Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi all. pretty new to internet forums and discord. Stumbled across the Waypoint podcast and website about a year ago and can’t express enough thanks to the staff and community for being an amazing internet space. Kinda of new to gaming and still figuring out what my favorite types of games are and how to think about games more critically. I work on farms and in schools so sometimes the podcasts take the place of time I’d like to spend playing games. Always down to talk comic books.


Hi everyone! I’m Gabe, a Californian living in Boston. You can find me @Gabe_Nichols on twitter.
Finally joining the forums after enjoying the site and Waypoint Radio for the past couple years. Hoping to talk about and play games with thoughtful folks like you!


Hi all, Micah here. I’m an, err, seasoned gamer from the Montreal area. I’ve listened to Waypoint Radio since its inception (and Idle Weekend, GB, and GBE before that) and finally decided to join the community. Hoping to get in on some of the Destiny 2 (PC) fun and meet new friends.


Hello All!!

I’m Kwame aka Fokis, and I am a long time fan of the site! Followed Austin and Patrick here from Giant Bomb, because i loved their views (and patrick’s love of horror), and really fell in love with what Waypoint is doing, and the conversations and spaces it’s created that i’ve felt have been sorely lacking (or hard to find) in the gaming community!

More about me, I am black life long geek, retired rapper, video game/horror/music/movie fanatic. A progressive from Mass, and my pronouns are he/him! Look forward to joining the community in a more active way!


Good morning people,
I’m Adam. Doing my best to stay warm in Michigan. Been meaning to join the forum for a while now but just getting around to it today. I really enjoy the Waypoint vibe and format and I can’t get enough of the podcast. I’ve been pretty quiet on Twitter for months now cause the negativity I see there gets kinda overwhelming. Hoping this can be a place for friendly chat cause I do miss that lately.
Started playing games on the Atari 2600 in 1983 when I was three years old and I’m still around.
The games that have impacted me the most in my lifetime are Maniac Mansion, EarthBound, Cave Story, and Bloodborne.
Wishing everyone a great day.


Hi folks!
I’m Mike. I’m a long time Friends at the Table fan. I discovered Waypoint a handful of months ago through the podcast and I’ve been lurking on the forums for a little bit. This seems like such a wonderful community, and I’m really excited to be a part of it. I feel like Waypoint is such a positive force, and I’m stoked to meet other folks in this space.

Just a little about me; I’m 27 year old Native American queer dude working at a library in the Chicago area. I’ve never really been out of the midwest, pretty excited at the prospect of seeing a mountain someday. I love tabletop RPGs, especially the more indie stuff, and I’m always down to learn about new ones. I used to play fighting games pretty competitively; I don’t really practice anymore, but I’d be thrilled to play casually with some folks.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hello, I am a pixelated nudist that is elated to share no pics with any one at any time. I do have thoughts.
In fact, many of these thoughts spew forth into the ether after I download episodes of the Waypoint Podcast also through the very same ether.

This Unit followed Austin Walker from Giant Bomb BzzT WE StIll MISs YoU bZZt and Danielle from Idle Thumbs.


Hi! I’m canada_goose, I’m a 29-year-old software developer and homesteader. I play board games and PC games, except I live in a rural area and my PC is down for the count right now so my opportunities are a bit limited for the time being. Have dabbled a bit in game development but it never really stuck. Anyway this forum seemed interesting so I thought I would check it out. Hi!


Hi everyone,

I’m Nevermore, but my friends call me Emir. I’m a medical writer by day, and savior of the solar system by night.

Would love to join the RTO Destiny 2 clan and hunt down bad guys with like-minded gamers!