Oy, introduce yourself!


Hey gang! 33 years old, just got out of active duty and going to school full time in wonderful Omaha. I’m garbage at Overwatch and play way too much Monster Hunter. Have been following Waypoint since the beginning but figured now would be a fine time to get engaged with the community and maybe find some cool people to game with. Cheers!


Hey everyone, My Name is Steven and im joining the community due to enjoying the content of Austin and Patrick from their Giantbomb days. Ive been delighted to see how positive the podcast has been and have found is extremely refreshing. About me: Im a 27 yr male who is working to go to school for video production. Catdad of one “his name is Sammy”. Can’t wait to get to know some of you all via the forum or some of the games!


I am virgy 26 from canada i joined becuase of Austin moving and forming this site from giant bomb. I like to play and talk about many video games and politics happy to meet yall


Hi! I’m Jeff from Ontario Canada. I work as an animator for telivsion and the entertainment industry. Been following waypoint since the beginning, ever since Austin left giant bomb. I know a lot about cartoons, animation, and I play rpgs on the side.


Hi all, I’m a software dev in Chicago. I found waypoint through the longform political stuff, probably via polygon, and have been really enjoying the podcast lately. I play guitar in a VGM synth rock band and I am about to play No Man’s Sky with a friend and take pictures of dogs with eye stalks. Looking forward to jumping into the discord!


Hello everybody! My name is Zack and I’m a longtime follower of Waypoint and Austin’s FaTT podcasts, finally getting around to joining the forums. Right now I’m playing a ton of No Man’s Sky and dipping back into Destiny 2. All of my irl friends abandoned our Destiny clan, so I’m here at Waypoint trying to find a new space magic family.


Hey I go by Fansty909. @DLDickson on twitter but I don’t use it really. My real name is David, American, 24, he/him and I got here like Jeverage. I have been a Giant Bomb supporter and now enjoy Waypoint very much!


Hey everyone! I’m doogles, a 27-yo math teacher in the southeast US. I’m @dyweathers on Twitter but I really only use that to read and reply. I love Waypoint radio - wish there were more people doing interesting social criticism of gaming. he/him (but any pronoun is fine).



I’ve been lurking since the start of the forum almost. I’m Jordan, he/him pronouns, I’m 25 and I live in NYC. I’m a musical theatre actor, and bakery counter front-man.

My favorite game of all time is Banjo Tooie.

What’s up.

Hit me up on pretty much everything @discodanlives.


Hey everybody. I’m Dominik, a 22 year old student from Germany. I found Waypoint through a german podcast last year. I’m looking for some nice people to play videogames with.


Hey, my name’s Yashar and I try not to be a bad person.


Hi! I’m Colton. Queer, cismale, he/him/his, been a fan of Waypoint for a while but finally dipping my toes into the forums.


Hey hey, I’m Chris Kindred!

I’m a 26 year-old illustrator, writer and MFA candidate at NYU Game Center. My life is pretty much all over the place, but games are pretty much a constant these days. Whenever I’m not yelling on twitter about the discourse du jour, I’m working on some comics that’ll be out in a couple years.


Hi, I’m tai
I’m a transfemme, non-binary person.
Been reading waypoint for a while but finally decided to try and be more active on the forms.


I’m also trying to find out how to dm @M_o for discord access, so any help would be appreciated!


It looks like you need to be a user for a while before you get DM access, which makes sense :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’m Will. @CrunksMcgee on Twitter,.Canadian. Montreal. Age: 27. He/Him. I have been following Waypoint from the beginning. Followed Austin from Giant Bomb which I have followed since 2009.

Never been a very active social internet person. Lucky me, my social anxiety extended to the internet too. I have been trying to be more social and I thought trying to participate more in a forum with cool people would be a good idea.

Anyway I hope this leads to better things :star_struck:


Hey, I’m Sam! I work at a library and am pretty solid at fortnite. Like the OP, my early posting days were pretty embarrassing (gamepro forums represent), but hopefully I’m a little better now.

Read a lot of the first 100 or so introduction posts, you all seem very nice and accomplished.


I’m Cass (she/they) and I’ve been following Waypoint for about a year and have really been inspired by their politics and humour. I draw a lot and have played way too much breath of the wild.


Hi everyone!

I made an account for the forums a while ago, but I’m only just now trying to be apart of them. I am kinda in between names right now; I am a closeted trans person (they/them atm) and don’t want to give y’all a name to refer to me as just for it to be a dead name in a few months. So you can just call me by my username! You can read it as “frown lines.” I’m a couple weeks shy of 22.

I don’t remember how I was introduced to Waypoint. I eventually realized I’ve read or listened to Danielle, Rob, Patrick and Austin before from other outlets, and I started following Waypoint regularly towards the end of last year.

I suck at being social on the internet. I was pretty avid on the Guitar Hero forums back when I was 12. You bet I keep that on my resume.