Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello! My name’s Taylor, I’ve been on board with Austin & Patrick’s work since Giant Bomb and I also followed Danielle & Rob here from their appearances on Idle Thumbs. I’ve always loved their perspectives on gaming topics, so it’s been really awesome watching this site bloom and grow. Pronouns are she/her

See you around!


Hi hi! I’m Takuma, they/them pronouns, I’m a 20 year old Japanese citizen/US permanent resident. A friend got me into Friends at the Table, and then I learned Austin was editor of a gaming website so I started listening to WPR. Just got to machine elves, and I’m catching up little by little. Nice to meet y’all!


Hey! I’m Deme, an archaeologist developing apps/games as a way to work towards accessibility and sustainability in heritage. PC-person and all around nerd. Started following Austin after seeing him in RPG shows some time before Waypoint, and am a big fan of WPR.


Hey, I’m Patrick. I’m a 33 year old from Worcester, MA. I used to work in radio as a producer, but made the terrifying decision to change careers and get into software development by attending a web development immersive bootcamp.

Like many others I followed Austin from Giant Bomb to Waypoint. I love the community and environment they have fostered here and wanted to become a more active part of it beyond just consuming content and lurking.


Hello! I’m Ben. I’m a 34 year from Worcester in the UK, which is made marginally interesting by the context of the post (PatODay) immediately before this one.

I’m currently living in Hong Kong where I spent an age working as an agency writer/art director - now I’m making a video game about robots and very slowly preparing to return to Europe once my country works out what degree of terrible it’s going to generate with post-brexit madness plans.

Been a Giant Bomb follower since 2009 so I made the same Patrick/Austin journey to waypoint that many folks did. Very fond of the atmosphere that WP content has and keen to join the discord that gets shout outs in so much of the live content.

Also here because Destiny 2 is a lonely solo thing and Cado gives me hope for community.


+1 for sister cities!


sup duder! i did the career change thing / immersive bootcamp thing a couple years back (on the other side of the coast).

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever have questions or want feedback from someone whose been through a similar ringer.


Hi! I’m corey. I make music and design UI. I’m from Charlotte, NC & I’m currently attending UNCC.

I generally keep up with the podcasts, but my mission here is to introduce myself so I can join a Destiny 2 clan on the discord server.

Hey everyone!


Heyo! I’m Jonathan, singer, potential journalist maybe and uni student from Australia.

Started following Waypoint recently thanks to Austin Walker, and a big fan of the discussion on the podcasts and stuff. Want to keep up with conversations on games and maybe join the waypoint discord. I have never really been on forums before so oh boy nervous.


Hey everyone, I’m Allan, and Waypoint is where I discovered the outstanding crew and I’ve been in love with their work ever since.

I’m a big fan of 3rd person action games with a focus on narrative and lore, I love comics and movies with a certain friendly neighhbourhood Spider-Man.

Thanks for keeping this a chill space to be a part of. I’m happy to be here


Hey y’all, joined earlier this to try and get into FATT because I’m looking for an active Destiny 2 clan that is respectful of fellow and opposing Guardians, but then I fell off because my interest in Destiny 2 fell off. UNTIL NOW.

Like a lot of folks I followed Patrick and Austin over from Giant Bomb and have been listening/reading since pre-Waypoint Waypoint days. 36 year old dad (he/him) from the Twin Cities area, I’m also a sometimes active lurker at Talking Time, Jeremy Parish’s forum.

I work for corporate overlords but I’m trying to nudge them in a more environmentally-friendly/sustainable direction. In my spare time I read, game, work out, and do lots of laundry. Sometimes I cook. I am dad-ing 24/7, and my wife and I are getting ready for a second kiddo this winter. So, you know, gotta get them raids in before then!


Hi everyone!

I’m Joseph from Newcastle in the UK.

Like a lot of people I followed Austin and Patrick from GB and Danielle and Rob from Idle Thumbs.

I love the breath of fresh air Waypoint offers in terms of both the content and the diversity of the community!


Hello I am Steve, I have been listening and reading for ages and finally decided to pop over here.

You all seem nice.


Hello! I’m Joe from IL, and I’m currently in grad school at the University of Illinois studying Library and Information Sciences. Would really love to find an intersection between my love for video games and libraries to some capacity. I know video game archiving is out there (they’ve got their own small department at the Library of Congress).

The midwest isn’t too bad, one of the best arcades in the area (Galloping Ghost in Brookfield) was quick 40 minute drive from my parents’ house. I love the EA Skate games, any old ass game I can run through an RGB monitor, Bloodborne, and I’m currently playing through the Dark Souls series for the first time (on DS2 now). I used to visit a TurboGrafx16/PC Engine forum a lot until it was taken over by an alt-right-far-right nutjob. So, this place seems like exactly what I’ve been looking for/need!

Love Mega64, Giant Bomb, and relatively new to Waypoint. Happy to be here!


Hi all,

I’m Raffy from Milwaukee, WI. Sup midwest friends. I went to art school, bartended and partied hard, and now I’m developing a huge indie game called The Moon Fields. Life is weird.

My favorite video game is Double Dragon 2. I have a fondness for exciting experiments like the NES, the Playstation 1, and Demons Souls. I really like the soundtrack to Godhand. I’ve had a gaming PC for 8 years and only really play Starcraft 2 on it.


Ah, another librarian! I studied LIS in Boston. Cheers and welcome!


Very cool! What are you doing now with the degree? I like almost every aspect to it and can’t really decide on a focus yet, but thankfully I’m only in my first semester.


I focused on archives (mostly manuscripts with a little digital) and currently work in an academic library processing collections. But I feel a lot of what I learned is transferable to other types of positions (reference, cataloging, museums, etc.) as well. Dabble in all areas if you can. Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat more!


Hi, I’m David. I’m 20, he/him and from the Chicago Suburbs. I don’t think I’ve actual join a forum until now and I found waypoint through Friends at the Table!


Hey, so, I’m sure I did one of these back when I first joined, but with certain recent developments in my existence I wanted to take a re-do. :slight_smile: So, if you knew the other name associated with this account, let me make a change here:

I’m Kara! I’m 36, she/her from Portland! I am a tech professional by day and a photographer, musician, and writer by night and also day. I play on the Xbox and the Switch - I’m NameBrandKara on the Xbox and SW-1999-2114-4014 on the Switch! I live and game with my wife and our two cats.

I was gone from gaming for many years but diving into the Mass Effect trilogy and Gone Home a couple of years ago brought me back. I tend to play a lot of single-player story-heavy stuff, and also a lot of Forza Horizon 4 as many of you may know (at least under my old name).

Anyway, it’s been good to be here and to now finally be here as my real self. :smiley: