Oy, introduce yourself!


I’m Nick, 27 y/o gay guy making a living in Boston (twitter: @nickhayes) and I got here from listening to Friends at the Table while grinding in RPGs. I’m an unrepentant Nintendo fanboy and I enjoy complaining that more games should be on portable systems even though I only ever play portable systems on the couch when the tv is literally right there. I am in a long-term, “it’s complicated” relationship with Destiny and I play a lot of Hearthstone despite how bad I am at it.

I’m looking forward to talking about games with people who are actually nice and not terrible - a rare experience on the internet


Hi everyone, my name’s Bek! I’ve been listening to the waypoint podcast and watching their streams for a while now, but I can’t actually recall how I was put on to waypoint… All I remember is seeing Patrick in his breakfast & battlegrounds cowboy hat and thinking yeah ok I’ll watch.
I’m 25 and live in Australia, my job is extremely uninteresting, but in my spare time I’m a hobby artist and little amatuer naturalist, and of course I’m really interested in video games, I’d say what my favourite games and genres are, but it is such a mixed bag that I don’t even know what to say, I’d just about try anything. More recently it has been Avernum.
I’ve had a lifelong interest in the art and storytelling of video games and am interested to learn more.
Since moving back to a small, rural town my relationship with video games has been kind of dull and isolated, having no physical connections with anyone in my life anymore to share my interest with, but following
Waypoint has made it feel like less of a lonely hobby, so I’m really excited to be a part of the forums now.

I’m sorry in advance for any goofs on my behalf, I’ve never used forums before so I am very much unsure of how they work yet, but I am always eager to make new friends and this seems like a nice community. If you like I also go by superblunder on tumblr (and recently twitter, but I’m very new to it and confused?)

Have a good day!


Hi Im Olive softbutxh Im a 20 year old gay girl in north carolina and I found this through friends at the table. My job is pretty boring I work at an average supermarket, but I like to play games when I can find the time/energy. Im a dweeb so I dont have much to say but I think its cool that a whole world of smaller more progressive and/or interesting titles are opening up to me like they never were before.


Hello! I’m a writer / film person with a background in creating video game based theater in NYC. Been loving the podcast for months now and I’m excited to finally have some time to check in on the community and the forums. I’m @theharpomarxist on Twitter and looking forward to talking with you all!


Hey. I always feel a bit nervous about making my first post on a forum, so I figure this is a good place to start.

You can call me Duck. I’m 22 and studying to be a teacher. I’m a lesbian. I’m also disabled. I love video games and comic books. And animals, especially birds.


Heyo! I’m @pigeonhawk :bird:. My older brother got me into games and game design when we were kids, and we’ve both been mucking about with video games and board games and tabletop RPGs ever since :sparkling_heart:. But, I’ve never wanted to be a part of a larger game community or discussion (never been one for social media, either)… Until he introduced me to Waypoint :sparkles: !

I love the outdoors, tabletop RPGs, and :sparkles::rainbow_flag::sparkles:.

Looking forward to talking with y’all :smile::tada:!


Just a fellow podcaster and gamer. 28, Chicago.

Good to be here!


hey whats up my name is Nick. im from the bay area. i like video games more than i have time to play them, so i mostly listen to podcasts about them instead! i like to write, and i like to crystallize my thoughts on stuff over here with the thoughtful members of this site before trying to refine it elsewhere. im also a lapsed artist so sometimes i put my art degree to use for dumb shit (though not recently!!)

im more pleased with this forum than i have been with most any other forum in the nearly 2 decades in which i’ve been on forums, so it seems right to finally introduce myself. my twitter account where i am mostly mad is in my bio. see you around!!!


Hey there!! I’m Nash.

I live in Cardiff, Wales and I’m currently a support worker who works as a live technician part time. I have my own PC and play my housemate’s Switch/PS4. I drift from different types of games to whatever suits my fancy, currently I have been taking a look at Fortnite - Battle Royale on the PC, playing a bit of Planet Coaster and about to build a new character in Dark Souls. On the PS4 I’ve been playing Persona 5 and Yakuza Kiwami.


Hey all! I’m Tom. I’m a 35yr old fella from Yorkshire in the UK! I came to waypoint from idle thumbs. Spending many an idle weekend listening to Rob and Danielle. I love the freedom and since listening when you guys were starting out it was refreshing to listen to your thought process on what you wanted waypoint to be.

I took a break from gaming for a few years and got back into it when my daughter was born. I’m now finding i’m into a whole different genre of gaming than i was in my youth. I love the time to get stuck into an RPG now where as before i felt like i never had enough time to get stuck in. Gaming whilst parenting is a challenge but it’s amazing the new stuff i’ve picked up since fatherhood arrived.

I don’t know why i haven’t come to forums at an earlier date when i’ve been a subscriber to the show since the beginning.

@tom4mos (twitter)
@tom4mos (insta - where i post random game photos and stuff…mainly in black and white)


Heh heh heh…

My name is Michele. I’d like to not reveal personal info to you.
But I can say that I came here because I thought it had the strongest link to NeoGAF…and the new toxic forum that is replacing NeoGAF. I miss that site and the old activeness…


Hey everyone! My name is Alberto. I’m 31 years old and have been living in San Diego, USA for the past few years. However, I’m Italian and not sure I will ever fully adjust to life over here! Especially as this Trump administration is almost as nuts as what we have back in Italy.

I’m an archaeologist by day, gaming enthusiast by night. I followed Rob from 3MA to Idle Weekend, and then followed Rob and Danielle to Waypoint Radio! Those two are great, as is the whole Waypoint team!

I’m in to everything history, fantasy or sci-fi themed. The harder the sci-fi, lower the fantasy, and more researched and ‘authentic’ the history the better. RPG’s and Strategy are my favorite genres.

I’m also on the RPS forums with the same handle, but I tend not to post much. I prefer just reading other peoples thoughts!


Hi! I’m Patrick Gem! I’m a 19yo trans dude who lives in Northern California and is majoring in journalism. I recently got properly into Waypoint content! I’ve been a Polygon fan for a while, and learned about Waypoint via cultural osmosis and had interacted with their content a bit in the past. I’ve been going on a heckuva binge recently, videos and articles, and gosh as a journalism student I just love ‘em! I hope I can contribute positively to this forum! It’s been a little while since I’ve been active in one and this is sending me down memory lane. <3



I’m Phillip. I’m 32 years old. I live in Los Angeles while I pursue my Ph.D. in comparative literature, for which I study games. I reached Waypoint by way of Austin’s work. I’m generally bad at social media (by way of inactivity), forums in particular, but if there’s a community worth crawling out of one’s shell for, I would think it would be this one.



What’s good folks. My name is Jordan (call me Jay if you’d like). I’m a 25 year old black guy from Northern Virginia. I’m a server at a restaurant, but spend most of my free time playing, writing, and talking about games. I’ve previously been a part of the IGN Destiny Podcast forum on Facebook and reddit. Back when it first launched I was a rather active member in the community and even made Grimoire for some of the more known members of the group. As my social awareness and political education grew I started to realize how toxic this space was and decided to leave.

I came to Waypoint through the almighty power of The Algorithm. Guide to Games videos kept popping up on my Facebook feed and I found that Danielle, Austin, and Rob spoke about games as much more than a list of positives and negatives, but as experiences. This led me to the podcast where I discovered the crew’s politics and philosophies on gaming lined up very much with my own, and thought that could finally find a community I could trust and feel safe in on the forums.
I have been registered on the forums for the better part of a year, but had been reluctant to be active for no good reason really.

I’m an Xbox/Switch gamer. I sink 100 hours on average into RPGs and tactics games and 100’s of hours into my favorite competitive shooters (my 2 most recent favs being Titanfall2 and PUBG).

Ideally, I’d like to be a part of a community that I have been unable to find in the world around me: a community of passionate gamers with respect for all types of people (except all types of abusers and bigots) and open-minds.


hey! i’m chris, i’m 24, i live in orlando, & i’m always sleepy
i’m into all kinds of games, my main focus is roguelikes/rpgs but i love quirky indies and pretty much everything in between! i’ve been playing enter the gungeon on my switch lately and been playing binding of isaac consistently since release. i’m trying to get through pillars 2 when i have enough free time
my favorite game ever is dark cloud 2
been getting pretty into ttrpgs lately and trying to learn as much as i can on that front.

I’ve been following waypoint for a bit, i found out about it through austin/friends at the table. so i decided to finally jump into the forums cause folks here seem pretty nice and i need more spaces that feel politically/socially comfortable. probably won’t post a ton at first. we’ll see. i work in a call center but i’m trying to get into games journalism stuff with my twin brother and i’m stoked to get to work on that soon!

on twitter @lacroixboy__
hope y’all are having a good one!


it me, emma

tryin to conquer depression, deal with disability, and surround myself with cool people
I like games sometimes and make music

@unslept_em on twitter I guess. I mostly just retweet good accounts and shitpost


Hey, I’m Gamer_152 (I go by the same on Twitter), 26, from England. I used to follow Gamespot way back, then like a lot of people, I jumped to Giant Bomb. I was incredibly active on the forums there and became a moderator for the site several years ago. I was a big fan of what Patrick and Austin did for GB and so naturally ended up following Waypoint. It’s been really refreshing to find people regularly talking about games with the depth and thoughtfulness of the Waypoint staff.


Hey! I’m Evan, @MacDonaldTweets on Twitter.

I’m 22, he/him, and I live in Edmonton.

I’ve listened to Waypoint Radio, Idle Weekend, and FatT for a few years, so it was only a matter of time until I ended up here :smiley:

Looking forward to some capital D Discourse about why we play!


Greetings. I’ve been a long time lurker but figured out I should create an account so I can participate should the mood strike me.

I’m a public servant in South Australia and a hobbyist game developer (hopefully more than a hobbyist in the near future). Sometimes I feel like I’m leaving all this a bit late at 40 yrs, but hey, never too late really.

I’m also currently finally undertaking a Bachelor of IT. I’ll be done… in 6 years or so.

He/him pronouns.