Oy, introduce yourself!


Hey y’all. I’m Olivier. I’m 23 and I live in Montréal, Canada. I’m new to this forum thing, but it keeps getting mentioned in the podcasts and I got curious so I signed up. I hope to meet some nice people here!


Hi, everyone! I just started following the Waypoint crew a few months ago, and due to a fair amount of downtime at work, I figured I’d dive into the forums.

I’m 27 and have a degree in Film Studies, which I’ve done absolutely nothing with. My focus has since shifted from film in particular to storytelling in general, so I’m looking forward to cool/fun threads about stories and video games and movies, and, you know, whatever and stuff. /awkward introduction


Hello Waypoint!

My name is Jimmy! I’ve followed Waypoint since the beginning, but I felt I should probably make a forum account since I listen to the podcast and read the articles on a regular basis. I’m currently an English Major at University in California and I’m very interested in writing/teaching and in terms of hobbies I love video games, music (especially hip-hop), TV, Movies and Sports.



Taking the moniker PsychoKineticBear because I definitely want that Psychonauts 2 action. Actual name, Eric.

Really, first forum that I’ve ever joined. I’m a 29 yr old guy out in the doldrums of Orange County. Currently watching the rundown of StarCraft Broodwar while I play through the first campaign of StarCraft 2, because, well, it’s time to finally replay RTS games without cheating through the entirety of it.

Have been going through the Waypoint archives and podcasts and have found a bunch of youtube game critique channels and a plethora of indie games that I would have otherwise not known, so hey y’all, taking the next step to learn and meet more folx on here.



Hi my name is Manuel, im an artist from uruguay, I love waypoint and i joined the forums to share this doodle I did on the margins of some work, have a good one!


(@sickninio on twitter)


Howdy, my name is Coyote. I am a prairie queer that has been living in Quebec for the last ~5 years. As a teenager I played competitive Team Fortress 2 and have a very hard time not being hypercompetitive about all games–even the single player ones. For example: I felt a powerful need to unlock the secret squad in Into the Breach, so I did it.

Otherwise I am 25, in my second year of undergrad as an history major, gender & sexuality studies minor. My pronouns are they/them. I love baking and pastry making and am accidentally in the process of becoming an apprentice saucieuse.


Hi I’m Dyl. They/Them. I had a Twitter once where I followed a lot of people and quite a number of them were entertainment critics whether they be movie critics, music critics, and game critics. That’s kinda how I discovered the Waypoint crew.


10/10 username.


Thanks :sunglasses::100:


Hey there! I’m Yuriy, 25, he/him. Originally from Russia but have been living in Canada for over 7 years now. I started following Waypoint last summer, during the era of daily Breakfast & Battlegrounds streams. Have been lurking here for a while but the need for discourse is just far too much. So I decided to register.

In my non day job life I write comics, do a tiny bit of improv, and am slowly trying to get into gamemaking. Always on the lookout for game pals!


Hi! I am Kihp and I am 25 years old from the east coast. You can also call me James and He/him or they/them are both fine. I move around a lot but I grew up near Boston. I started following waypoint 2 months ago when I needed a new podcast and remembered liking Austin and Patrick from giantbomb. I loved the show and came to read articles and watch streams. I even disabled my add blocker!(Rare for me but they do a good job I want to support and nothing is atrocious in article so its a win win.)

I want to be involved in the discourse and discussions even though I haven’t been part of a forum for 10 years back on Janime if anyone remembers that. I have followed games podcasts on a windy road that started at podtacular back in the day and has led me here. I can be found on most gaming platforms as kihp or on twitter @jamesforge. Lets have some fun?


Oh, well uh I’m Kyle. I’m 28, queer and I’ve lived in New England for all of my years. I have a sleepy office job at a college and I’m working on finishing my education, since I got a late start to school. I’m kind of perpetually searching for gaming communities that are non-toxic and inclusive, since games and gay stuff both factor heavily into my life yet rarely intersect. I usually favor single-player RPG style games, but I spend a lot of time bouncing around genres. I’m also a big music nerd, though I don’t hear nearly as much new stuff as I used to.