Oy, introduce yourself!


hi!! im eidolon. im 21, and currently navigating a change of schools/majors to study music. which, huh, when i type that out maybe isnt a great plan. but here goes nothin! i write/ produce music and do design stuff. i really want to soundtrack a game someday.

i went on forums a lot when i was younger, mostly for really specific small game communities. games fell by the wayside for few years after i discovered making music, but ive been slowly getting back into them the past few months. Waypoint’s approach to examining games played a big part in that, tbh. so after reading articles and lurking, i finally joined! this community seems really rad and welcoming and i hope to learn from y’all and not say too much dumb stuff.


Putting this here for posterity even though I’ve been posting regularly here for a month now. I’m Adam. I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m a perpetual undergraduate in his final year. I’m very regular and have been following Austin and Patrick since they started at Giant Bomb, a site which I used to love but have drifted from quite a bit since Waypoint started up. I love academic games crit, especially of big games because I’m fascinated by the messages in mainstream popular culture. I look forward to chatting to you lovely people!


Hello! My name is Richard, I live in NZ, use he/him pronouns and honestly I have no idea how I got here, probably through youtube which led to waypoint radio which led here. Looking forward to ~the discourse~


Hey I’m Tim, rastaballs is my online name (named after silicone containers I would keep various concentrates in not…something…else.) I live on a farm in rural North Texas and I’m pretty new to the internet. My interests include games (JRPGS, multiplayer shooters, diablo style RPGS) Comics/Manga/Anime (I pretty much just exclusively read Image Comics stuff and shonen/seinen manga, Mobile Suit Gundam and One Piece are some of my fav titles) and making and listening to music (I make ambient music under my full name “Timothy Allen Huntsman” and atmospheric black metal under the name “Matum.” i only record to tape but if enough people wanna hear my stuff I’ll put it online someday.) I joined this forum to meet gamers that aren’t jerks and have similar interests as myself, if you think I sound cool or have similar interests as me then don’t hesitate and try to talk to me, add me, or join me in a game, it would make my week!!

discord: rastaballs #4091
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rastaballs
PSN: Rastaballss
Epic Games: rastaballss

ps: i have a cat and a dog and they are reallyyyy cute and I love them. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I go by Holly and I’m 22, studying English and Sociology. They/Them or She/Her
I’ve been a big fan of waypoint since it got started up and it took me way too dang long to check the forums out. I’m big on strategy games, roguelikes, comics and a lot of other dorky nonsense.
I’m almost as bad at introductions as I am at forums so I think I’ll call it here.

Looking forward to hanging out with y’all!


Hey there, I’m Andrew (he/him or they/them) and I’m gonna try to be On Here since I’ve never done the forum thing before and it seems chill. I’m a New York queer and a (non-games) programmer, I’m 23 and I’m sort of a friend-of-a-friend of a bunch of people in the NY indie community. Been trying to do gamemaking a bit for a while, but really just as a hobby. I play a pretty diverse mix of stuff but largely small indie stuff, and also Sea of Thieves now I guess. That’s most of the stuff about me!


Hey all, I’m Nicky (they/them), @anti_laser on the 280 character hell site, I’m in a band called Petalfold (petalfold.bandcamp.com) and I really like weird art and video games end up falling into that category a lot so I like talking about video games too lmao. I’ve been playing a lot of JRPGs lately so I’ll probably be messing around on topics like that but uhhhhh yeah. I found out about Waypoint through Austin and Patrick being a part of Giant Bomb and following them to this but I’ve also just taken a liking to the environment of this community a whole lot so yeah! nice to meet you all


Hey y’all, just your friendly neighborhood queer poc and professional archivist (mostly manuscript collections). I also help lead a local community library that caters to people from marginalized identities.

I love to play and discuss video games. One of my buddies introduced me to Waypoint and it was a godsend in terms of the types of critical discussion I crave about games. Browsing the forums I already feel at home. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hello, everyone! I got my start in this forum with a trial by fire by participating in the forum Mafia/Werewolf game. I’m generally very anxious about joining online communities, but everything that Waypoint stands for attracted me here. Based on the interactions I’ve had so far, I know I won’t have to worry.

A little about me. I’m a mid 30’s dad working in the gaming industry who tries his best to keep up with gaming as best as he can. Lately, my time has skewed more towards tabletop gaming, mainly of the board game variety. I love a wide variety of games both of the video and board kind.

I’m also into wrestling, but due to my time being limited, can only make time for the WWE product.

I hope that I’ll be able to contribute regularly here!


Hello all -
Halsted Larsson here. I teach programming and interactive design at a charter school in Maine. In a prior life, I was 1/3rd of Final Form Games - I did most of the difficulty balancing and much of the enemy programming on Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony. Suffer from pretty severe ADHD. If anyone has questions about self-care and going indie I’d be happy to talk.

Have a master’s degree in Learning, Design, and Technology – indie game dev was a terrifying diversion in a lifelong exploration of educational benefits of interactive technology.

Also, spent a year after college in CPE – ecumenical hospital chaplain training – because, as it turns out, when you major in Religious Studies and belong to a religion without clergy, it can be hard to find a paying job in your field.

Particularly interested in the intersections of Religion, Games, and Language. Was thrilled today when I found a student who laughed when I said that St. Paul was the Sonic Mania of the bible.

EDIT: I’ll be down at PAX east giving a talk and showing a few students what a con looks like from the creator side, would love to meet other folks.


Hi, I’m Alex! I’m super shy and might not post much but it’s been years since I joined a big gaming forum so now I’m here to make friends and have fun. Doing a PhD about board games and war, very very slowly making a puzzle game in my spare time, but mostly I just want somewhere active to yell about video games sometimes.



I’m Matthew. I take pictures of the inside of people as a job and host a pod about games. I also try and write about music when I have the time (something that is severely lacking the older I get). Oh, off and on I’m actually writing a video game story as well.

Hope to get into some discourse in this dot zone!



My name is David and I’m a software engineer. I primarily program and design software for microcontrollers used in hospital nursing call systems. In my free time I study Japanese and play video games. I’m not a huge anime or manga guy but I’m open to get into it! I love the Miyazaki movies. I found out about this website from Giant Bomb as the place Patrick and Austin ran off to, so I’m happy to see those lads again. Have a good one!


Tim here. I’m a courier from New Jersey and I listen to Waypoint Radio while I work so I decided to get on this forum finally. My main interests are writing (search This Land is Your Land on Something Awful for my current project, an alternate history about American socialists fighting the world based off the Kaiserreich mod for Darkest Hour, I’ve been working on it for over three years now) and I love games with emergent gameplay where I can project my own narrative on it. Paradox games, Mount and Blade, so on. I’m not really active on other game discussion forums anymore so I’m hopeful this forum turns out fun which it seems it will.


Cool! Is that live people?

I’ve half an interest in doing medical photography since it’s tangentially related to both my career and one of my hobbies, but I don’t really know what the requirements would be.


Hello, new Waypointer here. I have been a huge fan of Waypoint since its inception, but for reasons unknown, I only just joined this forum. And by reasons unknown, I mean I couldn’t find this place. Anyway, I live in Brooklyn and I work at the UN. At the risk of waking up Mr. Humblebrag, it’s my dream job and feel very lucky to have it. “Real” name is Chris, and my forum name is pronounced “ezpz”, just to nip that question in the bud. :grinning:

You can refer to me by Chris or ez, or any whimsical combination thereof.

That’s it. Peace.


Hey y’all. I’m Olivier. I’m 23 and I live in Montréal, Canada. I’m new to this forum thing, but it keeps getting mentioned in the podcasts and I got curious so I signed up. I hope to meet some nice people here!


Hi, everyone! I just started following the Waypoint crew a few months ago, and due to a fair amount of downtime at work, I figured I’d dive into the forums.

I’m 27 and have a degree in Film Studies, which I’ve done absolutely nothing with. My focus has since shifted from film in particular to storytelling in general, so I’m looking forward to cool/fun threads about stories and video games and movies, and, you know, whatever and stuff. /awkward introduction


Hello Waypoint!

My name is Jimmy! I’ve followed Waypoint since the beginning, but I felt I should probably make a forum account since I listen to the podcast and read the articles on a regular basis. I’m currently an English Major at University in California and I’m very interested in writing/teaching and in terms of hobbies I love video games, music (especially hip-hop), TV, Movies and Sports.



Taking the moniker PsychoKineticBear because I definitely want that Psychonauts 2 action. Actual name, Eric.

Really, first forum that I’ve ever joined. I’m a 29 yr old guy out in the doldrums of Orange County. Currently watching the rundown of StarCraft Broodwar while I play through the first campaign of StarCraft 2, because, well, it’s time to finally replay RTS games without cheating through the entirety of it.

Have been going through the Waypoint archives and podcasts and have found a bunch of youtube game critique channels and a plethora of indie games that I would have otherwise not known, so hey y’all, taking the next step to learn and meet more folx on here.