Oy, introduce yourself!


Ello dare! Been a Waypointer since the start. About time I start using the forums huh?


Yisssss, I am all about that good witchy depression shittttt.


Hello! I’m Ashe (she/her), New Zealand based, done a lil bit of published games writing, and am a psych graduate c: I used to be in the waypoint discord but life got a bit busy and had to cut down on the servers i was in, but i’d love to rejoin! Into a bunch of games but currently back on that Destiny 2 tear. twitter is @thequeerestdeer


Hi, I’m Anders! Been around various communities over the past… 20 years online. Fan of GiantBomb that started following Waypoint’s streaming and podcasts when it started. I think my main function is to say “dat Utena, tho!” whenever the topic is anime.
I’ve sort of come to the point where I can’t quite spend enough time on internet communities to really become a regular the way I used to, yet sometime wanting to have something similar.


Hi frends! I’m Jeremy and i am prepared for the games discourse.

i like RPGs, strategy games and good narrative design.

My favorite Waypoint moment was Joel’s powerpoint.

My favorite Austin SoundBoard button is Machine Elves.


Hi! I’m Taylor. 27 year old, white/quarter Japanese guy (he/him) from the DMV (DC area). I work as a patent examiner so I spend my days talking with attorneys and sometimes the people that actually invent things!

Been a fan of Patrick ever since his G4 days and followed him to GB. From there I learned about Austin and knew I’d be checking out anything he did from then on. Love what Waypoint is doing for games and looking forward to see how it grows.

Not very active on twitter but I can be found there @MyCoolHistory and on reddit as u/MyCoolYoungHistory (bit more active there).


Greetings all! Been lurking on the forums for a while but thought it was about time to introduce m’self.

Resident old fogey, director and animator for Operation: PUG, podcaster, livestreamer, and trad Jazz enthusiast. Been playing video games since the 80s (I told you I was old) and enthusiastically embracing the tabletop/board game fever.

Waypoint is my single favorite games site and I’m pleased to be in this supportive and thoughtful community.

Kevin aka NeonNazgul


Hello. I was was, and am was once again.
Not much else to say really.


Hi all! Name’s Derek (he/him), I’m 28, and I’m a grad student working in German and Media studies, currently living abroad. I actually research games culture in Germany (both board and video), so if any of you are German and play those Simulator games a lot (Landwirtsschaft/Farming, Train, Euro Truck, etc.), I’d love to talk to you about it (und natürlich kann ich Deutsch!) Also hoping to join the Waypoint discord server at some point, as I’d love to play games online with some people who don’t suck. I think that’s about it! Also if you want to follow me on Twitter I’m @Digital_Derek but I’m not very good at twitter yet (but I’m getting better?)


Hello. I’m Joshua. Yon random software developer. Not particularly active on the forums, but interested in the waypoint discord.


Hi, I’m James - 36, he/him, England. My (dormant, or that’s the plan) twitter is jameswheeler. I’ve stuck myself with picturecell on all the gaming platforms I use.


Hello guys I’m also new here thanks for accept my membership


I’ve been kicking around the forum for well over a year and haven’t posted in this thread yet, but I like this website a lot and I’m looking to hop into the discord so here’s an extremely overdue intro post

I’m Minnow! I’m 21, Canadian, and doing my bachelors in history right now. I work 4 university jobs and I never sleep! I speak pretty good French and totally garbage German. I’m a big gay commie! I use she/her pronouns.

I found Waypoint because of listening to Friends at the Table and Idle Weekend! I haven’t been active Online since I was an awful teen in fandom but I appreciate the thoughtfulness and good moderation in this forum a lot - it’s a good vibe and it’s made me stick around. :^)


Hi everyone, I’m Jack! Age 27, bisexual, nonbinary.
I haven’t been a member of an online community since like… 2012, and I got here by listening to the Waypoint podcast, which in turn I found through Friends at the Table. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to people online because my inner critic asks constantly “does this really need to be said?”, so I might be a little timid, but I’m trying to break out of that and get involved in the community!


Hiya, I’m Stephen and I am a writer from Scotland. I like terrible fanfiction and old videogames, and plan on creating something that marries both of these into one awful mess. You can find me wasting time on twitter @blytheverse.


Hi, I’m Arkem and I’m upgrading from listener & lurker, to occasional participant!

I’m a game dev working at a big studio and previously I did tech stuff and government stuff. I came to the podcast looking for gaming news but ended up sticking around for giant robots, tactics games and cyberpunk. Right now I’m so very close to 100% in Slay the Spire (my main problem is that content is being added as fast as I can complete it) and I’m really looking forward to the Battletech expansion.

I’m always happy to chat, so hit me up if you want to talk about game dev stuff or really anything!


Hello, Velocity here!

I was listening to one of last week’s podcasts, and after listening to Austin gush about Heaven Will be Mine, I figured I should check it out (I’m a huge UC Gundam fan). Anyway, I’ve played a couple hours and so far I love the game, and was hoping to find a way to talk to other like minded people about it, so I figured, “duh waypoint’s forums. if anywhere it would be here.”

Some other stuff about me: I’m 30. I live in the Oakland/East Bay Area in California, but I’m originally from Worcester MA and given the chance I’ll talk your ear off about how it is secretly America’s greatest city. Also, I do a little hobbyist game dev stuff, but mostly I just end up making art assets.


Levi from OH here!

Been a user from day one, mostly just consuming content and lurking. I’ve recently made the conscious choice to try to participate more in both the online and offline communities I’m a part of.

I’m a 29 yo stay at home parent. If I’m not chasing the kids around, you can typically find me reading, writing, playing games, listening to podcasts/ music OR sitting staring blankly at the TV while I flip through all of the Netflix shows I’m not going to watch.


Hi all! Been lurking around since day one, but I guess I never posted in this thread? Shocking!

I’m Adam (he/him), 33 yo software developer based out of Seattle. I like half-finishing video games, reality TV with obvious producer meddling (heyyyyy Ink Master), critical media analysis, and reminding everyone that Dan Bejar was and always will be the best member of the New Pornographers.



I’m Ivan (he/him). 31. Live in the Bay Area. Work at a humanitarian non-profit. Lurker. I listen to the podcast on and off. Came over to waypoint as a fan of Danielle from the time when she was on IdleThumbs (miss those golden years). I am a pretty casual gamer at this point. Love Fifa but occasionally check out games I hear about on the podcast.