Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi my name is Manuel, im an artist from uruguay, I love waypoint and i joined the forums to share this doodle I did on the margins of some work, have a good one!


(@sickninio on twitter)


Howdy, my name is Coyote. I am a prairie queer that has been living in Quebec for the last ~5 years. As a teenager I played competitive Team Fortress 2 and have a very hard time not being hypercompetitive about all games–even the single player ones. For example: I felt a powerful need to unlock the secret squad in Into the Breach, so I did it.

Otherwise I am 25, in my second year of undergrad as an history major, gender & sexuality studies minor. My pronouns are they/them. I love baking and pastry making and am accidentally in the process of becoming an apprentice saucieuse.


Hi I’m Dyl. They/Them. I had a Twitter once where I followed a lot of people and quite a number of them were entertainment critics whether they be movie critics, music critics, and game critics. That’s kinda how I discovered the Waypoint crew.


10/10 username.


Thanks :sunglasses::100:


Hey there! I’m Yuriy, 25, he/him. Originally from Russia but have been living in Canada for over 7 years now. I started following Waypoint last summer, during the era of daily Breakfast & Battlegrounds streams. Have been lurking here for a while but the need for discourse is just far too much. So I decided to register.

In my non day job life I write comics, do a tiny bit of improv, and am slowly trying to get into gamemaking. Always on the lookout for game pals!


Hi! I am Kihp and I am 25 years old from the east coast. You can also call me James and He/him or they/them are both fine. I move around a lot but I grew up near Boston. I started following waypoint 2 months ago when I needed a new podcast and remembered liking Austin and Patrick from giantbomb. I loved the show and came to read articles and watch streams. I even disabled my add blocker!(Rare for me but they do a good job I want to support and nothing is atrocious in article so its a win win.)

I want to be involved in the discourse and discussions even though I haven’t been part of a forum for 10 years back on Janime if anyone remembers that. I have followed games podcasts on a windy road that started at podtacular back in the day and has led me here. I can be found on most gaming platforms as kihp or on twitter @jamesforge. Lets have some fun?


Oh, well uh I’m Kyle. I’m 28, queer and I’ve lived in New England for all of my years. I have a sleepy office job at a college and I’m working on finishing my education, since I got a late start to school. I’m kind of perpetually searching for gaming communities that are non-toxic and inclusive, since games and gay stuff both factor heavily into my life yet rarely intersect. I usually favor single-player RPG style games, but I spend a lot of time bouncing around genres. I’m also a big music nerd, though I don’t hear nearly as much new stuff as I used to.


Hey, I’m Ellie but I go by ApricotGhost on here. It is also my twitch handle so if you see me around say hi. I don’t stream at the moment but I’d really like to at some point once I have a decent enough set up. I’m nb trans, I use she/they pronouns. I mostly like roguelikes, platformers and puzzle games. Outside of videogames I enjoy film, boardgames, playing guitar and I’m a self taught illustrator/graphic designer. Occasionally I do fanart for streamers I like so you might know me from that if you follow vicas3, tietuesday or authorblues.


Hey Waypoint fans!

I’m Ven, I go by some form or variant of gendernihilist pretty much everywhere, it really depends what platform we’re talking about here.

I’m a white settler and colonizer living and playing (and hardly working) on occupied, unceded Coast Salish territory, born on that same territory (specifically a hospital on W̱SÁNEĆ land) in '85, I’m an agender/nonbinary/gender nihilist trans woman, they/them/theirs, in addition to the T I’m also the B in LGBT, got that good good severe clinical depression, the twin anxiety disorders GAD & SAD and gender/body dysphoria with some eating disorder stuff tossed in the mix, as a settler/colonizer anti-capitalist my politics place decolonization and the decentering of whiteness/centering of indigeneity as #1 political priorities above anything else, if we’re going by European-descended branches of anti-capitalism I’m some mutt-like combination of a bunch of tendencies but primarily I guess nihilist communism, nihilist anarchism and communization theory? Decolonial nihilist anarcho-communization? I just usually say anti-capitalist, and I mean I draw on pretty disparate tendencies and individuals and keep drawing on more and more all the time. As a teenager I was That Anarchist that had a lot of unfounded hate-ons for Marx and communism but that ain’t me now that I’ve, y’know, actually read them lololol! I have a degree in Political Science with a capital P and S that has never opened a single door for me and that I’m still in debt and poverty from because really like philosophy you gotta take poli sci to the PhD level to do anything with it, and that “anything” is teach grad students. Woulda been better off not having plugged into The Academy in the least but you live and you learn (under capitalism the lessons are just costly). So I guess I’m technically a political scientist lmao

All that said: labels are wounds, the space between labels where the people whomst you love and whomst love you know you is the healing of those wounds through nuance and complexity…and still for strangers we take up the knife again!

Computer and video games have been a love of mine from very young, I became a devotee of Black Isle games on PC (my faves were Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2 and Baldur’s Gate II, altho special shoutout to Lionheart for letting me scratch that historical fiction itch) and of Squaresoft games (my faves were Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story) on console, but I played a lot of games outside of RPGs, especially stealth, survival, strategy and sim games (lotta S genres!). Also used to own an original Xbox with Steel Battalion that still worked even up until a couple years ago when I gave all my original Xbox stuff away. Used to mess around with text-based games a lot too (including some MUDs and MUSHes altho I tended to be that player who committed for like a month and then vanished lmao) not so much anymore tho. I’d add in what I like in other forms of media but this list is already too long for favourite artists/albums/films/shows/etc lmao

Looking back on my introduction, I’m even more convinced Foucault was right about the socio-culturally conditioned confession compulsion of the clergy-dominated era having obtained a secular character in this era. Same discursive formation, different pile.

tl;dr I’m Ven! Hi!


I play games on my PS4 for about 5-6 hrs everyday. Love playing PUBG with my clan, and just got my hands into God of War. HYPE HYPE!


Hello! I’m Sharky6461, My friends call me Shark, Sharky, Max, (My name) I got recommended to come here for an awesome community, and I thought I’d say hi! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! (I mostly play Destiny 2, Overwatch, Fortnite) but I love most games :slight_smile:


Hi! Name’s Bridget, excited to uhhh make friends I guess??


Old Swedish Geek here.
Not mutch to say really except that the picture isn’t of me, obviously. My tentacles are grayer and less neatly arranged…

On a slightly more serious note: I am now binge-listening to Waypoint after (being kind of slow) not realizing it existed until 2 weeks ago (being a huge fan of Danielle and Idle Weekend). I am now up to episode 77…


Oh my gosh, hello! My name’s Claire (though I run with Juliusmode as a tag), 20, super gay, love to party. I don’t know if I’ve ever really participated super hard in a forum, just because of design decisions? But this software seems super nice and it’s really cozy to type in so I’m hoping i have a good time!

I got here by generally hanging out in Waypoint-adjecent circles and eventually made my way here to meet some folks and talk some games!

Metroidvanias are my favorite genre of video game (dark souls included, somehow) though I really like most kinds of video games! In the fall here I’m hoping to get into my university’s mixed digital media major and start tearing things up from there, so, wish me luck!


Hey, I’m in the opposite position, making my way through Idle Weekend from the start! Also, I’m Norwegian, so I’m even more opposite… :wink:


Would love to play some mafia or something similar with ya again someday.


Hey everybody! I’m Zach but you can also call me moomin. I’ve been very into Waypoint’s content for a few months now after listening to Friends at the Table for a little over a year. I found out about the forums thanks to the moderator stream from earlier this week! I haven’t been part of a community like this in a while, but hope to be an active participant in the fun around here.

I guess a little about me: I’m 24, I live in central Texas, I’ve been playing video games all my life. I’m super passionate about child development, I have a whole degree in it! I’ve recently discovered the joys of tabletop gaming and will never look back. I’m also really interested in getting into creating content of my own through streaming, youtube, and podcasting but we’ll see how that goes!

Games I’m playing right now: Ni No Kuni II, Monster Hunter World, Final Fantasy X, and Overwatch. I have probably 10+ more games that I’ve started recently but I’m terrible and can’t finish one thing before hopping to another.


Hi folks! I’m SecretSeashell, and I’m super excited to finally join the forums here. :smile:

My real name is Adam (pronouns he/him), I’m 26, and I currently live in Seattle.

I’ve been reading the Waypoint site and forums since the beginning, and I’ve more recently started listening to the podcasts. I love the discussions on this forum, and I’ve been meaning to join for ages, but didn’t because I couldn’t think of a username I liked. :upside_down_face: Anyway, I’m currently replaying Link’s Awakening and… now I’m here!

I like to play videogames, particularly RPGs, adventure games, or other story-focused games. Some favorites include Link’s Awakening, Pokemon (especially 2nd gen), Undertale, Night in the Woods, and Kentucky Route Zero. I also like fiction (fantasy, science fiction, magical realism), comics / graphic novels, and animation.


I’m Nick, 27 y/o gay guy making a living in Boston (twitter: @nickhayes) and I got here from listening to Friends at the Table while grinding in RPGs. I’m an unrepentant Nintendo fanboy and I enjoy complaining that more games should be on portable systems even though I only ever play portable systems on the couch when the tv is literally right there. I am in a long-term, “it’s complicated” relationship with Destiny and I play a lot of Hearthstone despite how bad I am at it.

I’m looking forward to talking about games with people who are actually nice and not terrible - a rare experience on the internet