Oy, introduce yourself!


Hey folks! I’m Jess, a software developer in Vancouver! I’ve been following Waypoint since its inception two years ago. I’m not much of a forum person, but I’m getting deep into Destiny 2: Forsaken, and I imagine the Waypoint community would be a fantastic group to play with, so here I am!


Hi everyone. I’m Ian, and I’ve been following Waypoint for a while, but finally decided to get myself a little bit more involved with the community.

Looking forward to playing games and chatting with all the great folks here!


Hoody yall! I’m Patrick and I live in Texas. I’ve been following Waypoint for a while, but I was inspired to participate in the forum and discord while watching Cado and company try to tackle the new Destiny 2 raid.

Looking forward to playing and talking about video games with some of yall!


hey folks

I’m Ursa, 28, live in Canada, use she/her pronouns, am non-binary

been following Austin since Stream Friends
Waypoint quickly became one of my fave sites when it launched
I mostly just watch the streams and listen to the podcast


Hi! I am Luminaire, been following Waypoint since the beginning as I was interested in the way that Austin talks about games. Now I want to try engaging a bit more with my own thoughts on games.


Hi, I’m Elena!
I’ve watched waypoint for about a year and my girlfriend finally convinced me to make an account here! I’m 29 years old and play just about every game that comes out xD Also I have a dog and he’s cool!


Hello everyone, my name is Juan. I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am 26 years old and I use they/them pronouns. I noticed that I have not posted on this thread, so here I am now.


If anyone lives in or around Vancouver Washington please let me know cause me and my partner need friends!


Hello. My name’s Kyle. I’ve been following Austin since his days as a Stream Friend, and Danielle since her days at Polygon. I discovered Rob on Three Moves Ahead due to a recommendation from Austin. I’m a huge fan of Waypoint radio.

I’ll be 40(!) at the end of the month and games and the communities around them have been part of my life for most of that time.

I was finally prompted to sign up for a forum account because I want to play Destiny 2 with this awesome community.


Hey, my name is James, 31 year-old, He/Him. I started listening to podcasts with the very beginning of the 1UP podcasts. After that fell apart I followed various former contributors to their new endeavors.

between 2013 and 2017, however, I stopped gaming as much and didn’t participate in any media outlet communities.

I found Waypoint due to stumbling upon a tweet by Patrick during the Pewdiepie shouting out the n-word on a stream controversy. I found that I really enjoyed the related podcast and I was impressed by how well the opinions were considered and articulated. I have been listening ever since and have also listened to pretty much every episode I missed before I found Waypoint.


Hey y’all.

I’m Matt (he/him mostly but trying on they/them pants recently). I’m 25 and I like plants and video games. Big fan of McElroy and McElroy-adjacent content, SF/F novels, horror movies.

Found Waypoint through Friends at the Table and also by following pretty much every not-shitty games journalist on Twitter. Finally joined the forums because I too was looking for an active Destiny 2 clan with people that aren’t garbage.


Hi everybody!

I’m very old (35) guy from Argentina! I mostly complain about work, but I also like reading, podcasts, movies, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve known of Waypoint since they started, but didn’t start paying attention to the site until later on. And just like LocalPolitics above me, I finally joined you all because I’m the only Destiny 2 player I know.


Hello! I’m Andrew. I’m an English teacher that surprises my students by actually understanding their video game references. In most games I take the handle of “CaptureThatLight” because I enjoy photography, and upping my light level in Destiny. I’m looking forward to slaying some evils with you all soon!


hi. my name is patrick. sometimes i make dumb things on the internet like this hipster haiku generator.

i also play videogames. they are fun.


Hey folks, name’s Greg, 33, he/him. Showed up here at launch after following Austin, Patrick, and Danielle in their various and sundry pre-Vice careers. I’m a writer and actor, and when I’m not doing those things I work for an educational non-profit. I like stories and games, in whatever form they take.

Fun fact: the last time I was active in a forum was in high school, when I “worked” for a games media site that existed primarily to score its editor-in-chief free review copies and access to E3. The site still exists! Anything I wrote for it, blessedly, does not.


Yooo I’m Capntastic, saying hi and hello.

California based, he/him, generally enthusiastic about videogames on PC for a few hours before uninstalling them to make room for a different one.

Have a solid day, thanks!


Hi All!

I’m Andrew! You can find me @BasedMulder on Twitter. He/him, I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I’m 28. I teach pageantry arts/music part time and work in the cellar of a brewing company in Cleveland that distributes both in Ohio and some adjoining states

I’ve got some forum experience, mostly in Play-By-Post pages back when I was in middle school and high school.

I’m in to video games, table top RPGs, media that is engaging (books, film, TV, music, etc), and general weird stuff.


Hi, I just wanted to say hello.

I like the thoughtfulness of Waypoint and the concepts it hold dear so I thought why not try and take part. I’m not the most bright, social or able person though so expect nothing from me apart from, I expect, the occasional question!

In terms of gaming, I’m currently playing mostly on PC and my current go to games of choice include Forza Horizon 3 (to dull the excitement for 4), Dark Souls 3, Euro and American Truck Simulator, Kerbal Space Program and Not Tonight. I’m also guilty of still liking a bit of online shooty-bang-bang and will happily get stuck into a round or two of PUBG or some PvE in GTA:O now and then.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Keep on keeping on Waypoint folks.


Hello all, I’m Josh (He/Him). I’ve been having a hard time finding a Destiny 2 PC clan and then stumbled across Waypoint. Looking forward to gaming with everyone!


Hi all, I’m Mike. I’m from Toronto, Canada (really a little outside the city currently), and am a science/math teacher. I love the intellectual discussions that are intertwined with gaming and gaming culture, and find it to be a very pleasant change from the normal media coverage of video games. It is so reassuring that there are others out there that love video games but appreciate actually THINKING about them, their impact, and the potential problems with video game culture. Ugh… I’m rambling… just happy to be in this space. Thanks Waypoint!