Oy, introduce yourself!


hey waypointers! I’m BluePanda but you can also call me Mogu! I’m 23, allergic to most lactose, and am queer as heck. I’ve been a big fan of the Waypoint podcast, and recently I’ve had more free time to practice my writing, so I thought I’d jump on the forums here. I’ve never been a forum user before–all of the spaces I tried before were majorly bigoted and toxic–so this is kind of my debut.

I’m studying cognitive science at Berkeley, graduating in a year. I used to be heavily involved in queer activism, but I’ve taken a break to focus on my metal health. I’m one of those furry degenerates too. In general I really want to use some of what I’ve learned to give back to the discourse? I’ve been really inspired by the writers and ideas at Waypoint, making me feel like this is a place where my thoughts actually count.

Find me on twitter at MoguBlu! I also have video game writings and a silly podcast but I’m too self-consious to post them here. :sweat_smile:


I’m Grant! @grantychen on Twitter. I’m 34, cis, he/him, and I don’t remember how I got introduced to Waypoint. Probably a Twitter link from Idle Thumbs? I’m from the California Bay Area, and I’m a game designer.


Hello Everyone!

My name is Ahmed, I’m a programmer who loves coding and solving real life problems.

One of the things I made is Arabic keyboard



howdy folks my name is rob and I am a 23 year old nb queer person currently living in the big city who likes to grow plants and also play games

i ended up here after getting in to friends at the table and then the waypoint podcast

excited to be here!!


Heya, name’s Ed, Asian-Canadian, late 20s, currently working in freelance A/V production, he/him. Been following Waypoint since inception and love to read the team’s thoughts on videogames but recently found myself with lots of spare time and a desire to talk about them with a good community, looking forward to making this a more regular hangout and playing some games with all y’all!


Heya! James, Canadian, they/them. Starting my 30s. I currently work as a Game Developer (Senior Software Engineer) in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been following waypoint in the shadows for some time now, as I was a big fan of Patrick and Austin since before they merged. Been looking for a place to call home since the toxicity of Neogaf, so I’m hoping here is nice. I’m always willing to answer any questions people have about being in the industry or how to “break in” as a developer, especially those from smaller communities who may feel like it’s hard to get noticed. Send me a PM if you have any. Oh, and maybe, just maybe I’ll find a Destiny clan that operates somewhat close to my heavy heavy eastern timezone, oh, how one can dream.


Hey, I’m Garrett. I live in Oregon, I’m a small business owner and I think video games are pretty alright. Been a Giant Bomb fan for few years now, and I watched Austin Walker’ live stream with friends back in the day when they still did that.


Heya, I’m HiipFire/Daniel, I live in the Netherlands and I’ve recently been getting back into “casual” gaming after a long stint of exclusively playing competitive fps’s.
Currently obsessed with Cultist Simulator, which has opened my eyes to a style of game that I’ve never considered before.


Hi everyone! I’m Ian. I also go by everets and everetses on other platforms. I like to watch waypoint streams and play video gaymes. I am a communist. ☭


Hello all, i’m Jeremy, i’ve loved games since i was a little kid and got into Waypoint stuff in the past year and a half or so. i play music & tour for a “living” but spend most of my free time playing/watching video games and listening to podcasts. Love Waypoint as an outlet and hoping to be a constructive part of the community here!! :smile:

also i use they/them or he/him pronouns!


Hey there! My name is James and I love video games! I also have a cute cat, and am currently watching Polar Bear Cafe with my partner. Yay Waypoint!

Hey @M_o, could I join the Discord, please? :slight_smile:


Hi all. I’m Derek, I’m 39, I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, and I’ve been following Waypoint since Austin left Giant bomb, but only just now decided to create a profile here. Looking to meet some cool people to play games with, as no one in my offline life has any interest in doing so haha :smiley:


o/ hey what’s up i’m dirtbug! 21 year old trans lady from west coast canada. i’ve been lurking around here for a long time and figured i should make an account.


Haven’t gotten around to making an introduction yet but hello I’m a trans woman from Pittsburgh. I very much appreciate the perspective that waypoint takes on media. I don’t play games super consistently but want to make my own.


Hi all, I’m Chebbles (real name Sheradan) and I have been reading here for a while, and occasionally posting on the music boards.

I am a PhD student in the UK, planning to investigate the relationship between prosody and reading comprehension in Primary School children. This is taking me a while to plan and figure out, and it is video games and music that help me stop going into an anxiety filled spiral sometimes :upside_down_face:

I came here, like many I assume, when Austin left Giant Bomb, and I am more here for the streams with the team than the writing overall (I poke my head in to read articles occasionally).

Favourite games: Journey, Wind Waker, Bloodborne, Stardew Valley, The Witcher 3.
Favourite music: Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, Mitski, Grouper, Arcade Fire.

I wrote this as a chance to stop reading a research article for 5 minutes to will return to that. Hope you are all doing well!


Hey, everyone! My name is Michael, I’m 32 hetero cis dude of Black, British / Irish / Scottish descent (and a bunch of others sprinkled in). From The Land, Cleveland!!

I’ve played games it feels like my entire life. My parents are blerds and played games (and still play) so obviously they introduced them to me at a very young age, thus creating another blerd in the process.

I’ve followed Patrick since his GB days. ( I even remember him working for G4 but I didnt really pay attention to journalists at that time.) Followed him ever since. Huge fan of Austin since he was hired at GB, being a person of color I appreciated seeing him in the mix and getting his genius opinions on the industry. He is way better at writing about diversity and representation in games than I ever will be.

I consider myself more of a Waypoint guy now than a Giant Bomb guy. There are very different dispositions that each community carries and I feel 1000% more comfortable here than I ever did in the GB community. I may not engage in the discussion as much as I want to but I am always paying attention, and I’m glad I can at least feel like a part of this community. I really hope to see great things for Waypoint in the future.


Heya, I’m Heny/Henrik, I live in Sweden, I’ve got 2 cats and I play games. Currently playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege after being stuck with competitive TF2 for 8ish years.


Hey all, I’m Martin another Giant Bomb transplant. I’m from the UK and I am currently in the grips of a Destiny obsession. I love the inclusive nature of Waypoint and it’s my daily dose of hope in this desperately fraught climate at the moment. Can’t wait to become a more active part of this community.


Just realized I never made an introduction post.

Hey all! I’m Derek, 23, and from the midwest. Like most people on here, I followed Austin over from Giant Bomb. I actually made my forum account like a year ago, posted a few times and then left until now. Personally, my anxiety makes it a little hard to interact with forums but I’m trying my best to break through that!

As for personal hobbies, I really like making music. I play guitar and bass and am an amateur…chiptuner? Chiptune maker. I wouldn’t call any of it “finished” and I don’t think it’s ready to release to the world, but I kinda enjoy just making stuff for myself.

Two things I would really like to get into are programming and filmmaking. Again, probably nothing that would ever get super wide releases but they seem like fun and good skills to have.

Finally, let’s get into games! I really like 'em. I used to play exclusively JRPGs and platformers as a child, but I have since expanded my palette and kind of buy/try/play almost everything that comes out. Specific favorites are Souls games, the Mother series, Fez, Mega Man, and Persona. I’m always interested in new experiences and games that try something different.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell I think. Hopefully my turn at this forum thing works out. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


I’m Skitch! 20, butch nonbinary lesbian (they/them), forever feuding with Bioware and Blizzard. I play a lot of RPGs and management sims and Write Things Sometimes (getting published for the first time in the fall!)

I’m @tanklesbian on twitter if y’all are in the market for dog pictures (I have an Extremely Good boston terrier named Finley) and complaints about college tuition.