Oy, introduce yourself!


I’m Skitch! 20, butch nonbinary lesbian (they/them), forever feuding with Bioware and Blizzard. I play a lot of RPGs and management sims and Write Things Sometimes (getting published for the first time in the fall!)

I’m @tanklesbian on twitter if y’all are in the market for dog pictures (I have an Extremely Good boston terrier named Finley) and complaints about college tuition.


Hi! I’ve been lurking for quite a while but haven’t posted much. My username comes from Austin and Danielle’s ancient Hitman stream! I’m 20 and live in Melbourne, Australia so timezones usually stop me from participating live but I like leisurely catching up on VODs after uni. I’m studying music but thinking of moving into writing this semester.
Um, what else?? I didn’t play that many games for a while after worshipping them as a kid, but the inclusive/analytical attitudes of the Waypoint staff has reignited the spark. I’m also really into comics of all kinds and random pockets of literature ranging from myths to short fiction. Obviously music is a big part of my life but I’m just getting back into it after having a perforated eardrum for a few months :frowning:
My other biggest hobby would be retweeting socialist/communist propaganda on twitter (@thewokepope). Being Jewish and having almost that entire family tree murdered in the Holocaust, fighting against fascism and for marginalised people is very important to me. That Waypoint shares these values is very cool!


Hi, folks! I’m Anna, a she/her queer drifting through her mid-thirties in a college town in upstate New York. I think I first read Austin’s work in Merritt K’s book on Twine games, but I got immersed through Friends at the Table, which led me to his criticism and to Waypoint, which led me here, and y’all seem like a considerate, thoughtful bunch as forums go. I actually have mixed feelings about videogames in general, both because reactionary manchildren take up so much space in the broader culture and because my periods of heavy engagement with games very often overlap with my periods of depression, but this site seems like a good place to be ambivalent, and Waypoint and its attached community has been good at articulating some of the things that actually make games weird and compelling as a medium. I’m mostly into rpgs, adventure games, immersive sims, stealth games, and queer narrative things that don’t fit easily into genres. I also really love tabletop roleplaying, and am in the middle of a couple of Dungeon World and Blades in the Dark campaigns largely because of FatT’s example.


Hi, my name is Cody. I’m from Ohio! I’m not as active a gamer as I wish I was but love watching Giant Bomb and waypoint streams. Always looking for the next thing to catch my eye. I love PUBG right now. Big wrestling and table top gaming fan.


I’m Nathan from Los Angeles. I’m currently a reporter covering the criminal, civil and federal courts. I like to think that I stumbled on Waypoint organically through social media, but it might have been a re-tweet from Austin or Danielle that appeared on my timeline that brought me here.

Much like a teenager experimenting with psychotropic drugs I would like to write an article on a subject aside from the courts and crime. That could be a Waypoint byline. Who knows, the world is crazy unpredictable these days.


Hi, I’m woodroez, at Woodroez on twitter, and there’s a real small chance some folks that were in the penny arcade forums, gosh, over a decade ago now or from Giant Bomb in the years since might have seen me around, dispensing lukewarm takes.

Loved Austin’s and Patrick’s work at gb, and have loved the pubg videos, the xcom videos, and now battletech!

Looking forward to being a part of the community and hopefully joining some nice folks in Destiny 2?


Hi all, supes late. Nate from Boston. 29, almost middle aged.


Hey, everyone! I’m Lewis, 21, software engineer from England. Just finished uni and started my first full time job and it’s making me not enjoy playing games as much, but I’ve found Waypoint’s output help a lot in remaining enthusiastic about games.

Never really done the forum thing before but now I actually have free time I thought it’d be nice to give this thing a try.


Hello, I’m Paul, a 37 year old cis, straight, white guy living in Columbus, Ohio. I work as a system administrator for a software company. I occasionally tweet @paulv, mostly about feminism/social justice/politics/programming.

I don’t remember how I found waypoint, but it was probably through the episode of Bonfireside Chat podcast that Austin was on.

I have a capricious relationship with video games, often missing two or more generations of releases. I had recently purchased a PS3, but then found a let’s play of Bloodborne and quickly bought a PS4. I ended up absolutely loving Bloodborne & Dark Souls and am now a 100% certified Soulsborne Stan.

None of my friends play video games, so I’m happy to have found a progressive gaming community.


Hi I’m Blue / Eric. I’m an FFWiki Admin Emeritus, I write things. I tweet things. @BlueHighwind and http://bluehighwind.blogspot.com/ tell my tragic tale.

I’m old enough at this point that I spend more time listening to gaming podcasts than I do actually playing games. There really isn’t an active Waypoint subreddit like for Giantbomb so I’m joining you fine people here. Finally gonna buy a Switch this week.

Best game ever is Wind Waker. Worst game is Godzilla: The Series for the Game Boy Color. These are definite objective facts.


Hello, I’m Aili, a 22 yo lesbian who uses she/her pronouns. I’ve been following Friends at the Table and now Waypoint too; they’re both safe havens in an otherwise male/cis/straight dominated world.

I just got Sea of Thieves because I love the Waypoint streams of it so much! It’s gorgeous and fun and honestly I’m finding it’s simplicity and focus on cooperative play refreshing.

The first game I remember playing is Pokemon Fire Red, on my blue Gameboy Advance SD (the square one), which I still have and use to this day!


Hi! Real name is Jordan, I’m Canadian, 27, he/him, and ended up coming to Waypoint to find better games journalism stuff. Took a long (roughly 2013/2014-late 2017) break from most gaming due to university stuff as I finished undergrad and started grad school (then finished a masters), now a PhD student in great need of a proper break. Games fit that well, so, came back to things. And pleased to see there’s some much less toxic spaces for gaming culture than there used to be.

Mostly play singleplayer stuff, though occasionally co-op games, and some old friends sometimes pull me back into WoW when new stuff is around.

Very much catching up on a gigantic gaming backlog, starting with titles I own for old consoles (mainly PS3, lately) and indies for PC.


Heya, my name is Ruggles. I’m a socialist trash goblin who’s been following waypoint since forever. I’m mostly a lurker, but I figure I’d jump in and say hi.

I’m a pansexual tech nerd who almost never plays games anymore, but feels a weird affinity towards people who do.

Waypoint materialized as this supergroup of all these people I’ve loved in games media all coming together to make a thing. It’s amazing to see fantastic community that has sprouted up around them.

Anyway, hello! Nice to meet ya


Hey! I’m Pabs. I’m not sure what to say about myself. I like playing videos games, watching bad movies, and trying those awful limited time food products that pop up in my local super market.

Waypoint is the first place/community I’ve ever had any interest in participating in, I’ll try my best to contribute!


hello. i am Coyne. enby, they/them, 21, white, live in the U.S. i think i stumbled onto waypoint stuff last year, then really got into it because of Sam Carter & Danika’s podcast loggedoff.

i’ve played games since i was very young & developed an affinity for mobas in the past few years :3c

i was interested in the waypoint forum because i missed being on other forums when i was younger & today’s hot mic mornings reminded me of that.

i am @Lunoplasty on twitter



Hey there! I’m Ben and have been a WP lurker since the formation of the community. I work in the games industry and, oddly enough, find it somewhat difficult to find a usual crew to play games with. So here I am! Hoping to find some folks to hop into MP stuff from the waypoint discord.

Some additional info about me: I’m 31, he/him, live in Orange County CA, and have been in the games industry for about 8 years now.


Hi Everyone. I’m Andrew and I stumbled upon this website since I love to play games and I was looking for a community with other gamers to share stories and learn about new games. When I play games, it helps with reducing stress and provides a great way to play/spend time with my brother.

Some of my favorites include Crash Bandicoot 3 Warcraft 3, and Pokemon Gold. I still have the original Gameboy and a Nintendo NES Classic.

Looking forward to sharing stories with other Waypoint members.


Hey everyone. My name is Matt, he/him, black, 26 and video games is one my favorite hobby’s and past time.

I found waypoint through a podcast recommendation. After hearing one episode I realized I really enjoyed the way that video games were being discussed and have listened to almost ever episode since. it’s nice to hear the why and how about video games instead of articles and news that just seem like click-bait. I have an hour commute to and from work and it seems to fly by when I’m listening to the waypoint podcast.

I pretty much play any game that seems like fun and am always open to suggestions. Also most people in the forum seem pretty awesome, so i’m happy to join and hopefully be able to contribute!


Hey buddies. I’m Joe, he/him, queer af, 25. I lurked here for a bit before getting the courage to actually engage. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast and especially seeing the conversations here I wanted to try and actually contribute some! I love animu and mechs, and I tend to play a lot of things, but recently have been unable to climb out of my Switch cavern. I also stream sometimes and love a good glass a Whiskey. Pleased to be here!


What’s up all, I’m MrCharlieWonder. I work at VICELAND but secretly (not so secretly) wish I worked for Waypoint. I love RPG’s, FIFA career mode and Destiny. Here to chat with great like minded individuals!