Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi. I’m Helga, and I’m blatantly here to grind for an invite to the discord :slight_smile:
(sorry, i’m just not really into forums and this is apparently the only way there is)


Hey Everyone,

I’ve been browsing the forums since the start of the forums, but finally made an account today. I’m glad to have finally joined the community, and have been following Austin for a long time now.

Favorite Series is the Tales Series, and I love to get lost in every one of the Dark Souls games, but I definitely think Dark Souls II is the best.



I’ve decided to finally join. My biggest hurdle honestly was coming up with a good username since as a smaller forum it has so many options!

Seems like a nice place, way more positive tone than most gaming communities on the internet too.



I thought about joining a few times, because I love Waypoint and figured people here must be great too. Not sure I’ll be very active though, I’m quite busy with my move to another country.

Nice to meet you all! A few things about me: I (still) live in Germany, loved VNs and adventures growing up and am now finding my attention span too short to play many videogames. I like knitting and making things!

My pronouns are they/them.


Hey group!

I’m lase, overall games fan and aspiring developer. Just landed a job that will allow me to work remote, so I’m hoping this will open up more time for my development efforts. I haven’t been a member of a forum community for many years, but I’m excited to hang out with the folks here now that I’ll have some additional time on my hands.


Greetings Waypoint Forum Goers!

My name is Evan, I am 32, and I am a huge fan of the site. I am a video producer and have worked in the industry for a little while now but mostly as a freelancer.

I started out as a community contributor at Bitmob, did some work over GameTrailers.com, eventually ended up at Yahoo Esports, and now with that done I am back out doing all sorts of game related freelance content in the LA area.

I figure the best conversations about games are probably happening here so I wanted to make sure and stop in every now and then to see what’s going on.

Looking forward to some good discourse and happy new year to everyone!

  • Evan


Hey everybody! My name’s Caitlin. I’m here to hang out with cool people and talk about video games since I don’t get to do enough of that irl. Can’t wait to get to know you all and make some friends!
(She/her, they/them)


Hello. I joined back when the forum first launched, but haven’t been active. So I’m saying hello again. I’m occasionally active on the discord.

I’m a hobbyist game dev living in Seattle.


Hi forums.

I’m braveplan. I like good video game communities. Waypoint seems to attract fans I’d want to be friends with so I joined.


hi! im sunny, they\them pronouns, i like the summer and videogames, playing a lot of comp games right now and having difficulty focusing on one! o well

im super gay and have four girlfriends.


Hi I’m Miles, but I go by Spacelung in online game things. I’m a cartoonist and high school art teacher and I live in Providence, Rhode Island with my long-time girlfriend, where we spend most of our time playing soulsborne games and attempting to make art happen in the toxic wastes of hellworld 201X. You can use they/them pronouns for me because what even is a gender. I ended up here via following Giant Bomb, Idle Thumbs, and Friends at the Table and being very excited to see people from all those get together to make waypoint. The only other forum I’ve really been a part of, if you can even call it that, is posting on Jeremy Parish’s Talking Time forum like 4 times in 2012 or so. Waypoint seems to have a great community and I am excited to join it!

I read a lot of comics and manga (and also draw comics), and of course play an unhealthy amount of video games! I also love Godzilla, like, a lot.

My favorite game is a tie between Metroid Prime and all of the soulsbornes.

I am milescomics on tweet hell and I also have a poorly maintained art tumblr here.

Nice to meet you all! :stars:


Howdy gamers (and non-gamers), I’m Jake. I’ve never really hung out on forums before so this is kind of a learning experience, but I did do a little blogging over at Gameinformer many years ago and some of the stuff I wrote is uhhhhhhh kinda hard to go back to.

I’ve only recently started following Waypoint but it seems like a dope place with a wonderful community of folks, and I remember liking Patrick and Austin from their Giant Bomb days and Danielle from Polygon (s/o Pickles and Alan Brickman), so it made sense to follow what they were doing.

Feel free to talk to me about games and movies, I’m a film major so I might get insufferable but I love going deep on that shit. :v:


Hi I’m Joe, doctorfawkes on most game things. I work in web development & QA in Philadelphia. Long time lurker and big fan of the streams and Friends at the Table.

Currently playing Rimworld when I want to relax (I adore city-sims and work management games - recovering dwarf fortress player), and League of Legends when I feel like hating the whole cursed world. I’m a nerd for weird tech, useless hack projects and bizarre cyberpunk futures. I’m currently in way too many tabletop games, and running my first (an Apocalypse World thing with a few friends).

Feel free to @ me if you wanna talk about anything there, or Philly stuff.


Hi everyone,

I’m Ross, go by moonspeak on the internet. I’m generally pretty deeply petrified of online interaction, but I play a lot of games and it seems like a good idea to get involved in a community and put myself out there a little more.

Anyway, I’ve been following waypoint loosely since it started and it seems like a place that would attract mostly good people. I would love to find some folk to play games with! I’m pretty deep into Monster Hunter right now and I go back to PUBG for a round or two of solos every couple of weeks.


Hey! BigNoNo here, he / him, from Israel / Occupied Palestine. I’ve been reading Waypoint for a while now, and after weeks of staring at the open forum tab in my browser, I finally mustered to strength to start writing here.

I’ve loved video games since Small Times, but I came back to modern gaming in 2012 after about a ten-year hiatus to find what I believe is still the golden age of the medium. The things I’ve seen developers do in recent years have inspired me to start making game critique of my own, focusing on the unique ways that stories can be told by games.

But I can be fun too. I play some Overwatch (entirely too much, if I’m being honest).

Other than games, I’m also a huge fan of heavy metal, and have been a heavy metal musician since my early teens.


Hey all! I’m Izzy, she/her, trans, 20s, living in Brooklyn.

I’m not exactly a new user…my boymode account is still out there. But I wanted to contribute to some of the Good Discourse that happens here, and felt like I could only do that as my real self!

So here I am!


Hello, everyone! Glad I finally decided to jump in and join the community. I’m Marcel, a 24 year-old freelance translator from Spain, and my pronouns are he/him. I’m also specializing in videogame localization in the hopes of finding a more stable form of income. Looking forward to talk with and learn from all of you!


Yo, I’ve been here since before Waypoint had a name, just kinda lurking. Let’s see, how to encapsulate me. I… will forever claim that I am the one who gave Polygon the name for their user community, Polynauts, even though I suggested it in their thread about that very topic and they summarily deny that was the source ( I have proof damnit ).

On to things that really matter, I guess. I go by Rocket Punches, with or without the space, on most online platforms (side eye to my boys over at Sony). I was a Winter 2015 Game Informer Intern, the whole writing about games thing didn’t really work afterwords but hey, I met some cool thing and got to see how garbage Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was before everyone else even knew it existed.

I dabble in making gaming props, work as a Lego Robotics competition coach, substitute teacher, and MakerSpace assistant. I draw a little, I code a little, I edit podcasts sometimes, I have an English degree, I ride a motorcycle, 3D print, 3D model, a lot of other stuff. I do stuff basically. Just stuff.

Oh, and I’m 27 and he/him so, yeah.

Help me make sense of Final Fantasy XV?

Oh, hello there… I’m a sexy camboy.
Not really, I pretty much just listen to the podcast whilst driving and wistfully remember the days of my youth where I had more than 20 mins free time in a day to play games.

Right now, it’s 11pm and I’m supposed to be composing superstar sales e-mails. Instead, I’m procrastinating heavily as you can probably tell. I am self-employed publishing a rather niche magazine which I won’t name for professional reasons.

About once a week I play video games for 10 minutes and for the rest of the time I work and look after my family. I just can’t let go of games for some reason, however, so I spend a lot more time reading about games I’ll never play than actually playing them.

I’m rambling now so anyway, nice to meet you all. Toodle pip!


hi, i read ellaguro’s article on a.l.t. and found this forum. i’m really drawn in by how nuanced and well informed the conversations are here. i have a feeling this place will be recognized as something special.