Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi, I’m Daijoubu, which means “OK” in Japanese.

I heard about this site because I occasionally listen to the Giant Bombcast. I’m interested in encountering some new perspectives on gaming and other topics. Will probably just lurk for now. Have a good day!


Hello! I’m Sephorus. Pronouns are He/Him. I live in Oklahoma. I’ve been listening to the Waypoint Radio for a little bit now, and I’ve read a few articles on the site. I’ve never participated in forums before. I’m 20 about to be 21 at the end of this month. I’m not working or in school. I really love video games and hope to one day start making games myself. My favorite games are open world, rpg, artsy indie types, and management games. I have a real interest in DnD, though I haven’t played much. I’m hoping to meet people who have similar view points that I do who also have a passion for games. I usually only get one or the other, but Waypoint seems very nice. I hope we can get along.


Hello! I’m dumpsterboi. he/him 26. I followed Austin over to Waypoint from GB, but have mostly stuck to podcasts and articles. Feeling nostalgic for forums though (was really active on Cybernations and City of Heroes/Villains boards way back) so here I am.

My work schedule is wonky so I typically play bite size stuff, and am mostly drawn to roguelikes. I’ve been trapped in League since 2009 though, and have recently been checking out what I can on Switch. Currently most played titles are probably GoNNER and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Looking forward to getting to know folks!


Hey, I’m Maki. He/Him pronouns. Long time reader, first time poster. Dropping in to say hey :smile: I draw comics on the internet about science, history, and pop culture.


Hi, I’m Randy, 39, husband of 12 years, dad to a 7-year-old. I’m an American of Filipino and Austrian descent. I’m an artist, writer, and musician with a day job in fire department logistics. Cut my teeth in 1982 on a VIC-20. Started thinking and writing critically about video games in college. Been doing that 15 years now, I guess. I live and play in Oregon.


Hey, I’m Dillon. I’ve been following waypoint for a few months now and finally decided to join the forums after the last community I was in sort of fell through. I’ve never really been on a forum before, but this place seems super cool. It’s awesome to have a safe and inclusive place to talk about games and such. I’ll probably mostly just lurk though :stuck_out_tongue:


@Makinaro I love your profile pic. Darumas are my favorite.

@Sensical Welcome, fellow Filipino!


Hi y’all! I’m Selawik here and on Steam. I kinda found Waypoint randomly and am so happy that there’s a community of progressive folks, awesome podcasts twice a week, and great Twitch streams. Austin and company, thank you so much for all you do.

Anyone interested in playing PUBG or other multiplayer games? I’m hoping to play PUBG with other chill, Waypointian (is that a word? what’s the right word?) folks. Cheers!


:wave:t2: everyone. I’m Jacopo (but it seemed appropriate to pick up a wacky username for this forum and I went with BOTH Murakami and cyberpunk). I’m 30. He/him pronouns. Italian origins but I live in Norway. My “Ask me about…” nametag would say: «PODCASTS». Also «CATS».


Hello! I’m Danjo. From Scotland and just fancied joining a gaming forum that didn’t seem to be populated by reactionaries and the alt-right.


And was also on Stripsearch! Nice to see you here! :smiley:


'Ello, 'ello lovelies! I’m Tino, and much like the rest, kinda followed Austin and of course Patrick from GB to his endeavour here. Been a silent follower, peeking into live streams whenever possible and lurking about the forums. He/him, 27 years old, living in the Netherlands. I adore how inclusive and built on respect and love Waypoint is, and it’s a community I’ll gladly contribute to. Much love to all y’all. <3


Hi, I’m Doug. I’m 39 and live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve been burnt by forums in the past, and haven’t really been involved in any for about, oh, 8 years or so, but the community surrounding Waypoint seems to be really nice so I thought I’d take the plunge.

I mostly play Nintendo, but dive into PS4 now and again if something really catches my attention.

Hope to get to know some of you a little better.


Hello Friendos, my name is Jeremy, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you have any questions about the state that everyone forgets, hit me up.

I own a Switch and a PS4, but I don’t always have time for Video Games even though I love them. I do however spend too much time watching and making movies. So I’m always down for film/TV talk. I decided to join because I need some other places to make friends with people.

Can’t wait to get to know you guys better.


Hi, everyone. My name is Kyle; I’m in my late 20s & living in Washington DC. I’m getting back into games (particularly the social scene of games audio and IRL VGM scenes as a site of fandom) as an adult & I’ve been reading Waypoint since the launch–found Austin through Friends at the Table and have been a big fan of what’s going on here ever since. I’m excited to join a community that I’ve only heard the best about, though I’ll probably be lurking for a while because of day job and all that other life stuff and the whole part about acclimating to a community online.

Looking forward to getting to know some of y’all & if you have any tips on how to make forum reading managable (e.g. RSS or the like), please let me know!


Hello all!

You can call me B. 33. Any pronoun, but most folks just do he/him, which is fine. I came to the forum early in its inception under a different handle, which I later found terribly juvenile and embarrassing, so I’m returning under a slightly less embarrassing handle.

Hope you are well




Hello, my name is Juan and my twitter is @tronotized in case you want to check it out. I don’t say much on there. I am a 25 year old person (I am unsure of my gender at the moment) and I checked out this website after watching and enjoying Austin Walker on Giant Bomb.


Yello. I have already forgotten my own username, but - without checking - it’s something like Echas-Brentum (as will be proven either right or wrong above). He/him, and basically joined the forum cause I listened to the podcasts a lot, and it’s always nice to have another forum to occasionally ramble on (and specifically cause of that thread about books like Kentucky Route Zero).

Edit: Remembered the name perfectly after all. Back of the net.


Hello! My name is Jonathan, though I still answer on the internets to Amishpriest (a 20 year old joke nickname from high school that I forget the origin of). I’m 37 years old and reside in Silver Spring, MD (near DC). Been following Austin and Patrick since Giant Bomb like many others here. I do a lot of running, so Waypoint Radio has become one of my go-to podcasts along with Idle Weekend. I really greatly admire and respect all the Waypoint staff’s work, and this seems like a great community to go along with it.

Gaming-wise, I’m more of a buy too much and play too little type. Working on Xenoblade 2 now but there’s so much from 2017 I need to go back to such as Nier, Yakuza 0 & Kiwami, Zelda: BotW, Prey (which Rob and Danielle turned me on to)…and the list goes on.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the forums!


what’s up I’m lily, 26, she/they. @spatterdocks on twitter. I illustrate & do BG paint so that’s over there as well as cat pix. I came to waypoint through being a fan of friends at the table & really enjoyed the sort of video game writing the site was geared towards so I’ve stuck around (+ decided to stick my toesies into the forums).