My name is Patrick and I’m a 19 year old journalism student. What is more relevent though, is that I’ve been gaming all my life! My first game ever was Spiderman on the original Playstation. Laughable, but it introduced me to the wide world I hope to one day call my profession.

My favorite kind of game is one that sucks me into a world and gives me agency. If that sounds general, that’s because it kinda is! I play a lot of RPGs (from Earthbound to Pokemon to D&D and once even Wizard 101). Progression hooks get me in a real way, but I play lots of other games besides just those. My favorite games are probably Animal Crossing New Leaf, Dark Souls, or Dead Space. Besides games, I love music, Carly Rae Jepson, and granola bars. My twitter handle is @patomic_bomb if that’s your deal.

Nice to meet you guys!


Hey, Ethan here. I’ve been enjoying the site and I’d like to contribute a bit to the community for once. Time’s a bit tight to keep track of any forum but I think Waypoint’s would be cool and worth it. Cheers!


Hi peeps, Max/Mawd/Chups here I’ve come over from Idle Thumbs to take a look at this cool site people keep mentioning.
I’m an ex Ecology/Compsci student with two half finished degrees who is currently working for capitalist overlords in my local Chamber of Commerce as an Office Admin/Events Organiser. I live in Nu Zullund, home of socks and sandles, meat pies, and calling everyone ‘Cuz’. Good things and prrrrroblematic things too.

Outside all that I have an interest in thoughtful takes on games, culture, etc.
When not doing work things or lit things I’m probably fulfilling what seems to be my life goal of reading the entire internet, playing some grindy games like Path of Exile, eating marine faces in Natural Selection 2, or watching things with my boyfriend.

I’m interested in a few more things than that but they’ll come in over time. :slight_smile:
I do like community work though, one of the benefits of my job is I get to explore that, even when just limited to the wider buznuss community.

I’m not really doing much exciting more like carefully working towards building a sustainable life for my partner and I. I’m not even sure what I’m aiming for other than living well and hopefully creating something people enjoy one day.

Until then I’ll just be existing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all! My name’s Catherine. I’ve been a fan of the Waypoint podcast for a while, and decided it was time to join the forum fray! It’s been almost a decade since I’ve been active on a forum, so hopefully my replies aren’t too rusty. Looking forward to meeting everyone/new discussions, etc.


Hey there, I’m a dude in my mid 30s located near Vancouver, BC. I haven’t really been involved with an online forum of any sort in about a decade.

I also work in the game industry, though I don’t do anything interesting, so please don’t ask.

Been gaming almost as long as I can remember. Big fan of Nintendo and BioWare stuff. Though I never stick with one game for too long. Right now my current game of choice is Destiny 2, which I play with my best bud who is a member here, though not active.

I decided to come here because I’ve been following Austin and Patrick since their Giantbomb days, mostly through the podcast there. When they started working at Vice it made sense to check it out. When I checked out the forums and saw the rules front and center for things I figured should be considered pretty standard (but usually aren’t) I felt this may be a place I might feel a bit more comfortable in.

Anyway, hi. I’m in the Discord under the same name. If you ever see me playing Destiny 2 and wanna join, feel free. I’m in the Red Tree Owls clan.


Hello! :wave: :wave: I’m CandySpider! You can call me Candy, or Spider, either one works! <3

I’m trying to get back into both forums and video games after a long period of being tired of both. I have a hard time finding games that appeal to me these days, but whenever I do find one it’s an absolute joy. I hope this community will be a good place for me to talk about the things in games that speak to me! :sparkles: