Oy, introduce yourself!


Hihi! I’m Jason. Twitter handle is @FlotsamAndJason.

Been a big fan of the site, the podcast, etc for some time now. Heard Cado mention the Destiny 2 Clan and I was like… wait, I can actually do the raids?

So yeah, looking to get in on that Discord, and definitely want to join [FATT] since I’m playing on ye olde PS4.

Thanks for having me!


oh hai, i’m Tod, @voidwhichbinds here and on twitter - also on Xbox - looking for peeps to play destiny 2 with - i’m on fridays and weekend nights. Thanks for mentioning the Waypoint community Cado!


Hi! I go by Chicken Parm on the internet (I wish there was a good story here) and I’m a big fan of Waypoint’s podcasts and written content! I want to get more into writing/thinking critically about games and this definitely seems like a good community to join in order to do so!

I use She/Her pronouns and I play on PS4, Switch, and PC <3


Hello everyone! I’m Robert, @robertcyoung on Twitter. I’ve been looking for a Destiny Clan on PC to join and a friend of mine in RTO recommended that I come here because of the great community. Would love to become a part of it! GizBro#1456 on battle.net


May have forgotten to do this last year :joy: I’m Sihr aka Czar, I’m from Chicago where I do private security and a little writing. My mainstay game is Destiny/Destiny 2.


What’s Up Gamers ™.

Hey. I’m Bolt. I’ve been on gaming forums of one kind or another for most of my life, including a stint as head admin of an Ace Attorney site for half a decade. I wind up signing up as BoltGSR on places now because I spent a decade as “Bolt Storm” on half the forums (a name 11-year-old me was convinced was the most kickass play-by-post name ever conceived of) and “GSR” on the other half. I’m also @boltgsr on Twitter, which is where I mostly am these days, because I make poor decisions.

As of late I’ve gotten more into critical writing about games and I’ve been listening to/reading Waypoint for almost as long as it’s been around, so I figured I’d bite the bullet and sign up here as well.

About me: late twenties, software developer by day. Games-wise, I like light tactics games (think Advance Wars), light simulation/city-building games, puzzle games, mystery games (again, half a decade running Court-Records), some JRPGs, and horror games even though anything scarier than a Resident Evil puts me in fits. With my left hand I write long essays about how Illusion of Gaia on the Super Nintendo’s oddball translation contributes to its sense of the player being part of a living legend and with my right I write alarmingly earnest Genyatta fanfic. Some people have war stories from the Harry Potter or Avatar fandoms, I have war stories from the Bionicle fandom.

Nice meeting y’all! :v:


hi! i’m @voidwhichbinds here and twitter and xbox live - gaymer, nerd, bureaucrat. also yoga, meditation and pets. i’m old, but not crusty. love to hang out with yall.


I meant to post here earlier but hi hi! started following Waypoint for the Tactical Tuesdays streams but stayed for the thoughtful conversations about games and everything else.

I mostly play PC strategy games, like the XCOMs and Total Warhammers, but also trying some more grognardy wargames recently. I’m trying to branch out a bit so hanging out here has been great to hear about games I’d skip over otherwise, especially less mainstream stuff.


Hi I’m Trypa and I’m looking for a good clan! I am still in uni and love videogames.


Howdy, Waypoint forums.

I’m Tom. 25, Edinburgh, UK. White-ish. He/Him pronouns.

I’m here as I love Waypoint (and have since it started) and as part of my New Year’s attempts to be better, wanted to stop lurking and start engaging.

I’m an employed Content Writer and I have a partner of 4 years and also a dog. I love writing and have been meekly attempting to break through into writing for the video game scene for a … while. This is partly why I’m here. Will explain.

Joining to gather a bit of input on my writing from a gaming community that I consider to be thoughtful and interesting, starting with perspectives on the usage of chems (and chem-like mechanics) in games like Fallout.

nerd cred: Moderated the Anime League writer’s forums for 2 years (2008-2010), and the Protagonize (RIP) RP forum for a year (2009-2010). I’m a D&D and Call of Cthulhu DM. Lifelong strategy gamer who’s also very bad at them. Wrote a WHOLE LOT™ on Neon Genesis Evangelion and Animation Studies at Uni.

Looking forward to engaging with y’all and hopefully learning a lot too.


Hey, I’m @Joshubuh on Twitter.

I’m not a big forum person but I kinda just want to join the Discord? Maybe that’s bad form. If so, sorry!


Hi everyone. Long time listener. Mostly a forum lurker, but looking to plug into a community of chill folks who like games and aren’t jerks. :slight_smile: <3


Hey, I’m Thomas, he/him. I teach, mostly high school and undergraduates. I spend a lot of time thinking about, and acting on, learning as changing membership to and participation in communities whether that’s my work, or organizing Destiny raids or tabletop role-playing groups. Been a reader/listener of Waypoint for a while now seemed like joining the community was a good next step!



I’m Will, he/him, twitter @simmonswas. When I’m not playing games, I’m hanging out with my cats, brewing beer, or knitting. Been a listener of Waypoint since the beginning, but am new to the entire “forum thing” - but it sounds like this is a safe space to test the waters. I’m mostly a console gamer right now, but I’m slowly getting back into PC gaming, and looking forward to playing games with more people!


Hi all,
I’m Brock, he/him. I’m mostly joining in the hope of finding cool people to play games with. When I’m not at the computer, I’m spending time with my wife and our menagerie of 4 cats, a very hyper 5 year old dog who thinks she’s a puppy, and a bird. I mostly play PC games these days, but occasionally borrow my wife’s switch to play Kingdom Battles.


Hey, I love to post. Love to not lurk.

A friend of mine said a while back that I’m basically a gaming generalist - and that’s true. I like fighting games, strategy games, and tabletop RPGS. Old games and new.

I’m also learning Japanese - I really want to play the Yakuza games and the Super Robot Wars series, but I’m putting that and a whole bunch of anime on hold while I play my favorite game of all time - grinding out word flashcards until I know kanji.


Hi everyone! I’m Nathan, he/him. Been listening to the podcast from the start and finally decided to join the forums. I’m a lurker by nature I suppose. I love games of all kinds I live a mostly quiet life with my wife, 2 cats, and 2 chinchillas.


Hello Friends,
I’m TheWannabe, a Canadian living in New York State. 27, he/him/[any - gender is a problematic construct]. I got here by being a huge Friends at the Table fan looking for a broader gaming community. I play tabletop games - dipping my toes in to GMing - and recently built myself a portal in to PC gaming.
I haven’t participated in online fora since I was a teenager riding mountain bikes. That was a long time ago.


My name is Dorian, I’m 29 and from Slovakia/living in Czech Republic (Eastern Europe/former ostblock)

I found waypoint through Austin/Friends at the table - I was looking for Better Game Journalism. I absolutely feel like I have found it, so I was curious about the forums.

Games are pretty much my only hobby - I find that existing in the world, with a job and with doing a little activism/organizing on the side is extremely time-consuming and exhausting. So kicking back with the game for maybe a hour a day fits my life really well.

I like games that are systems-heavy and let me dig deep. I also like games that are hard (losing is fun!) but I’m not opposed to things that are short and sweet (again, so little time).

Currently, I am very very slowly getting through Hollow Knight. I am not like, good, at videogames despite playing them for basically my entire life, lol.



I haven’t posted in here yet, despite being in the community for a while, but my name is Joel, and I’m 30 living in Atlanta, GA, pronouns He/Him.

I’m @GoldenJoooel on Twitter.

I found Waypoint through Giant Bomb of course, witnessing that transition in real time and watching Waypoint grow into its own thing.

I’m an Program Editor by trade, I work for a TV station making sure to cut out all the lewd bits and cuss words. I feel like teenage me would call me a NARC, but it’s a job haha…

I love video games, comics, Tabletop RPGs, and so on. I never feel like I have a specific focus in one hobby, but have my foot in the door in a bunch of others. I looove writing, and have a bunch of unfinished projects I’m working on.

I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m trying to get better. I feel like I saw the wrong thing sometimes, but I’m always willing to be called out on it and address my faults.

Anyway, nice to meet ya’ll!