Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi, everyone! Marc here and I’m currently a member of Friends At The Farm.
I’m enjoying Destiny again with Forsaken and would love to play alongside y’all on the PS4! :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
I am ravi. I am web delveloper this is my site: Masskara Festival My aim one day is no 1 web developer.


Hello again,

My name is Daniel. I am somehow 29 and I work at a shitty payroll company. Lately, I’ve been posting funny shit into the void at danielwastesyourtime.com. Like, subscribe and repeatedly click on the ad.


Errr… I know it was a joke but don’t actually do that. It’s showing a Trump/Pence ad. Please don’t.


I am Andrew. I write books, and I collect random bits of information. I am 32, I’m from Vancouver, and I have recently written off Nintendo.

Books take a very long time to write :frowning:
Rewriting them does not help this


Hey! Been reading/listening to Waypoint for a bit and thought it would be nice to hop into the forums here. I go by Thanat0s here, and a bunch of other online places. I use He/Him pronouns mostly, tho They/Them or sorta w/e is also chill. I look forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone

I’m Taiga2k, he/him, from Denmark

I’ve been listening to, reading and watching Waypoint for a while. I recently became infatuated by Destiny 2 after it went on PS+. I’m really enjoying it, the gameplay and all the beautiful space-bullshit lore - enough that I’m considering playing it with other people!

The thing is, I’ve developed quite a bit of anxiety with regards to being online, which is also why you won’t see me writing as much here as I would like to. So I thought Destiny would be impossible for me, because I don’t have any friends who play. But now I’m considering that it would be pretty great to play with some awesome Waypoint people, so I’m writing here and also asking for a invite to the discord.


Hey, I’m Mike, started following Waypoint when Austin Heist-montaged this group of Crims (bringing Patrick Klepek back in from the cold), but only now plucking up the courage to join the discourse.
31, father to a 1yr old, looking to just be more engaged in an inclusive community. Austin, Patrick, Danielle, Rob and the rest of this motley crew are opening my eyes to a new kind of criticism that I never considered before, and am glad there is a place I can start engaging with this wonderful community in.


Hey frands!

I’m dctrdischord, he/him/his or they/them/theirs or really whatever, still trying to figure out out. I’m artist, improviser, museum educator in Chicago. I don’t remember the exact first contact I had with waypoint but I got hooked on Mecha Mondays and Tactical Tuesdays and thought i’d hop on and join the larger conversations! Hi!


Hey everyone,

I’m Hasi, they/them, from the Netherlands. I’m a student of anthropology and sociology and biomedical science (in the past). I wanted to join because I realised I only take in information from the Internet but it would be nice to instead get involved and talk to like minded people! I’m hoping it will be fun and interesting!



I’m a profoundly bored tech worker looking for more communities to hang out in so typing sounds come from my desk and no one notices my personal laptop running WoW in the office.

My twitter is @elicizew but I am really only still there because 3 of my friends are on no other social media.


Hi, call me Rarya. She/her/hers. Followed Austin and Patrick from Giant Bomb when Waypoint was still the Vice Gaming Podcast, but I’ve become a big fan of the whole crew. Still, I -just- joined the forum because I didn’t feel the need until I wanted to talk about The Messenger but no one in my group chat was playing it!

Excited to continue to talk about gamez with y’all!



Call me Mouse, I too followed Austin from Giant Bomb, but stayed for the focus on empathy and thoughtfulness that Waypoint brings to games. I don’t have a whole lot of spare time, so I’m not going to be on the forums a whole lot, but would like to join the Discord for people to play games with!

My pronouns are he / him.



I’m just a person who likes video games and wants to meet some new people.

I’m just on Waypoint because I like nice people more than not nice people and it boggles my mind that a place like this even exists.


Hello there!

I’ve been a reader/listener/lurker since the site began as I was an avid fan of Austin and Patrick from their previous work, but since I’m a forum regular over at gamerswithjobs.com I’ve not created an account here until now. I’d like to be able to join the Discord and hopefully play some Destiny with some like minded folks, so it seemed like this would be a good place to start. :smiley:


Hi Everyone!

Been coming to the site since it began, specifically following Austin and Patrick from Giant Bomb also. I have lurking on the site and forum too long and decided to post more because I love the general vibe and respectful/progressive nature of the community. I’m also finding myself in a place where my current job/friend group aren’t necessarily into the same video games/other media I’m into so wanted to reach out and meet people here! Would love to join the Discord if there’s one currently going.

Pronouns are he/him.


Hey pals,

I followed Austin to Waypoint from Giant Bomb and decided I’d like to be more active in the community. I’m a filthy communist and absolutely adore that the Waypoint folks aren’t afraid to delve deep into issues of social justice and labour. My pronouns are he/him and I’m excited to consume Extreme Gamer Content with you all.


Hello, everyone! I was hoping to find a gaming place that someone like me could call home, and I think I’ve finally found it in Waypoint and its wonderful community. Like others have said, I very much appreciate how socially forward-thinking this place is, and that you all are unafraid of really getting into deep discussions about the media we consume. For a leftist like myself, coming here seemed natural.

By the way, my pronouns are they/them!


Hello my name is Ayman 35 years from Egypt


Hi all, I’m drTreeBeard and another one who followed over from GiantBomb. It just took a few years to actually create an account.