Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi names Mercer, I’m 34 and a dad! I play on PS4 and Switch. I’m aspiring to get a PC again sometime in the indeterminate future lol.

I try to play when I can, mostly a lot of Overwatch on PS4, but I have pretty wide tastes in games other than time limitations from being a dad.

Waypoint is great and I love the community even if I mostly lurk a lot. Look forward to many more interesting conversations and funny bits. See you around!


I should do this.

I’m aoanla across basically the internet. 38. Cis male. Transhumanist, but skeptical we’ll get there. Anarcho-communist, but skeptical that humanity is suited to it.

I write a lot about Roller Derby, and helped organise the last World Cup for that.

I also do some stuff with computers for the WLCG.

Very depressed that I can’t speak any languages but English.

Got here via Danielle Riendeau, via Idle Thumbs.


Hi everyone,
I’m a podcast addict from the Netherlands. Also I like video games. I am listening to the entire backlog of Waypoint Radio right now. I really dig the combination of critical discussion and empathy it brings to the table.
I like building PCs and stuff but am mostly playing on the Switch right now. My favourite games are Super Smash Bros and Persona 4.
Mostly wanna hang out here and chat about video games in an environment that is slightly nicer than the internet at large.


Hello. If I had to tell you my dream job, I would say writer. I also enjoy game design, sound design, various musical instruments, nutrition + fitness (but don’t use my body as a judge of my knowledge of it please :wink: ).

I have been banned on multiple popular forums and chats and discords because I am honest. If I don’t like a game, I come right out and tell you that’s a bad game and here’s why. If I think the Dreamcast was a bad console, I’ll explain very logically my reasoning, and many mods do not like how logical I am about what I do and don’t like.

Anyway, I hope you will all give me a chance. I’m trying to be more positive and less cynical, so maybe this is a fresh start for me. I hope you will not ban me prematurely :frowning: I got banned from Giant Bomb for asking why someone watched a stream during work then felt entitled to whine when their servers went down and he missed some crucial moment in a tournament game being streamed.


Why would you come in here talking about being banned if you don’t wanna be banned though?


I don’t know. I never said I was a smart man.


Hey all!
I go by TheSpaceEvader on most stuff or just Will. I’m 23 and from the UK, and came here through a combination of Polygon, Giant Bomb, and friend’s suggestions. Im really looking for a group of cool, like-minded people to play Siege with, so hmu!


Heylo, I’m lefty who’s interested in games and game design.


Hey everyone! I’m Max, been listening to Waypoint Radio since day 1 but just joining the forums. Looking to get involved in some PC Destiny 2 with Waypoint buddies. :slight_smile:


Howdy friendos! I’m Luna, I’m a 22-year-old queer trans woman from Minneapolis, and I have feelings about things!

I tweet @Glsases, I stream on Twitch as StarGays occasionally, and I wanna Do more Things. I’m hoping to become active here as it seems like a positive, leftist, open space. I used to stan Polygon but now I’m transitioning more into Waypoint.


Realized I haven’t posted in this thread when I started, working backwards :sweat_smile:

Hello y’all, my name is Daniel, aka Slaughts. I’m a 27 yr old man from southern Kentucky who is a history dork, love video games, avid reader, Star Trek nerd, and also been a furry for about 10 years now.

I’ve been following Waypoint for awhile, but it’s only been recently that I want to get on the forums and comment. I also follow Giant Bomb and other game websites.



My name is Christine. I’m SassyRedGloves most places on the internet. 30 years old, currently living in MI. My interests are pretty varied, I lived in NYC for school where I double majored in Chemical Engineering and Jewish Studies. Then I moved to South Korea to teach English (and perform burlesque). I got back into games after coming back to the States and my consoles. I also really enjoy makeup, dance and comics. So I’ll basically talk about anything!

Just got internet in my home, so I’m hoping to become more active on the internet.


So nice that you can introduce yourself here, and then I have a bad communication …

Hi. I’m Aria, I’m 23. I’m a programmer and would like to find friends with the same interests as me: riding, drawing, running.

Nice to meet you!


:wave: what kind of riding do you do? Is that bicycling, or horses, or surfing or…?

As to running, I’m not a runner but there were some folks putting together a runkeeper group a whole back – could be a ready made connection there!


Hey everyone, I’m a 27 years old IT guy that loves prog rock. I’ve been listening to Waypoint’s podcast for a long while now, so I’m kind of curious to see what lurking or participating in these forums is like. I haven’t used a forum in 5 or more years, and my passion for games is at an all-time low (uh oh), but I’m looking forward to talking to y’all!


Chirp chirp chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!

Hi! I woke up in a desert, climbed a mountain and now I’m here.

Anyway, my name’s Adam. I’ve been following the extended Giant Bomb family for years, and have been a Waypoint Radio listener long enough that its called VICE Gaming’s New Podcast on my rss feed. Software developer by day. Currently playing too much Octopath Traveler by night.

Draws a heart in the snow


Hey there! I’m Alex. Been a longtime listener of Waypoint Radio and just heard Cado talking about the Destiny 2 happenings in the Discord. I’ve been looking for an active group with a similar attitude as the Waypoint crew and community, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to finally check out the forum.


Hey all, I’m scarzilla, or Patrick irl. I’ve been following waypoint since before it had a name all because of Austin’s time at giant bomb. I’m here looking for a new community/platform to be apart of, Reddit is becoming the next Facebook and I deleted that account.


ey! a bit late for an introduction but for some reason I never saw this thread way back when?? life got a bit hectic for me this year so i fell out of touch with these forums but hope to keep coming back to a community that i feel is wonderful. this sea blue/turquoise aesthetic is worth coming back for alone to be honest but anyways, i love gaming and i hope to make games and hope to be inspired and inspire others, so please feel free to message me about anything or whatever, whenever!


Hi everyone!
I’m 22, grew up Asian then English, he /him. I play lots of shooting games online. I try to be a positive presence in these multiplayer games with the teddy bear alias. I followed Waypoint since launch and found them through a bunch of UK games journalists I’ve followed for some time on Twitter. I really like Waypoint for their podcasts where they have amazing discussions that I would not be able to with people I know.