Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi! I’m HomelessRanger! I make pizza a lot but in the downtime I’m known to sit at my computer/on my couch and play games until it’s time to go make pizza again. I also enjoy thinking critically about games and spend a lot of time consuming content related to that. I got into Waypoint because of that and love hearing the unique voice that they provide to the industry.


Hello, Waypoint people. I am Ben, a 23-year-old white he/him from a small town in western Washington state. I work at my local library while I’m going to school for either a history or education degree. I have a passion for video games, history, writing, professional wrestling, and movies.

Most of my gaming is done on my Xbox One, but I also have a laptop for strategy games and a 2DS for Pokemon and other JRPGs. I have a group of friends who I play games with several nights a week, so I don’t do a ton of solo gaming anymore. Some of my favorite games to play currently are: Battlefield 4 (I have like 700+ hours logged in it, it’s easily my favorite multiplayer shooter of this generation), Stellaris, Fortnite, BattleTech, and Ultimate General: Civil War.

I am an aspiring writer, mostly of fiction but I also enjoy writing about my passions like movies and pro wrestling. I have trouble surfacing most of what I write to the public though, as I have very low self-esteem which carries over into how I feel about my work. I’m working on getting better about that stuff, such as writing this post and trying to become active in discussions here.

There’s a good chance I would not be here, on this site and writing this post, if it weren’t for Dan Ryckert of Giant Bomb. Way back in 2010 when I was in high school I became a huge fan of Game Informer’s Replay show, which was really my first exposure to the whole “watch other people play games” genre. It really reinvigorated my love of games, which I was starting to fall away from in my early high school days, and got me plugged into different online communities that were bound together by people’s mutual love of games (such as the Overblood facebook group). I’ve since fallen off of watching Replay because of guys like Dan, Jason, and Tim Turi moving on to new things, but I followed Dan and Jason to Giant Bomb’s content when they moved there, and have become a GB super fan ever since. That of course introduced me to Austin Walker, which lead me to Waypoint when it started, though I didn’t really start consuming their content regularly until Rob joined the team (huge Three Moves Ahead fan here).

I look forward to interacting here with y’all in the future. I’m an absolute sucker for reading comments and forums because I love seeing other people’s different perspectives on things, but I don’t often add my own voice to those conversations I spend so much time reading. I think that comes from my anxieties and low opinion of myself. I’m trying to throw off those lurker tendencies here though. You better believe I’m gonna bump that pro-wrestling thread to talk about the G1 Climax.


Hey folks, I’m Ryan. I’m a 29 year old cishet white dude in New York City. I went to school for Game Design and Development but due to a bunch of circumstances fell into a career as a Web Developer instead. I still love games and talking about the real nitty gritty of game design, and end up making exactly 1 game every year at https://globalgamejam.org/. I’m proud to say that every game I’ve made there over the 8 years I’ve been doing it has won some kind of acclaim from the judges :slight_smile:

For a long time I had a YouTube Let’s Play channel that ended up gravitating towards weird, strange, interesting indie games. I love games that when you’re done make you think…“Wait, was that a game? What was that exactly?” The potential of video games for artistic expression is incredible, from storytelling to interactive experiences and just cool weird shit that couldn’t exist IRL.

I’m a long time video game RPG fan although as I’ve gotten older I’ve run out of time for them, and I’ve recently fallen in love with Tabletop RPGs by way of actual play podcasts. I’m a huge fan of Friends at the Table in particular which lead me to Waypoint which eventually led me here.

I’m also a very enthusiastic and vocal Leftist and it’s been incredible to see a site that has A Perspective and isn’t afraid to call out games and their creators on their shit when necessary which is, unfortunately, a lot.


Je m’appelle Haché - that is, my name is Haché. Except on here it’s just Hache because an é is considered a “special character” and not an actual valid letter, maudite anglais.

I’m a white, cis, pan, French Canadian man who started this year off hoping to make at least one game a month but managed to just make one, period. I work in an IT help desk and generally spend my free time in a depressed heap or asleep.

I’ve listened to Waypoint Radio from the start but never really interacted with the website or the forum. I decided to check this out after seeing the Waypoint Game Jam page on itch.io. Lately I’ve been staring at game jam pages intending to participate but never really getting anywhere.

I like a pretty wide variety of games but tend to skew towards independently produced media.


Hi everyone! My name’s Steven, @stesug over on twitter, I’m an illustrator/background designer working in animation out in LA.

I’ve been following Waypoint for a good while now, and I’ve really enjoyed reading the discussions here on the forums. I normally shy away from joining in on this sort of thing (aside from a very infrequent comment here or there) but y’all are great and I figured hey, maybe I could contribute more regularly!


Hi folks!
I’m Jillian. Video games? I’ve heard of 'em.

I’m bi and currently an undergrad trying to get my BS in evolution and ecology (I finally finished all my lower div courses! Suck it ochem!!). That being said, my favorite video games are mostly those inspired by nature and that involve exploring nature, so games like Pokemon and Stardew Valley are my jam. I also enjoy tear-jerking indies and pretty much any game with lgbt representation like Undertale and Night in the Woods.

I’ve been really into Polygon’s content for the past few years and I eventually checked out Waypoint and gradually became just as interested in Waypoint’s content as I was with Polygon’s stuff. I love everybody at Polygon and their humor, but I appreciate the transparency and willingness to delve into social commentary and politics that I found here at Waypoint.

SO!! Here I am. I look forward to learning more about video games and the culture surrounding them since it’s actually all really interesting?? I’m excited to be a part of the community (or perhaps just a lurker)! I’ll catch y’all on the flippety flip.


Hey friends! First post here. My name is Ryan and I’m a genderqueer person leaning femme now, I’m strongly considering HRT and hope to some day be Emily :slight_smile: I live in Western MA.

I came here from Idle Weekend back when they had the episode in which they hired Rob. Since then I’ve really come to love Waypoint Radio (it’s my main point of contact for this wonderful site). I’m mostly posting here so I can access the Discord, because I tend to lean more in that direction this day. I’ve been a goon since 2005 but never bought into the whole “giant a-hole goon” thing.


Hello! My name is Stuart! I write, but not as much as I wish I could! Most of my work has been game criticism (freelancing and on my own site), but most recently, I’ve earned my first fiction writing credit in Dimbulb Games’ Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, where I wrote the character Rocio!

I like video games! I like music even more! Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games of all time!

That’s all I got! : P