Oy, introduce yourself!


Hey, so, I’m sure I did one of these back when I first joined, but with certain recent developments in my existence I wanted to take a re-do. :slight_smile: So, if you knew the other name associated with this account, let me make a change here:

I’m Kara! I’m 36, she/her from Portland! I am a tech professional by day and a photographer, musician, and writer by night and also day. I play on the Xbox and the Switch - I’m NameBrandKara on the Xbox and SW-1999-2114-4014 on the Switch! I live and game with my wife and our two cats.

I was gone from gaming for many years but diving into the Mass Effect trilogy and Gone Home a couple of years ago brought me back. I tend to play a lot of single-player story-heavy stuff, and also a lot of Forza Horizon 4 as many of you may know (at least under my old name).

Anyway, it’s been good to be here and to now finally be here as my real self. :smiley:


Hello, I’m Secondhands. Love the site and the podcast, and figured I would finally check out the forums/discord.


Hey, guys and girls, reginald (he/him) on board.
Isometric rpg fan, kind of a nerd, hobbyist who finally decided to join your community.
Love your website <3


Howdy gamers, My name is Hayden (@frigidmirth on twitter) and i’m a bi 24 yr old leftist boy. I don’t have much history with forums at all but I intend on changing that with Waypoint’s. I work as a caretaker for the state of california but I have my eyes set on a graphic design/digital arts and expiremental electronic music.


Hi everyone!

I’m Muffy (also Charlotte) and I’ve been mostly lurking in these forums for a while without a proper hello. So. Hello! Uhhh also I live in california and I started hanging around waypoint after following Austin from Friends at the Table. Big ups for TTRPGs!

Hit me up if you want to I guess? I’ll be around. Oh, and I’m on Twitter @seejayel. So you can find me there too tossing out retweets.

And remember, you gotta GOTV before thinking about GOTY :wink:


Hewwo. I’m Atlas.

I’m a native american, non cishet person who likes videogames and is angry at the industry all the time.

I’ll try and not cause too many problems.


Hi, everybody! My name is Vladislav or Vlad for short, and I’m writing this from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. :wave: I’m currently looking for a job in web development and trying to get into game development as a hobby.

I first found Waypoint through Polygon after the N* R* allegations came to light, and have been following Waypoint’s work ever since. I enjoy the discussions and analysis that the team brings to the table, and they’ve shaped how I think about games, gaming culture and art in general.

I’m on Twitter @russiancryptid, feel free to write to me if you want to talk!


Hi I’m Candle and I initially came to Waypoint after Austin had left Giantbomb. I’m 27, he/him, and play a fair amount of MTG.


I’m SmashingAeon, aka Rob! I’m in the lovely hellstate of Florida, 25, have been following games journalism since a certain kind of thing happened back in…what was it, 2014? That led to my discovery of Waypoint, and I finally joined because I want to meet some amazing new people. I go by @Smashing_Aeon on the bird site.

Not much of a forum user, so I dunno what to expect of myself, but it’ll be fun to meet you all! I love all kinds of games, I’m really not that picky. As long as I can get into it, I might like it.


posted on here for awhile but somehow missed this thread; I’m DystopiaX, a name I’ve had since I had to make my first online handle when I was like, 10, and since kind of dislike but I’m horrible at naming things so I’ve kept it. As many others have posted on here, I became a fan of Austin’s/Patrick’s through their work on GiantBomb and followed waypoint since the site’s inception because I was a fan. I’d grown to appreciate the kind of thoughtful games coverage that waypoint as a whole is all about over some of the more mainstream games coverage.


Hi everyone! My name is Rosa, I’m 19 and from Sweden.
I used to have a other account here (Aeneas) but i forgot the password both to the account and to the email it was connected to. But i also hadn’t been active on here for a long time so i thought i might as well start over and try to be as active on here as possible.


Hello everyone, name’s Charles!
(24, He/him pronouns)

I’ve been following Waypoint for, gosh I guess it’s been about a year and a half now? I’ve wanted to engage in the community for a while now but I’ve been too anxious about it, honestly, I’m still terrified! I’ve been yearning to have more in-depth discussions about games and I absolutely love the podcast and the sort of community the Waypoint crew encourages so I’m confident that I don’t have to worry about anything here. I look forward to talking to all of you!


Hi everyone!

Have been in love with the writings and thinkings of the Waypoint crew and heard them talk about how cool the forums are in the latest Waypoint Radio… so I thought “let’s check it out”. It has been a loooooong time since I have been participating in any forum but if there is one that holds a friendly and open minded community this should be the place right? I am also taking this opportunity to learn more about Discord, it’s about time to learn that new trick as well so see you all there I guess :slight_smile:

About myself, I am must going to copy paste my profile info here cause I hate writing about myself and this already took me quite some time to put together:

Storyteller who mostly likes to use games and music as his canvas. As an art director for YipYip, me and my team create games to help people grow or overcome. For example games that help children with autism transition from elementary school to middle/high school or empower children who suffered sexual abuse. In my spare time I am working with a small team on a docu-game that aims to be a collection of interactive biographies of adventurous, convention breaking women and write my own music which you can find on all the major music streaming platforms.

Find me on twitter @Afello


So, i’m not particularly new here, but i heard that posting here, i can request access to the discord. I would like to have acess, if you would be so ever grateful.



My name is De Ana! I’m a 31 year old writer who found this place through Spawn On Me. You can find me on Twitter @NaniCoolJ (please don’t follow me, I’m not funny).

That’s about everything interesting about me. I’m excited to be here and look forward to talking to everyone!


Hello I’m Alex. I’m a guy.

I’m not really new to Waypoint but I am new to this forum so that’s why I’m posting here.


Hi everyone! I’m a public service lawyer in the New England area. Waypoint is just about the only gaming news I follow closely these days. Love what you guys do!


Hello everyone! My name is Daniel. I’m 35, live near Charlotte, NC and would love to be able to get in to join one of the Destiny 2 clans that one of my friends got in through the Discord server. I’m a stay at home father to a brilliant five year old who loves to read almost as much as she loves dinosaurs!


Hey hey! I’ve been active on here for a hot minute and probably should really introduce myself. Honestly its just rude at this point.

I’m Pat! I live in Toronto and I draw stuff and deliver mail to people! I like video games!


Hey all! I’m Chris, I live/work in NY. I’ve been on the forums here and there but I wanted to get around to introducing myself and joining the Discord server.