Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi all! I’m Berrak (she/her), 35 yo programmer/audio generalist/creative coder, been a big fan of Waypoint since the start but only just now found the chance to join the forums, looking forward to my time here :))

I play all types of games and also contributed to/made a few myself. Currently spending WAY too much time on Overwatch trying to get out of Bronze in comp and getting ready for Destiny Forsaken!


Hey I’m Tucker, 30 year old Canadian. Usually hang out in Kinda Funny and Easy Allies circles, but have listened to Waypoint Radio from episode one. I play games on PS4 and PC mostly, and a few friends recommended the forums and discord for Destiny groups (they’re in the Waypoint Clan).


Hi, all. My name’s Ashok (he/him), and I’m 23, cishet, Indo-Canadian, and living in Ottawa. I’ve got ADHD (inattentive), and mild anxiety. Right now, I’m finishing up my bachelors in mech eng w/ a minor in comp sci at Carleton University in Ottawa.

To be quick and dirty about it I landed at Waypoint at the end of 2017, by way of McElroy content and Friends at the Table. I used to spend a lot of time on Reddit which had some negative effects on my worldview, and Waypoint/FatT have been super key in changing that.

I like comics, manga, anime, cartoons, TTRPGS, video games, et cetera. I tend to word-vomit a lot online despite the fact that I don’t talk much IRL, so sorry in advance.


Hey Waypoint people, I’m Vulpis or Sam in the meatspace. I’m a 21 year old New Yorker and decent comedian. I accept they/them or she/her. Outside of Facebook groups I’m pretty new to forums since I don’t love internet toxicity but Waypoint seems like such a nice and well managed community. Found Waypoint by following Austin from Giant Bomb and I’ve been really happy to find a place where my interests of gaming and leftist politics can actually mix.


I’m Crazy Elf. I used to do stand up comedy and can lift very heavy objects and put them back where I found them.


Hey, y’all. My name is Jean-Michel or JM for short, and I am 34 year old Montrealer. I work as a photographer, and am also a musician (currently writing music for a new slowcore project), sometimes writer/journalist and appreciator of video/board games. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in an online community, but this truly seems like a lovely, thoughtful, inclusive place.

I mainly play on PS4 and Switch, and I hope to meet some of you in Destiny some time! Cheers.


Heyyy, everyone, I’m endlessbats, or a couple of other bat-counts, or just bats. Or I’ll probably just give you my real name if we end up in a Discord together! Still-just-barely-twentysomething queer white dude in southern Arizona, horrified twitter addict, enthusiastic German speaker, and host to nightmares. So as you’d probably guess…tech support! I’ve also been known to record and post to YouTube an entire narrated playthrough of basically all the free content Fallen London’s ever released. That was an interesting few months.

I’ve been listening to Waypoint’s podcast in particular for maybe a yeeear? and I make plenty of terrible jokes during their Twitch streams, catch me over there as a different number of bats. I usually get discouraged by the generalized venom and/or every-possible-social-group-phobia of most online gaming communities, which, yknow, I figure at least those two things I can trust to be missing around here. Hi!


Oh no I messed up and posted in the Watch dogs 2 thread first. talk about an EPIC FAIL am I right ok

Hi, I’m Henke, came here from the Idle Thumbs forums because Rob and Danielle seems to have jumped ship and are just on Waypoint Radio these days instead of Idle Weekend.

I’m a small-time indie dev with 4 or 5 games under my belt, depending on how you count them.

Aaaaaaand that’s about it.


Hi everyone, I’m Beartruck. I’m a working schlub by day and an amateur cartoonist by night.

To put it politely, I’m jumping ship from Resetera to here, as I was realized last night that how negative the site is was having an adverse effect on my mental health. That may sound silly, but when you’re blasted with threads of bad news all day it tends to stress you out. Thats not a condemnation of them, its just not for me anymore. Waypoint seems friendly and welcoming however, and I hope to distinguish myself as a good member of the community.

(As a side note, while I am a CIS white male, I LOVE the pronoun options you guys have when you first make an account. Previous sites I’ve been to only had the standard male/female option, and that always rubbed me the wrong way.)


Hey y’all. I’m lowgravitas, he/him, and not sure if my Banks reference is too on-the-nose.

I was an occasional metafilter poster for a few years, then shut up for a while because I didn’t have much to add from my maximally privileged point of view. Now I’m looking for a place to hang out with like-minded folks and chime in once in a while about Hollow Knight or Steven Universe or whatever. (Hit me up with any/all white diamond theories.)

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.


Hi folks. I’m cthulhua. He/him, they/them. I don’t play video games as much as I like to and mostly just play roguelikes and roguelights


Hey y’all, I’m Jamie. been following waypoint since the start. Was in the old discord before it (wisely) was made invite only!

Mostly into RPGs where you can make out with people and anything where you’re not an angry white man with a beard.

find me @sudojamie on twitter


Hello, I’m Anup, I write and play videogames.

I also Lurk on sites.

Crit93 on twitter.

Y’all got that invite?


Hi! I go by Viktor Walters or @viktorwalters in most locales. I just go by Viktor most of the time. I’m mid 20s, from the US, and I’m a big fan of the folks at Waypoint for… ironically, ethics in games journalism.

I like 4x and strategy games- the one I like the most is for sure the Endless Space/Legend franchise. The UI is so gorgeous.

Happy to be here on the forums.


Hi, I’m Sulli. I’d like to join the Waypoint Discord to find people to play Destiny 2 with!


Hello! I’m Nate!
I’ve been a fan of Waypoint for awhile, but I’m new to the forums. I got Destiny 2 as a part of the Humble Bundle a while back, and I’ve been looking for people to play with. The Austin/Cado stream hipped me to the Waypoint community clan, so here I am!
Thanks for reading!


Hello! I’m Lira, she/her, 31. Currently working as a web developer and in school for math. I’ve been following Waypoint since the launch stream and I’m still catching up on Twilight Mirage.


Hi! I’ve been browsing Waypoint since launch, but haven’t really posted around here until now. I’ve been a fan of Austin since his Streamfriends days, and I love his intersection of culture, politics, and gaming.

I am a big tabletop hobbyist as well - you can occasionally see some of my tabletop writing on sites like Polygon. I’m excited to get more involved with a cool and inclusive community.


Hi, I’m Milo, They/Them, primarily a lurker & here for the podcast and various indie game articles.

Over in the UK, currently an unemployed games programmer, but saying freelance sounds a lot better, so I usually say that!


Hi y’all! I’m Elliot. I’ve been following Waypoint from the start and have been meaning to participate more in the community for awhile now.

A little about myself: I’m 26. I grew up working in the service industry, currently cooking for a living. I’ve lived in southern Louisiana my whole life which is uhh…well it’s somethin’…
I was thrilled once Waypoint got up and running. I immediately realized that the conversations being had by the crew and eventually the community here were the ones I had been looking for. It reignited this passion of mine.

I’m excited to finally get to know people here!