Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi! I’m Harriet, 24, she/her from London. I like games some of the time but I probably enjoy discussing them more. I primarily game on pc (I know I know) because I’ve always had access to them and they’re what I grew up on. Never had a huge online presence though. Currently playing Assassin’s Creed Origins. Let’s be friends!


Uh, hello.

My name is Robert, I live in the UK, and most of the time, I like to write. Usually fiction and fanfic, but sometimes I like to stick my opinions somewhere.

I’ve been playing games ever since I saw my parents playing Centipede on the Atari 5200, and ever since my mother bought me a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I’m also a long time fan of anime, action movies, rock music, and other kinds of stuff that probably would take up too much time.


Hi! I’m Josh. I found my way here by following Austin from Stream Friends to Twitter to Giant Bomb to Waypoint. I’ve not been active on the forums at all, but I do love to follow threads (especially the screenshot ones). I figure it’s about time to get more involved with such an anti-toxic gaming community.



I’m Wen! Like a lot of other folks, I followed Austin & Patrick here from GB and I’ve been following Waypoint since the very beginning! I’ve also been reading the forums periodically since they opened but hadn’t gotten around to making an account until today!

As far as video games go, I’m really into visual novels, rogue-likes and fighting games but I’m generally interested in all kinds of games. Although, I haven’t been able to play much since about a year and a half ago I lost my house and most of my stuff! I mainly played on PC but I had a few handhelds too. I’ve also got a smartphone but I never really enjoyed playing games on it. Still don’t!

So nowadays instead of playing games I stick to reading about them or watching other people play them. I also enjoy listening to very cool music (mostly electronic stuff) and I recently got back into anime and manga again!

Still quite a bit nervous about actively participating in the community but I will say that I appreciate the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere you all strive for! I’ve also never joined a big server on Discord before (anxiety) but if this where we request invites then I’m blzzzrrttt#9242 on there. Looking forward to interacting with the community and administering ‘likes’ in the Discourse Zone!


Hey all,

I’m Brigsby and I’ve been following the Waypoint Raido podcasts for a bit now and wanted to join the forums and Discord to find communities of people who like gaming and want to push back on the toxic elements of society that creep in.


Hey all!

So my name is my username, Josh Dolar (bold I know but got to that social media #branding down). You can find me on any social by the same username so why not use it in a forum, right?

I’m 25 and have been actually following video game news and culture for about 5 years after growing up playing them, against the wishes of the rest of my family. I came across waypoint through hearing about Austin and Patrick through a combination of Giant Bomb and Kinda Funny and wanting to find people who will actually cover the industry and treat it the medium as both art and business not just a hobby. It is also nice to have some political coverage of games that more aligns with my hard left wing (for America) political ideals and they are open about it.

I’m also a v amateur photographer, someone with a degree in Christian ministry, and the only forum I have ever been a part of before was the Kinda Funny Forum but left because it is pretty toxic, as the whole of the Kinda Funny Community has become within the past year or so.

I’m looking forward to having great talks, meeting wonderful people, and have a non-toxic forum experience here with everyone!


Hello! My name’s Fergus, 26 and I’m from Sydney, Australia, but have lived all over the place and was born in the UK. I’ve only just stumbled across Waypoint, but as someone looking for an interesting, critical and inclusive space to discuss games, as well as a friendly community to get involved in after spending most of my online life being a chronic lurker, the site ticked so many boxes.

I used to follow Giant bomb though admittedly not as much as some here, for the last couple of years most of my games reading has been via Cameron Kunzelman’s amazing blog This Cage is Worms. I’ve played a bit of everything, but love games with atmosphere, decisions and a decent difficulty curve.
I’m neck deep in Stardew Valley, Dwarf Fortress and System Shock 2 at the moment (an odd assortment, I know.) I used to make films but I’m back in school for computer science.

Looking forward to participating in this great community and meeting some cool game friends to talk about interesting things with! :robot:


Hey all, I’m Matt from Florida. I’ve drifted through the outside of gaming a bit ago, and sites like Waypoint help keep me into what’s going on with really smart commentary as well.


Hi, I’m Sam. He/him pronounds, 30 y/o in Brooklyn. Been on Destiny since PC launch. Looking for a healthier clan to enjoy D2 with.


I’m Ben. Genderqueer. They/them pronouns. Mid-30s, still a mess, but hanging in there. Followed Austin from the Giant Bomb days, and Danielle from the Gameshark days. Looking for another nice chill community to hang out in.


Hi there, I’m Bliss. I go by @mistressbliss on twitter and pretty much everywhere :slight_smile:
Follower of Waypoint, Austin, and gamer. Just finally got dragged into Destiny by the SO and have been enjoying myself. Figured we might as well be on the same clan.


Hi everyone, I’m Alex, going by @rainynight65 online. Originally from Germany, now living in Australia. I came here because I started listening to (gaming) podcasts again after a near 5 year break, and I used to listen to Jumping The Shark with Danielle back in the day, and also have heard Rob on Gamers With Jobs a number of times. Loving Waypoint radio for the depth of its topics and discussions, and hope to engage with like-minded people here.

P.S.: Loved the onboarding with @discobot!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Hi, I’m Danny or @Cosmik_Debris. Yes, its a Frank Zappa reference!

I live in NYC and have been a Waypoint fan since the beginning. It is so damn nice to hear a ‘waypoint’ for progressive gamers, who so often have to deal with so much toxic bullshit in games culture.

On that note, would love to join the Discord, and join the RTO Destiny 2 clan as well!


I’m ScallyCap, friends just call me Scally. I’m married, a former Air Force mechanic, work in apartment maintenance, follow Ohio sports, play tabletop games with my friends every week, and do a little creative writing in my spare time. I’ve never felt comfortable being labeled a capital-G “Gamer” because there’s so much baggage that comes along with the word. That said, I play a lot of video games and I play some of them a lot. The 10 most important to me are pinned to the top of my profile at twitter.com/scallycap.

Anyway that’s the short version. I’m an open book so hit me up.


Hey folks!

36 year old still trying to figure out what to do with myself while trapped in this meat husk.

I’ve been a denizen of the internet far more than my hometown so I guess that’s where I really grew up.

Nomad vagabond of sorts.


Realized I hadn’t ever posted in here. I’m not really much of a forum user anymore, but I read the site, listen to pretty much all the podcasts, and watch the streams when they happen. Giant Bomb was the only other gaming site I ever really “got into” and Austin joining them coincided with a lot of personal growth I went through and becoming a more progressive person. So of course when he left and started Waypoint, which also featured personalities I loved like Rob, Danielle, and Patrick (plus Danika who I knew from Crunchyroll days) and then new people like Cado and Natalie, I was super into it. Hope they can keep doing this for a long time!


I’m aperfecttool72 / drunkenirishman. Usually found under one of those two handles on most sites.

Been following Waypoint since Austin started it after leaving Giant Bomb, but never really got onto the forums. So, I’m doing that now. Figured I’d stop being a hermit and get into some communities that I think I can trust. You might have seen me in the Giant Bomb Reddit, that’s where I hang out.

Not a bunch of time to really play games anymore. Two kids will really limit your free time!


Hi all. pretty new to internet forums and discord. Stumbled across the Waypoint podcast and website about a year ago and can’t express enough thanks to the staff and community for being an amazing internet space. Kinda of new to gaming and still figuring out what my favorite types of games are and how to think about games more critically. I work on farms and in schools so sometimes the podcasts take the place of time I’d like to spend playing games. Always down to talk comic books.


Hi everyone! I’m Gabe, a Californian living in Boston. You can find me @Gabe_Nichols on twitter.
Finally joining the forums after enjoying the site and Waypoint Radio for the past couple years. Hoping to talk about and play games with thoughtful folks like you!