Oy, introduce yourself!


I’m Snigs. I general tend to lurk on forums an in communities like these, but since I’ve fallen deep into a destiny 2 hole, I figured I should start being a little more active. Hope to support the community well :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’m Alex (29, he/him), and I’ve been following Waypoint’s podcast/streams for about a year now. I’m a musician working primarily in musical theater as an accompanist/teacher.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of fighting games (Street Fighter 5, DBFZ), Final Fantasy XIV and Dead Cells, and I’m looking forward to getting back into Destiny 2 when Forsaken drops next month.


I’m Helmerdrake (20, he/him), I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a while now and recently started reading the articles too!

My top 3 games are Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Recently i’ve mostly been playing league of legends inbetween work and university studies.

Outside of video games i’m a big fan of the Cleveland Browns and Memphis Grizzlies.


I’m Steven Santana, 25, currently live I’m Vegas but moving to Vancouver Washington in a week. I followed waypoint after Austin left giant bomb and have known Danielle from her idle thumbs days.


I’m Jeff, I live in PA and like dinosaurs, I followed Austin here from GB.


Hi im California Bee, 23 use she/her Ive been on here for a while I just havent posted or participated but im hoping to change that! Got into waypoint from a friend who was a big giant bomb fan. I like games, writing, and a big ol’ cup of coffee amiright!


Hi, I’m Sascha or Sylph and use she/they ^^
I’m a student game dev trying to get into design and focusing on narrative design. I am following a lot waypoint does, because they give me a lot of great insight in many topics and perspectives on games, that extend how i look at them and give me new ideas of how to approach topics.

Got here via listening to Austin Walkers Friends at the Table which i would recommend as much as i can ^^


HI I’m Eamonn! I use He/Him
You might know me from the F@tT discord and the Tabletop one as well!
I’m a uni student currently and I also do a little bit of TTRPG design. (Releasing a short game every two weeks). Unsurprisingly I got here from F@tT but have slowly fallen in love with the whole waypoint crew and their content!


Autism parent and game coder here.


Hey I’m Spencer (he/him), I’ve been lurking here and active on the Discord as Zeno.

I do hobby gamedev and pixel art on twitter @spenceregart


Hey! I’m Rupaan (they/she). I’m a student focused on game design, but since there’s no course for that where I am, I’m not sure what my actual degree should be. So that’s fun.

I started following Waypoint after Kate Gray wrote a piece for here ages ago. Waypoint radio and, more recently, hot mic mornings have been consistent highlights of my week.

My experience with social media and forums has invovled mostly reading what everyone else has to say, so I expect I’ll keep pretty quiet, generally. But I have had an urge to get somewhat more involved and interact more (especially with games forums, since, y’know, games are - for the most part - interactive).



I’m Eve (27, she/her) and I’m a huge nerd. I work in a book shop, attempt to convince people that comics are good on a daily basis, and until recently smoked a, frankly, stupid amount of weed.

I found Waypoint a little bit after it started up, via Friends at the Table, but have only just mustered the gumption to sign up. I’ve got a long history with web communities, but I’ve spent the last few years pretty disconnected, and I’d like to start changing that. Seems like my kinda forum.


Hi, My name is Moe. I like waypoint. Can I please have an invite to the discord, looking for cool people to hang out with


Greetings, i go by khaoseater. I play a whole lot of video games from a broad spectrum and whiskey enthusiast. Hope to get to know you all better.


Hi, everyone! My name is Eva, and I’m a 25 soon to be English teacher and, hopefully someday, writer. (As of now, I’m more a professional procrastinator.)

I love old and new point and click adventures and I might have replayed the Ace Attorney series more times than I can recall. Anyway. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you. :sunflower:


Hello all!

I’m Zack (he/him), currently based out of the Seattle area. I’m a UI/UX/Visual designer and illustrator who occasionally dabbles in game design (I release my first game ever over on itch earlier this year). You can find me on the tweetzors at @zack_k.

Been a big fan of Waypoint for about a year now and I’m hoping to get involved with the larger Waypoint community. Maybe find some folks to play the new Destiny expansion with who aren’t Reddit trolls.

Looking forward to getting to know you all. The last time I was actively involved with a forum was when I was a wee teen who was RPing a squad commander in Battlefront 2 sooooooooo… its’ been a while.


Hello! I like most of that good nerd shit that brought the rest of y’all here! Here to fill in the spaces between wanting to create art and my existential dread surrounding the impending climate catastrophe. Follow me on that twit! @howisNaeltaken


Hello! I am muraii and muraii is me. My poor decisions have sequestered me in Ohio (those decisions being leaving New Mexico in ‘97 to go home) but I’m so much better for it. I am blessed with a wonderful partner and all manner of kid-people from 4.5 weeks to 25 years old.

My first foray into modern gaming came in 2010 when I—finally finishing my undergrad degree at age 39–I decided to treat myself to a PS3. I bought two games: Fallout 3 and Dead Space. To this day I count as an important moment in my life that moment when I stepped out into the Capital Wasteland from Vault 11. I finished Fallout 3. I have not finished Dead Space.

I found Gamers With Jobs a couple years later and count the many people I’ve met there as true friends though I’ve met very few. That is a fine community as these things go.

I wish you all the best and look forward to hunting for threads into which I’ll desperately post in the wee hours looking for human interaction. Also the non sequiturs. Lots of those.


I’m Benny (they/them), 20 years old, slowly disintegrating in Sacramento, Cali. I’m interested in game dev and 3D modeling but am not in schooling for it at the moment. Everyone here is so accomplished ;-;

I spend a lot of time playing Nintendo stuff and thinking about being creative. I’ve been into video games for pretty much my entire life, and my first personal console was a N64. I wanna get more into tabletop games but need to find a nice friend group for it.

My twitter is @DorkOrca.

Unrelated but @EveExcelsior I don’t know you but Girl Mountain is lit


Hi, I’m Identity. 27 years old, I like video games, electronic music, cooking, and cats. Reading Waypoint helped me get back into gaming after a long hiatus. Currently hooked on Destiny 2. I used to be a PC gamer but at this point I’m pretty exclusively on PS4. Thanks for welcoming me, very happy to be here!