Oy, introduce yourself!


hi, i read ellaguro’s article on a.l.t. and found this forum. i’m really drawn in by how nuanced and well informed the conversations are here. i have a feeling this place will be recognized as something special.


hey everyone, i’m erica!! im here because the Weed Lord herself has been so kind and nice to me, after ive been a total doofus to them, that i figure i may as well just join the Weed Lair


Hi everyone!
My name is Dereck, I’m 27 and I live in Paris, France (not Texas).


Hey y’all! My name is Rob, but I generally go by Luno online. I’m a 27 year old white, bi dude (he/him). I’m a game designer / writer / composer who is currently out of work and extremely bitter about it and video games as a whole, so I figure it’s time to really get myself in with a group of cool people. Waypoint gives me hope about the otherwise dumpster fire of a fandom that is video games.

I live close to Boston, MA and I need more internet friends. Be my friend?


Hey names Alex, 22 he/they
I’m an artist that plays games sometimes
been marathoning the podcast lately and I’ve enjoyed it a lot so I decided to make an account.


hey i’m drew. art school grad who still draws sometimes. forever replaying bloodborne. compulsive lurker but i’m looking to be more Online / be part of a community / etc.



Hi, I’m a 27 y/o filmmaker from and currently living in New Orleans. I get here by way of poppliopals.moe. I love jrpgs (Atlus especially), strategy games and point n’ click adventure games. I’ve also seen every Gundam series at least 3 times and will get way too excited if you get me talking about it in a bar.


Hi, I’m 36 stay-at-home dad and part time writer and I’ve been reading Waypoint since the beginning but only recently got around to creating the forum account. I’m looking forward to engaging more actively with a group of people who have similar thoughts, hopes, and dreams about what video games (and other media) can be and should be. I play all sorts of games, but, am always on the lookout for interesting smaller games produced by smaller teams. He/him.


Hi everyone! I’m a 20 year old dude (he/him) studying English and Film/Media Studies. I love reading/watching/listening to games criticism or discussion, but I’ve never participated much in forums or social media, mostly due to shyness. I’d like to change that, and Waypoint seems like a nice and thoughtful community, so I’m hoping to get into some Discourse.

I like all kinds of games, but I always come back to Dark Souls, The Witcher, Skyrim, etc; I’m a huge nerd for medieval fantasy shit. I also love cliche-ridden stuff about disaffected young peopple. And I’m always trying to expand my media tastes!

Looking forward to good discussions!


Hi! I’m Nick, 25 (he/him) and I’m a high school history/social science teacher from Australia. I came to Waypoint via Friends at the Table, and a while listening to the podcast.

I’ve not been a forum person much before now, but am interested in changing that in a community that seems full of thoughtful and engaged discussion with great moderation

I play a lot of broad stuff, but only have a PC at the moment. I am an Overwatch regular when my old mates are playing and want to play more Destiny, but most of the time I play RPGs, RTSs and 4X games.


Hello, everyone, my name Is Victor, and I’m a Law Student from Brazil. I’ve listened to some of the podcast and since I’m a reader of Vice anyway, I decided to make an account.

This seems like a place that encourages polite disagreement without descending into open bigotry, which is why I’m very excited to participate in conversations here :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Kevin. I’m a dad and a dabbler who happens to make money doing computer stuff. I live in California with my wife and my daughter and the best dog.

I come to Waypoint via the Danielle/Rob/Idle Thumbs nexus. I participate in very few forums these days but this one seems to have many kind and thoughtful people, who I can always use more of.

I’ve been obsessed with video games since Combat on the Atari VCS. I play a little of everything (that isn’t multiplayer). My backlog is large and shameful. These days I am prone to survival sims and roguelikes and other such permadeath masochism.

Let’s all be excellent to each other.


Good afternoon! I’m Dr. Trogdor (yep, old internet stuff). I’m an American white dude, 34, he/him, and I’ve been a fan of Waypoint Radio ever since it started and had all those Vice Gaming Presents Waypoint naming issues in the beginning. Big GB fan, couldn’t resist an Austin and Patrick Joint, and I love who they’ve brought on board here.

Inspired to finally join the Discourse Zone after Austin’s brilliant speech at NYU.

I’m the kind of guy that will make sure he doesn’t miss a second of a GDQ, either through the livestream or VODs, even if it’s just sitting there with music playing for fifteen minutes. I do academic things and try to make some sort of dang difference.

Let’s do the talking thing! Woo!


Hey everybody-

I’m CyberbullyBilly- I’m 30, he/him. I co-own a clothing/sneaker shop out of Chicago which has been around for 3 years and change, and I’ve been married for a year and a half.

I got into Friends at the Table I think about a year ago and then he launched waypoint and I’ve been reading that for a while but for some reason today seemed like the day to join. The last forum I was active on was the anime boards on IGN when I was like 17.


Hello! I’m Ann! I’m a recently out(ish) trans lady! I’m autistic, a musician and aspiring comic book creator! As long as you don’t refer to me by masculine terms you can use whatever pronouns you want, I reckon!

I got into Waypoint and Waypoint Radio through McElroy Bros. connections (Griffin playing on their 72-hour livestream, Austin together with Griffin and Justin at Giant Bomb’s 2017 E3 show). I had known of Austin from Giant Bomb but I never really looked into him, and I thought the Giant Beastcast was premium content so I never listened to it until this year! Whoops! I have been on a binge of Austin’s #content for months now. Just finished up his run on Beastcast, working through his Quick Looks, and of course here at Waypoint! He’s a real swell chap, huh.

I haven’t been on a forum in yeaaaars. Let’s be friends!


hi. I’m vimli. I’m from Bulgaria. I’m super annoying, angsty, gay, etc. I’m a gothy punk. I’m non-binary and my life is currently super undecided. I hope yall can accept me as the “oddball” here or whatever. I’d really appreciate it since i barely have any friends and i’m not taught to properly communicate with people…like at all skldklsdlksd.


I’m tarah; American, white, early 30s, transgender, blank gender, they/them pronouns (or ve/vis/ver if you’re feeling spicy). I’m a furry/scalie artist/game developer, I struggle with self-expression, and I have a long history of not being able to stick with projects after a few weeks (I think it’s performance anxiety, mostly). I’ve had some bad experiences with forums, either by pushing my art on uninterested audiences (several times, whoops) or by picking places that simply didn’t fit me. This place seems like it doesn’t shun the opinions of marginalized folks on topics that directly concern them, which is an immediate plus.

I came to Waypoint from both Giant Bomb and Idle Thumbs, having listened to a fair amount of the Bombcast, Beastcast, and Idle Weekend prior to this. It’s genuinely great to hear takes on the media we consume that extend beyond “is it fun or entertaining enough to be worth the money?” into its inner messages, audience impact, and/or cultural value (or lack thereof).


Ayeee whatup, I’m Suga. Out over on Giantbomb as SugaSeanzy getting into arguments about Star Wars in the chat. He/Him. Born in Japan but been in America for 99% of my life. Sociology Major that is working in the medical field not using my degree. It is what it is.

I started to get into GiantBomb during 2015’s Game Of The Year and I was like “This Austin dude knows whats up about articulating his feelings for games”. I didn’t really listen to the Beascast at that time so I completely missed out on him leaving and when I found out I immediately tried to find where he went which led me to here.


Hi! I’m Joe. 29 he/they, I’m a tired dad. I’m an in-house graphic designer at large company where I live.

I drifted to Waypoint through twitter osmosis largely, with a side of Friends at the Table referentials from Adventure Zone. I’m very fond of it here already because I haven’t really found a place for video games on the internet that has fit in with my whiplash political evolution to the left over the past couple years.


Hi everyone! I’m Lilian (she/her), a graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil. I’ve always enjoyed essays and criticism about video games so, like a lot of people, I started following the site from the get-go because of Austin and Patrick’s presence in GB; that plus me being a huge Idle Thumbs fan means Waypoint now has a lot of my favourite people in games crit/journalism in one place. (:

I’m usually a lurker when it comes to forums but couldn’t help joining in after seeing such a thoughtful and positive community over here!